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How to recycle at camp

How to recycle at camp

hey welcome to the recycling center here at Kandersteg international Scout Center I’m Anna from Romania and I’m Ella from the UK and today we are going to show you how we recycle everything here let’s go what we usually do here when we’re doing the check in for the guests. We come here with them, we give them a recycling kit that consists in a food waste bucket, a crate, and a bag for rubbish. We try to tell them to separate everything before they come at the recycling center so it’s easier and doesn’t take a lot of time to do it here. During the the check in we encourage leaders to send perhaps they’re smaller Scouts so they can come here and learn more about the recycling process once they visit we introduce them to the center again we give them a quick recap of where everything goes and then we let them go free and if they have any questions while so doing the recycling they can ask one of us and we’re happy to help so this is the first station where Scouts can recycle that metals and they’re separated into aluminium and other metals. We love all pinkies because they are the best! Always volunteers! So the second station is plastic and we separate the plastic in soft and hard plastic. If anybody is confused about which goes where and they can look at the symbols behind and suddenly they can ask one of us we can give them a hand an interesting part here is that we recycle the white bottles of milk even if they’re plastic they come separately here we recycle the drinks bottles or also known as PET bottles you bring them here we squeeze all the air out you retighten the cap and then pop them in the bag. Hello welcome to the cardboard mountain! Here, you can find all the boxes and cereal boxes that you used but when it comes to recycling drinks cartons they cannot be recycled here as they are classed as Tetra Pak, they can be recycled at the plastic station. So here’s the paper station, the paper goes separate from the cardboard. we have an interesting thing that we recycle the glass by colors. We recycle them in brown, green, and white. And this is the brown recycling station. And this is the green and white glass recycling station. Here we recycle any electronics and any batteries, batteries are very toxic so it’s really important that we dispose of them properly. So anything that’s too big or doesn’t fit into the stations that we have in this recycling center, we take into the village, twice a week, where it’s sorted on a much bigger scale. The last station is food waste here we gather all the organic food waste from every campsite and then it is collected and composted off-site. everything that is not recyclable is rubbish and we put them in the black bags and compress them here. So because we have over 12,000 guests over the summer season we have a lot of rubbish bags so once we’ve compressed them inside we bring them out here we compress them a little bit more in this big orange machine and then the guy from the village comes and collects them So there are other smaller recycling stations around KISC including one at the Chalet it is used by Scouts staying in the Chalet and also guests using the guest kitchens they can come here to recycle their stuff. And every day we go there we collect everything and we bring them to the main Recycling Centre. Thank you visiting us here at the Recycling Center and don’t forget that recycling is not just for Scout camps it’s also for home. It’s a wrap!

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