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How To Polish And Shine Motorcycle Chrome – Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish

How To Polish And Shine Motorcycle Chrome – Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish

Hey guys! Welcome back. So today in the shop we have the Harley back. In the first video we did with the Harley. If you click below you can watch the first video: we washed, and protected, and cleaned
the leather. Now in that video I told you we were gonna
get on to doing the metal, so today we’re gonna use our Moto Metal Polish. The great thing about the Moto Metal Polish
is that it’s great for any metal pieces and aluminum that’s on the bike. It doesn’t have any heavy abrasives in it,
so it’s gonna be okay for any metal pieces that don’t have too much oxidation. It’s gonna bring back the metal, the shine,
and it’s gonna remove any contamination, oxidation, or bluing that’s happening. So you can use it also on your exhaust tips,
metal pieces, or aluminum. And like I said, because it has light abrasives,
it is safe to use on any metal pieces as well as anything that is heavily oxidized. You’ll see that it does bring that back as well. It also has UV protection in it, so what it’s
gonna do it’s gonna protect it so it hopefully won’t oxidize any more. These bikes are out on the road all the time, so you wanna make sure the metal pieces are looking great. With this Harley, the one thing that stands
out when I see it riding down the road is the metal. I want to make sure that it looks great. The bike already looks good from the wash
and the leather looks amazing, so now I wanna address these pieces so that
it looks completely good for when he’s on the road this weekend. So now I’m gonna use our Microfiber Applicator. I’m using the Gray one. In our previous video, like I said, click
below and you’ll be able to watch it, we used the Tan ones for the leather conditioner, so we don’t want to do any cross-contamination,
so that’s why we have the different colors. I’ll just do two quick little lines, and do
this front piece first. As you can see I’m just going to work this in. And less is more, and I’m just gonna do it
in one direction. As you can see it hazed up on there so I’m
gonna go back with our microfiber towel, and again, I’m using the Gray one because
it is meant for your metals and your aluminum. I’m just gonna buff that right off. I finished the metal piece up here on the
headlight and it looks great. I can see my reflection a lot better. But sometimes you’re gonna find some areas
that have heavy oxidation. Because this does have light abrasives in
it, and it’s good for things that needs a little freshening up and stuff that has a
lot of oxidation, you just need a little more elbow grease on it. I’m gonna show you on this piece here, there’s a little more oxidation, contamination that’s on the metal, and I’m gonna show you how it removes even
heavier oxidation. I’ll put just a little bit on the applicator,
and I’m gonna work that in… …and do all of these side pieces here. As you can see, already with me just using
the applicator, it’s already removing all of the contamination and oxidation that has built up. This area is closer down to the ground so
it does have a lot more oxidation, contaminants because it is exposed more to the ground and all the pieces of dirt and debris that
is getting picked up, so it does look a little bit worse than your area on the front of the bike. And now you can see, again, I have a great
reflection! But really, the metal pieces are looking great and standing out in comparison to the black on this Harley. I’m gonna move on and do every piece of metal
that’s on here and make it look great so that he’s ready for his ride this weekend! So there you have it! We used our Moto Metal Polish on the Harley
and completed the full detail on this bike. It looks great, the exterior of this bike,
which is every part! We’re used to saying that here because we’re
used to working on cars, everything is looking good and he’s ready
for his ride this weekend. Be sure to check out the full line of Moto
products at Give this video a thumbs up, like the video
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