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How to Pop a Wheelie on a Motorcycle : Motorcycle Throttle Control

How to Pop a Wheelie on a Motorcycle : Motorcycle Throttle Control

Hi, my name is Jared Cummings. I’m here with
Expert Village. We’re talking about how we wheelie. All right, now we’re going to be
talking about a really, really, really important issue, and that is throttle control. If you
want to come on over here and take a look over here. When we’re doing our wheelies,
if we start going like this–we get up on our wheelie, start going like this, where
you will see them actually start to back and forth like this. You’ll see them go up and
down and up and down. And you’ll see them really, really squirrely. We tend to nickname
those guys the squirrelies, so, we don’t want to see that today. But, we’re going to go
ahead and just work on that throttle control, and that’s just getting it up, and if we start
chopping it, that’s what’s going to bring us up and down and up and down and up and
down, and whenever we want to hit that balance point, we’ll either: (a), drop it back down
because we ran out of RPMs, or (b), which is worst case scenario, flip it on top of
ourselves and not hit twelve when we want to, but we might crash. So when we’re hitting
that balance point, we’re just going to ease off that throttle a little bit, and you’ll
see minor, minor adjustments, like this. Just minor, minor adjustments back and forth, and
that’ll control our up and down in our wheelie. All right, so we’re going to ease on that
throttle. Just slight, slight adjustments. Adjusting the hand, move just like this. That’s
for throttle control. You’ll see that in more controlled wheelies, you’ll see this in the
the squirrely wheelies, back and forth and back and forth, and that’s what we don’t want
to see today.

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  1. you're saying his spell was wrong…Look at you! You couldn't spell the word "SPELL" in past tense…IT'S SPELLED….Spelt that you used is an adverb. I'm not trying to be an ass here 🙂

  2. Okay, firstly I suggest you re-learn English because it IS written as SPELT in the context it was used in. And you yourself cannot spell either, look at your first sentence "you're saying his spell was wrong" I think you mean SPELLING. Moron.

  3. if anyone wants to learn how to wheelie and a few other things and watch some pretty cool videos, search Downshift83 on here and he'll show ya and talk ya through it also, very helpful guy!

  4. The way i started doing them was power wheelies on my gsxr600 i would get up to about 30mph and roll off the throttle and back on real quick little by little, just to get use to the bike coming up and making sure to always have my foot covering the rear brake also in case of the bike coming up to high or to fast! now i am trying to clutch up in 2nd gear same idea just do little by little and get use to the Rpm and doing it at about 30-35mph or so, just basically slipping the clutch wit 2 fingers

  5. seriously go watch downshift83, he shows it well and tells ya at the same time as doing it, go some really good instructional videos

  6. ya, if you never did do it, it can be a lil over whelming, but its so much fun, im working on some stoppies now too, im hoping to get a good cam for this season and maybe try to make some better vids than i got on here now!

  7. lol…o ok i didnt know cuz basically mine and the one in the video here are the same minus a few stunting parts, for now anyways….i have been thinking about making it a stunt bike but still able to drive on the road due to the fact i have no trailer to take it to some lots i go to, so i would have to ride it there!

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  9. i am tired of clicking on different videos. if you could just combine some videos together i would watch them more offten. they're very informitive but i keep on seeing all the same videos because there are so many. please keep this in mind.

  10. oh i know, i hate expert village videos because there are like 30 one minute segments…wtf seriously?

  11. speed is largely determined by the sprocket size. In general a larger rear sprocket (larger meaning more teeth) permits a slower speed wheeile….hope this helps.

  12. WOW this guy is really PRO he showed us how to hold the right handle of the bike.i cant speak because of how PRO this guy is,i have never seen such stunts. LOL.THUMPS UP?

  13. @adamtw6 you can get in a quite a bit of trouble if you dont put in a disclaimer and someone claims you gave them the idea to do something that got them hurt

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