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How To Pick Better Lines On Mountain Bike Trails | MTB Skills

– One of the most fun
things I think about riding is trying to pick the best lines. I see it as a constant
challenge trying to find the best way down that trail. Yes, for me I started racing downhill where I was trying to
be as fast as possible, but nowadays I use it for
everything from cross country rides to try to save a bit
of energy or on trail rides to find bumps to have a little bit of fun. So let’s take a look at how
you can pick better lines to be smoother, faster and
to master harder trails. (rave music playing) Trying to be smoother can
really change some people’s riding from getting less
bashed around on the bike to letting your bike last longer
to avoid punctures or even to stop crashing a bit more. In some cases that can just
be a case of riding around those bumps a bit more, but
mostly talking here about things like corner and trying to
make that flow of the trail work a bit better for you. This is a good example, it’s really tempting to go
to the inside and actually this is really well worn,
it’s where most people go. But, you’ll get to about
midway around the corner and then there’s a root and
actually you’re probably going to slide a little
bit and you’ve made like a 50 pence piece up corner, so not a gradual corner, you
just do it in big chunks. Which I think is much better to spot it early look around the corner and actually come up over
these rocks a little bit wider, drop in and make one,
smooth, gradual curve all the way around this corner. Keep your head up and try
experimenting the lines. (exclamation) I’ve experimented and
decided the outside is best. Inside was sketchy, but fun. Flowing between corners
better is gonna give you more consistent level of grip.
Especially when the corners are similar like this section in a rut left, right, left exactly same pretty much,
same grip everywhere. So really I’m gonna keep
my head up which is key for a lot of the line choice
things I’m gonna talk about. Their really kinda spot where I need to be and know all smooth movements. Now you can stick this
line choice in the faster or more fun category. There’s an easier route that’s much safer if we stay in the rut. Yeah, it’s a bit tight through the rocks, but nice and safe, better
grip, keep in the rut. Or come out of the bend early up here and I go off this drop
off landing into that rut so I think that’s gonna be quicker if you cut out this corner here and it’s definitely going to be more fun. I’d always recommend getting
off and taking a look at our section, it can be easy or hard, but if you don’t know what’s there something might catch your eye. So I’m and looking for the shortest route down the trail and we’re on that section where I’ve got a drop off or that rut, but it looks easy from back there and it looks like people are riding it, but that doesn’t tell me all the story. You might see trails ya know,
tire tracks going in there, you still don’t know that
it’s definitely rideable, so stop, have a look, I can see it’s actually it’s not much of a drop at all. So I think it’s good,
let’s have a go at it. (rave music) Sometimes a good line is actually
gonna make the difference between getting through
a section or crashing. So, let’s take a look at
a little bit of trail. Our line choice is gonna be crucial. Just like (inaudible) this
is one of the old dino tracks that’s super washed out after being SO dry so you’ve got these ruts with loose stones in the bottom of them. And I’ll say it’s a pretty
lumpy bit coming up, pretty downhill actually,
ya getting quite steep so I’m looking at where I can find grip. And also maybe a bit where
I can still flow like water so I’m not trying to
fight against these edges or these loose stones. So think I’m gonna head
down the right side just straight on this side, cause down this next gnarly
section I definitely want to be on the left. Check out those ruts. So, definitely gonna try
and straighten this out as much as possible any turn in these ruts is gonna be super difficult
there’s not much grip at all. So right on side and then to the left actually I’ve got a bit of
a long part I gotta go slow up here, just try to stick
in the bottom of this rut on the left hand side,
where it’s quite compact I’m gonna find a decent knot grip. So I’ve dealt with the
worse from up there, however even this bit at the very end looks like it could cause
a crash cause it looks like it can be tempted to go to the inside, but actually by the time I get in there and my bike bottoms out there’s
a bit of compression as well my pedals gonna be really close
to hitting any of the side of that rut on those big lumps
and that can cause a crash big time. So at the end of this
I’m actually going to use a bit of a hop to get to the outside and
that nice bit of dirt, hit that burb, stay away
from those horrible rocks. I wanna ride faster, well this one is pretty straight forward aye? Using good lines to ride the trail faster is what all the racers are looking for. And this could be just from
trying to straighten out a track as much as possible or riding the most difficult
part of the other racers are scared to do it’s all about trying to
find those extra seconds to beat those riders. Now I definitely think
picking bad lines IS about trying to be smoother,
faster and mastering hard trails, but for me I
love to come somewhere new like this place (inaudible) and riding trails I’ve never
ridden before and trying to use that skill of picking the
best one I can the first time. Absolutely love it. (music & cheering) If you want to see more
videos click on that island just back there. For Blake’s Island of Wild Adventures Backpack and Ride Around New Orleans, click on those forests down
there where I’m sure there are more amazing trails,
but first look at this Scott Ransom, gives thumbs up
if you like riding in the sun.

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