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How To Prevent Bike Theft | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 132

How To Prevent Bike Theft | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 132

(laughing) – Ow. Why do they wear these? (beep) – Coming up on the show this week, we are going to be
discussing some crazy results and, quite frankly, a
crazy world championships. – Definitely that. We’re talking about bike security and Dotty is here with
some retro, cool stuff. – That’s nearly everyone but where the hell is Blake Sampson? Anyway, let’s get on with the show. (lively music) So we’re gonna get to our topic about bike security in a bit but let’s talk about the World Championships
in Cannes, Australia. What an event Neil, what did you think? I mean there’s so much going on. It was madness. – We’ll get onto diamond in a bit which is a bit crazy really. But let’s start with cross country. It was super dry and dusty. And it seemed like everyone was trying to get out there early. Get a really fast start and your London F had a really good, late
season, return perform and she took the win. – Yeah she timed it perfectly. She won the last World Cup and then she come in and stole world’s right out from under their feet. Annie Last, of Great Britain, came in second in the ladies. – [Neil] Big shout to Annie
Last, friend of the show. It was an amazing ride. Again, she’s won a World Cup this year. Came second in world champs. She suffered with injuries in the past. That was a great ride for her. Pauline Ferrand rode, in third also, had a brilliant ride. She came to in third. Actually I think she deserved
a bit more than that. – Yeah can’t wait to see
Annie Last season next year. – Yeah. – She’s gonna be pretty
excited about that coming up. In the guys it was all
about one man really. – Who’s that? – He came off the first, it’s not you Alex. One man, Nina Sher. Perfect season. There’s not, what can you
really say about that. – [Neil] Well off the back
of the Olympics last year a cape epic. All six world cups and world champs. Where does it stop? – [Dotty] Well he’s got a season. – [Neil] I guess they keep it interesting. – I kind of got to say, hopefully soon he gets
a bit of a challenge. But everyone who seems to sort
of put some pressure on him doesn’t seem to be able to sustain it. – Well I guess he’s into… – Somehow he’s just keeping it running. – Got the off season now so what’s he gonna do do you think he’ll relax, enjoy himself? – No. – Maybe he’ll get fat and then show up next year
and be slower I don’t know. – He probably could and still win. But he did really well and it was maybe one
of the crowning moments of this year’s World’s, maybe of this year. It was an incredible ride by Nino. So congratulations to him. – Okay downhill, where do we start. Start with women’s. Which was our 14 Rachel
crashed on a practise. She broke her collar bone. So not a great season for Rachel. – [Dotty] Yeah the favourite had gone because even though
she hadn’t been riding. She’s gotta just for
emergence past results. Got to be one of the top favourites. She missed out. Tanya Seagray had a great opportunity to take the World’s. She crashed. – [Neil] Which was, I thought
Tanya was gonna have it. Also that Tracey Hammers,
a long time hero. Well there we go. – [Dotty] Broke my heart a little bit. I wanted to see her win it. – [Neil] Crashed again. – Yeah she crashed. Well she didn’t get up quick enough. We’re not sure if she
kind of knocks herself out a little bit or was just checking whether she was right. But she stayed on the
ground for quite a while. And got up and then she nearly won. She was only two, just under two seconds off the win. So she got up a bit quicker. – [Neil] So Miranda
Miller, the Canadian… I’m not sure I want to say underdog. But I guess she wasn’t one
of my favourites to win. Took the world title so fair play to Miranda, that’s amazing. – Yeah, incredible. Incredible ride, incredible result. I don’t think she say it
coming over to be honest. Cat amongst the pigeons. In the guys it was. I was hoping to see Greg
Minar and Aaron Bumback because they had such a good season. Having a bit of a tussle. But it didn’t work out
for either of those guys. – No, well. Sad seen McHannon take it’s run. So again having time. Had a brilliant run. Sat in the hot seat for ages. – Samuel bit more of a shout out. I mean he has done some
amazing things this season that will probably never be done again. – Samuel, as always, I’ve got to say is a phenomenal rider. Unbelievable. And all those things. – Yeah I meant it’s just incredible. EWS series leader on flat pedal. Turns up at Worlds. He’s only raced one World
Cup this year for downhill. He’s on an Enduro bike. He comes down, first man down the hill. He sets a time that’s nearly unbeatable. It took McHannon to beat it. And he ends up six place at Worlds. – I think. There’s talk that’s actually
Sam’s last downhill race ever. Which would be a shame but I can imagine showing
up in ten years time. Pulling his bike out and
still getting up there. – Incredible, incredible. I think that was my favourite moment. Obviously McHannon didn’t quite do it. Would have been lovely to see him. – So the winner, was Loic
Bruni for the second time. What an amazing young rider. Really popular rider. I like the guy. He’s a really nice bloke. Really cool to see that
actually I thought. – Yeah he’s a really
nice, really nice guy. Got phenomenal riding style. It said on the back of
his trousers super Bruni and he proved it to be right. – Well done Loic. – Took the rainbow jersey. Well done Loic. Very cool. Now we did ask you last week, who is gonna be the most dominant nation at Worlds. And you had the UK or the
USA as like hot favourites but I gotta say I think Australia took it. – [Neil] Have we talked about Aaron Gwin, I don’t think we have. I think personally I think, that is becoming a bit of an issue. He’s won so much. He’s won the World Cup
overall so many times but that’s his first World Transpolium. Is this gonna be like a
Steve Pete thing where he just doesn’t win it. – Oh god well, you know Steve
did in the end didn’t he. – He did. – But, will Gwin do it. It’s gonna be a weird, it’s gonna be a weird career if he doesn’t win World’s
so it’s certainly gonna. The pressure’s only gonna
increase for him on that race. – [Neil] Only eight percent
of people say France with Domine. One was saying, who knows really. – Well Bruni, Bruni killed the win but I don’t feel like as
a nation they dominated. I think Australia, it’s so many riders. Packed in the top ten in
both men’s and women’s that I think they took it myself. But it’s hard to say. We did have some, we did have some posts
from you guys about that. And particularly from
Canadian Cuber who said where’s Canada in that list? It’s a good point actually. – It’s good. – And obviously Miranda Miller showed up and got the old Maple Leaf
on the top step there. So Blake’s been out at nine mates. I mean nine nights. Having a whale of a time. All sorts going on there. Regart kins spinning in a downhill by ten AE which is pretty incredible. – [Neil] Yeah. So we’re not convinced this
is a real event are we? We just think it’s where everyone, all the mates go out and have a good time. – It looks an awful lot like that. It really does. They build some big jumps
and they go and have a play and they tell all their sponsors and press that it’s some kind of festival. – It’s a very cool
photos come out of that. Actually Blake took the award
for second year in a row for the GoPro of the best picture. Have a look at that. – [Dotty] Yeah he’s,
he’s, look at that shot. – [Neil] It’s pretty amazing. – [Dotty] I mean he knows what he’s doing with those cameras that boy. But you haven’t seen him for ages. – Does he still work here? – He does, he’s back next week and he’s gonna fill us
in on all that happened at nine night so look out for that. But yeah it’s time to have a look at what you guys have been saying
on the channel this week. I made some great comments, love hearing what you
guys have got to say. And Tobija Bergles says “If Samuel wins the downhill
championships on EWS, EWS series”. All other riders on downhill bikes should be ashamed of themselves. Well I think there’s a probably a few riders there. – Ashamed. – We saw from a bit of of a spanking from Sam Hiller on his Enduro bike. – I would never be ashamed of him myself. – Who did he. Who what scalps did he take? Danny Hart? – Yeah. – What? Danny, I beat Danny Hart on my Enduro bike. – Reigning world champion. – There’s a few names in there. Danny what you doing? Come on. – Jack Aldred, “After watching Loris’s course preview, half the track is flat up hill”. Or upper I should say. “UCI putting on a poor show yet again”. I don’t know about that. – Well, no, no I put that in there that comment because we
were talking about this. And you said that you think it’s actually a very technical and
difficult track to race on. – I’ve never been there
but I did hear that. It’s very rocky in parts. I think I don’t want to say I was disappointed by the footage but I don’t think the cameras were in the best parts of the course. So it looked kind of tame but it definitely wasn’t so. – No. – I don’t think it’s fair
to say it flower up hill. – But you know I sort of
found it a strange pick for a World’s course. But there you go I mean. It’s certainly got a great race out of it. So I mean you know, it’s a different choice. RGCASTRO7 says, “That whistle was painful guys. Thank for deciding not to use it again”. That was the whistle for the bike vault which was horrible. – That came from the GTN people. – The GTN guys use that, I don’t know for like drilling
each other in the pool. Do another length. – Tell them we have a new addition… – We do, we’re gonna unveil we’re gonna unveil our new super nice horn later on today. It’s lurking in the back there. It is spectacular. Look forward to that. I like this one from Figure24 who says, “Anyone else find it
funny that me and Dotty could remember the
results from 21 years ago in the Women’s Downhill category”. Now I don’t think that’s weird because it was Ken’s world
championship in 1996. You know it’s obviously
and then Ankari won. – Well Ankari one everything for, at least ten years. – It’s crazy to remember basically any result
back then it was Ankari. And then you could basically drizzle names like Ladonavan or Missy
Joe in there somewhere. – True and then it’s just switch right to Athlen pretty much. – Yeah pretty much, that’s how it goes. It’s quite easy, it’s quite easy. – Know Whey says, “I have a pig pile of carbon
fibre sat in my garage and I need to know seven things about it”. – Well we delivered. – That’s a great video. – It was a great video, it was worth waiting for. There was a slight delay on it. Couple of months. But we got it out there. We said we would and you got what you needed so. Can’t say we don’t do our job. Okay our topic this week
is all about bike safety. And what got us thinking about this is well I’m gonna hand over
to Neil here for quite and awfully sad story. – It is. We got an email from Andy
who said he’s been saving up for his dream bike a YTCapra for months. He bought one second hand. It organised a weekend to
go riding with the lads. But some kids tried to
steal it out of his shed. They couldn’t get it cause it was reinforced. So they burnt the shed down. And the insurance aren’t paying out because they said it
should have been listed. – What sort of insurance is it? That’s horrible. – God, what a sad story. – I mean and what kind, I mean just the tragedy
of a bike like that being destroyed but what
he must have been feeling. When you’re just thinking, “Well he couldn’t get the bike. He didn’t know what he needed to do”. – Not even ridden it. – And he loses it. – What scumbags. – So it got us thinking what are you guys doing out there for your bike safety. And Dotty you’re in Euro bike recently and there was quite a lot of tech there that was quite interesting. – You know it was loads. So I managed to see in a video that is coming up. You know one of the coolest things is being able to lock your bike up at security at home and obviously
when you’re out and about. And so quite a few
brands including Hiplock who insured one of them. I talk about in the video. They got this really cool sort of like gold security rated system. It mounts on your bike
on the wall at home. But it looks really cool as well. – Yeah, yeah. – So it becomes part of
the furniture really. – Nice. – You’re starting to see as will stuff appear in cafes and that now. But it’s actually a secure thing. – Well lets have a look
at what you’ve got up to. – Bike theft is a massive problem. Whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, commuter bike, any old bike. So you gotta really look after bikes. Whether at home locked up or out and about. So make sure that you do
this as much as you can. Get your bikes insured. And don’t think that just by
living in a nice neighbourhood that you’re gonna be safe from thieves. Because you can be targeted when you’re driving home from bike events or even just a local trail centre. Make sure you’re not followed. You gotta look for these sort of things. When you’re at home something like this is a good idea. This is by Hiplock,
it’s called the airlock. It bolts to the foundation
of your house essentially. This is a virtually unbreakable. Insurance companies love them because it means your bike is
safe, is locked, is indoors. But when you’re out and about it’s a bit different. You gotta make sure you look your bike to a sensible object. So big steel bars that you see in town centres. Don’t be tempted to go and lock your bike in a quiet alleyway where you
think it might not be seen. Because that’s the perfect place for a thief to work on a
lock and steal your bike. Be as obvious as you can. Lock your bike in broad day light. Make sure you lock the frame itself. And if you can, lock the wheels as well. Lock any controls and stuff. Take use of any sort of small additional locks and cables you can. We’ve got to make it
hard work for the thief. An opportunist will always use the easiest bikes to steal first. So just make sure you
look after your stuff. Have you guys ever had a bike nicked? It’s the worse thing
that can possible happen. It’s just so annoying. – So great, some great tips and great security items there to keep your bikes safe. It’ll be really cool to hear stories from you guys in the comment section down below. About what you’re doing
to keep your bike safe. Or if anything like
what’s happened to Andy has happened to you. Because that’s such a a sad story and it’s bummed us out a bit. But you know it really
got us thinking about how much we need to look after our bikes. – My favourite part of the show, hacks and bodges. – Hacks and bodges, hacks
and bodges, hacks and bodges. And again, hacks and bodges. – Oh I forgot actually not my
favourite part of the show. – He’ll do it one day. – I don’t like singing it. Mike Smith sent this in. He got a massive nail, like it’s probably that
big through his tyre. He’s got a picture of that. It was too big for the
hole to fill with Seamans so he jammed a stick in there. Snapped it off. And it got him home. – Ingenuity, ingenuity. – Definitely a hack. – You can remember when
there’s always sticks around. – Have got this one from Colling Barling who has put a little bit of
a derailier tension in there with this rather attractive spring. – It’s like an old bullet brother’s chain. Yeah that is a retro idea, I mean executed very
well Collin so well done. Like that a lot. And then we’ve also got this
one here from Parker Liman. Who’s made a bunny hopper. Look at that. Couple of bits of four by four wood and some PVC tubing and you have got yourself a hopper and hours of fun. – Weren’t you world bunny hop champion? – I had the world record for four years. – I think we should
resurrect the bunny hopper. – And then like all records, just end. That’s how it goes. – What did you do when
you break exterior neck? – You cry a bit? – You do what Duncon Smith did and turn it into a bottle opener. How cool is that? It’s basically the end of the grip. – [Dotty] Yes. – It’s perfect for. – It is isn’t it. – Pretty good. – Very nice job. That is a hack. – That is a hack. You improved something. – Like it. Make sure you send us
your hacks and bodges we love seeing them. We get tonnes, we love seeing
the best ones on this show. So send them in and we’ll take a look at all your special gizmos. Caption contest. Now last week’s photo was. Well it was horrible. It was horrible. Horrible photo and you did your best with the comments and
captions in the comments. – There’s some pretty good ones. – Lets have a look at them. – Yeah so Warrior Skull4 said, “When Martyn enters his first road race and is told to be stream lined”. – Yeah it’s predictable. – Charlie Deacon says, “Martyn’s new hat for the bike vault”. No hats in the bike vault. – I might wear it in the bike vault yes. 24 Spokes says, “Martyn’s debut on GTN proves
he isn’t a great swimmer but he is a lovely bouy”. (drum sound) That’s the winner. – Yeah that’s right. – I’m sending you a water bottle to 24 Spokes
nice job on its way. Nice job. – Next photo what is it? – Uh look at this spectacular. – Outrageous. – [Dotty] What a moment. – [Blake] You gotta have
some good ones for this. – [Dotty] Sometimes I over step the marker and that day Blake was having none of it. – [Blake] Put you in your
place that’s for sure. – [Dotty] He showed me. Let us know what you think
about that kind of abuse in the GMBBN. I don’t think it was fair but some people say it was well deserved. Let us know in the comment
section down below. You could win yourself a GMBM
bottle just like that one. – Time for viewer edits. We’ve got one from Richard Canom this week so lets take a look. – [Dotty] Right lets get in there. I’ve got a feeling he’s gonna
be a bit streak with this one. – [Neil] Nice work shop though. – [Dotty] He’s gotta balance
it for some bar spin. So I hope he can deliver. Come on Richard. But he’s called it freerider. – [Neil] It’s taken
five months of filming. – [Dotty] Wow. He’s got a manual on him. – [Neil] Skills. I’ve got a few of those. – [Blake] Nice. So you’re turning thing giving him. – [Dotty] He’s got some serious skills. Yes.
– [Blake] Nice. Oh he’s turning. Danny Mac but we haven’t seen Danny Mac pull out the bar spin before. – [Neil] Have we not? – [Dotty] No. – [Blake] Yeah he’s got
some skills hasn’t he. – [Dotty] Great skills. And some great obstacles as well. We’ve hit a low point lets move on. Front hops are not allowed, everyone knows that. – [Blake] Maybe he’ll spin again. – [Dotty] Well you know
what Richard that is is a great idea and you
can see it’s a lot of work. Now I can appreciate how much work goes into a bit of a street video,
hitting all those lines. That’s a really great vid. And that definitely deserves some more views. It’s got 833 at the moment. Lets get it to, what 9.8 million? I would have thought that’s possible. But lets do it anyway. Check out the link in the
description down below, go and look at Richard’s film. It’s a banger. Fails and bails this week’s kind of scary. I’m gonna start out with someone getting totally bucked. Which is my new fun phrase. Have a look at this one
from Wild Oak Theatres. Now I’m gonna tell you, before you watch it. It’s not over bars he gets bucked, he does get knocked out. But he is fine okay the ambulance came and sorted him out. But he wanted us to see it. Have a look at this. – We shall oblige. – Wack. – That was a big one. – Dusty, dusty mess. – Look at that thumbnail of him literally. – Not a good one from Waldo there but just goes to show that can happen. – Does happen. – Hey you know last week we
asked if you had any saves out there we’d like to see
them and we’ve got one here. Check this out. Coming into the trail, tyre goes but he hangs onto it. We’ve all been there when
the old tyre goes pop. Gotta hang onto the bar. Running in. – [Neil] Quite fast. – [Dotty] It’s not the time. Oh it goes. – Oh it sort of backsteps… – All over the place. – Good moves. – He’s kept it in… That was a cool one that is from Wane Mils. Thanks for sending that in, glad to see you kept it upright. It’s good to see some
fails not fail or bailing. – But I wanna see some more crashes. – Do you really? Go on then. – Wasn’t me. – Well go on. (goofy music) Instabangers and shout outs. I’m referring you to the kamikazebikegames festival that’s happening at the moment. Definitely worth a look. Some iconic moments that happened there. So go check it out. – [Neil] They’re brilliant. Those were massive in the 90s. – [Dotty] Oh it’s all happening there. – [Blake] She’s gonna do that. – [Dotty] Definitely worth a follow. – Yeah I’m a refer you to maddogboris, boris bear, welcome to borisbear. Really good, fun guy. He’s got some pretty crazy tattoos. Check his page out, you’ve got all sorts of weird insights into what he gets up to. – Now check out this photo
on lorisvergier’s instgram. This is the moment Loic
Bruni crossed the line. So Loris is stoked
obviously that’s his friend. Obviously that’s his friend, taken to world champs to win. McHannon has just lost the world champs. – Yeah. – And Samuel, lovely bloke he is, giving a pat on the leg
the trying to console him. – It’s a an amazing, it’s an amazing shot. Okay, there ain’t no party
like a bike vault party. We got a rat, and a horn, lets get in
there for this week’s game. – No hats in the bike vault? – This doesn’t count as a hat Neil. Everyone knows that. Okay Drew Pilling, Andy’s girlfriend. Hey that’s a different
shot for the bike vault. – It’s too noisy. – I don’t hate it. – Cool picture. – It’s very arty. – Well two bikes on the limit. – Quit judging the bikes
and not the picture. – Yeah can’t see the bikes enough. – Colours that’s leaving it. – Yes. – It’s nice. It’s a really nice photo. – My two eyeballs are gonna come out. Next up we’ve got John Worden, angel fire bike park in Arkansaw. – Nice. – I like that it’s nice. – Lot going on there. – That’s nice. – Another nice one from Chris Moore. Yeah we’re gonna need to see more. Quite like that down. – Oh he has had copper tyre on there. – Trails are lovely and dry. – That’s a nice trail. – Is that the sort of
colouring of a trail you like? – Yeah. – It’s pretty nice. – Ou, cube. – Now I’d a gone more about a nice on that if I could have seen the whole bike. But those big 29 is a
sticking out eye rent. – No he’s going for the square
orientation in particular. – That’s a nice bike. – I’m sorry Malt Moult, Moly Burns. You will get a nice. – Are we about to hear our
new horn for first time. – Oh definitely. – Matty Jockon and you
have got a super nice. Ron Hambley. Mary’s loop in cocapely trails Colarado. – That is rad. – That’s very cool. – Go and hear that horn Dotty. Nice. – Oh Sebastian Heinrig in a sail back. – It’s amazing. – So near the top of the
Hacleberg trail that. – That’s a super nice bike. – It is. – My son’s got one of
those and he loves it. Super nice. Spencer Carrol. – That’s a really cool picture. – I don’t actually know where that is I’ve got to say I haven’t
got the information. – Looks like a viewpoint on my map except it’s far too green
so it couldn’t possible be. – That’s blue mate, Australia. But I could be wrong. – It would be good to know. The bike is a nice. – That worst ram is based I believe. – I’m gonna leave this one to you two. – I think that’s really nice. – Oh yeah super nice. – Okay and then we’ve got in Santa Cruz. – Branson Salmon Falls trails, that’s really nice. – Tim Halberg. – Call me a shark. Thought it was called Shark
I recognise super nice. – Super nice. – Hey look at that mud guard. – I don’t know I can’t quite tell. – I don’t think it is. – It could be, oh well nevermind. The horn performed very well. – It did. – It’s much more pleasant to the ear. My eyes are starting to sting so I think we’re gonna go
onto the next bit of the show. Ow. (laughing) We’ve kept you hanging but now it’s time for
some competition results. We’ve got some great
stuff coming to you guys. Let’s see if you’re a winners. – We got loads of this week. – Yes. Go on. – So starting we’ve got prediction
commenters three winners. So I think a t-shirt each. Yeah t-shirt each, three winners. What was that from
predicting world results? – Yeah. – Now I know that nobody
actually got it completely right. No one guesses Miranda Miller. Sorry Miranda but they didn’t, but you won so you get the last laugh. – Yeah. – But the closest to
were those three guys. So if your name’s on the page just there. – You’re a winner. – And we have to do some more
unboxing videos recently. Physique won all the brand
new shoes from physique. Five winners your names
are all up on screen now. We’ve got shoes winging there way to you. And also Met I unboxed the
brand new Met trail of the Rome. We’ve got five of those. Name are on screen now. They’ll be coming your way
as well so loads of prizes. Going through the post
hopefully coming your way. – Fantastic. Coming up on the channel this week. We’ve got some bangers for you. Where’s it start Neil? – Well tomorrow we’ve got a
pro by check with Remi Mctallo. His bike has actually run a rampage which is coming up at the end of October. Plus on Sunday we’ve got
an edit from nine nights with Blake Sampson. – Oh that’s gonna be cool. – Yeah on Mondays, got fork and volume adjustment control. We’re doing it with
Foxane Rocashocks fool. So previews for one. And on Tuesday it’s top
five shifting all mistakes. So common things that happen. – Shifting? – Yeah shifting. – Shifting mistakes. On Wednesday we’ve got how
to set up a downhill bike. And on Thursday we’ve got
a great ask GMBM for you. And of course Friday we
will be back in the shed having some fun, looking back. And hopefully we’ll have
a bing bong with us too. – Uh hopefully. – It’s still working. – Great well thanks
for watching this week. It’s been an absolute blast. Love talking about worlds very exciting. Yeah keep watching GMBN. What else have we got coming up? – Over here, there’s a
video if you click it. You’ll go through, it’s the bike jargon
explained with Blake Sampson. – Yeah and money saving
hacks right down here so, save some cash and sort your bike out. – And obviously you got to
click on the globe to subscribe and you could give us
loads of thumbs up. Likes. – Love to see your thumbs.

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  10. I had a road bike pinched from my garage whilst on holiday people knew I was away due to my wife putting pics on face book but little did they know I had my orange with me in Wales, luckily the road bike was not built up properly and they were found in hospital with 2 broken arms after falling off it, I got my bike back and the insurance paid out too! Karma

  11. My bikes are always inside my apartment when I'm not using them, and when I'm having a coffee while riding, it's always within sight.

  12. @gmbn i was doing my paper round back in the day (1998), and left my bike by the front gate of a house which was about 2 meters away, posted the paper, and turned round and some guy with a suit on was riding my bike away 🙁 was the worst day ever. It was my first mountain bike GT Outpost. Hope he got run over.

  13. Hey guys thanks for featuring my edit! stoked. I been hearing that the link is faulty. try

  14. #biketheft: my bikes are inside a steel #Asgard shed, inside my garage with a quad lock door, covered by infrared CCTV alarm, inside a 6 foot fence. Once bitten…twice shy…

  15. My bikes were stolen from our garage (attached to house) on tuesday night, they bent the garage door in half, and i wasnt out long so i hadnt locked them inside aswell (and my house mate was in). I'd worked for years as a pot washer after school and weekends to get a canyon strive and a couple more for a cotic bfe 26. I had so many memories in those bikes, the cotic i built and the canyons components changed over the years. Thankfully one was insured but I was waiting for student loan to come in to afford insurance on the cotic. I'm not going to get another bike to use at uni because i feel it will get stolen again. It was the first year that I hadn't slept with my bikes in my room :(. Wouldn't be anywhere near as bummed out if it were the same value in electronics!!!

  16. I had my Cotic Simple (in custard yellow) stolen from my work yard, found it on facebay a year later and the police advised me to try and buy it back as they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. They also said if I went to the sellers house and it was deffinately my bike and I confronted the seller and it got to the level of breach of the peace etc I could call them. It was 110% my bike as I'm a cycle mechanic and built it up my self. Contacted them and gave them an ultimatum but they just deleted their Facebook etc. I know they have a tough job policing etc but it rankles sometimes.

  17. Enjoyed your all topics of your channell..Your a good bunch of guys with mtb skills..

    Theft?Who profits the most?Bike companies..Bike Stores..The Thieves..The person who buys bike..People buying the parts..The true loser is the guy who worked for the money n learn Mtb techniques..He's the guy that must demand safe guards against theft..
    A question thought…How many bike stores carry reliable gps trackers…hmmm
    So ill expand on this topic later..
    Crazy Ideas for shows
    Heluim in tubes..varoom down the hill..people are doin this for more speed..Does it work

    A guy built a manual machine out of 2by4s..seach youtube..Does it work?

    Try skills with mtb on trampoline..Can u do it and is it much diffrent than Enduro Freeride..

    Put a pump at bottom of forks run hose to to top of forks so everytime they compress fluid flows to top to keep things lubed..No parking bike upside

    Your buds bike needs a hydr9lic seat on rails so he ccan move his weight around..Also hydrolic train wheels..stabilizers on side or I seen somewhere google bike that rides itself using somekind of magnetic force to keep bike upright..I imagine he could ride whistler… no hlp ……and wind in his hair..heh
    That's it for now..Keep up the good work..
    O lastly shimano to sram cassette..What's invovled to install cassttee new hub or change removable ratchet..
    Tim McDroid

  18. #askgmbn I have recently baught a specialized demo with a bos idylle rare air fork and i have a probleme on it
    I rode it since 3 days without any problems and now the fork is at 20% of the 200 mm and it works nice but when i pull/extend it the fork get back to the 20%
    I looked on internet and it was talking about the positive and negative chamber but i dont want to disassemble it

    What to do /have you got any answer

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