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How to plan your cycling commute route | Commute Smart

How to plan your cycling commute route | Commute Smart

Rather than just jumping straight on your
bike and starting to ride it’s well worth doing some research to plan your best commuting
route. If you normally drive into work the route you take is unlikely to be the best
route to ride. Research the network of cycle paths, canal towpaths and other cut throughs
such as parks that can be accessed by cyclists but not cars. However some cycle paths may
require some upgrading so remember you’re not obliged to use them. Commute smart and
try to choose quieter roads on your commute where possible to avoid the bulk of the traffic.
If you’re commuting outside of daylight hours well lit roads maybe better to stick to where
possible. Speak to other commuters. If there are other cycle commuters in your workplace
find out the routes they take. If there is someone you will be riding a similar way to
you maybe arrange to meet up so they can show you the best route. If you’re worried about
the length of your commute look at options for riding part of it. Maybe take the train
and get off a few stops earlier or drive part of the way with your bike in the car. As your
confidence and fitness grows increase the amount that you ride. Once you’ve decided
on a route have a test run at a quiet time, such as a Sunday morning without the pressure
of having to be on time for work. You’ll get an idea of how long it takes and if you need
to tweak the route you’ve chosen.

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