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How to REMOVE A BIKE CHAIN without special tools (don’t do this to your triathlon bike)

How to REMOVE A BIKE CHAIN without special tools (don’t do this to your triathlon bike)

– Morning trainiacs. If your chain sounds anything like this (bike chain spinning) we’re gonna make you a lot faster today. (upbeat music) So, traniacs, very quick video today because I just came from early
morning fasted blood draw. They took out about eight vials of blood. That is legitimately the first time that I’ve ever got woozy giving blood. Just gotta make sure that my levels are all topped up before we get
into hard core race season. And then in about two hours I have to go pick up Melissa, aka Mell, and we gotta go on an all afternoon shoot. So, we gotta do this really quickly. You see this? This is an ugly, ugly commuter chain. Now this baby here is so rusted up, that if any of you have a chain that looks like this on your try bike, y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. But this bike is like an outdoor dog. It rarely comes inside, really just to get a little bit of work done on it. So things rust up on it a lot. You aren’t gonna have a
bike chain that is this bad on your try bike, but
if you have any little bit of squeaking, any bit
of dryness, crustiness, that’s gonna add a lot of
resistance to your pedaling. And you’re going to be working harder than you need to be to go fast. So I’m gonna tell you how to
replace this, very easily. It’s basic stuff, don’t worry. Okay so what you gotta look
for right off the start is there’s going to be a link that is like the end of the ch… There we go, perfect timing. You’re looking for something like that. That you can peel off,
and what you do with that is you grab yourself a
pair of needle nose pliers, something like that, and you
wanna get rid of that link. Basically you’re just
twisting it right off. There we go, it came off. Now what’s going to happen,
and then what you’ll have is you’ll have a couple
of little nubs that are sticking out, and you
need to push those through the other side of the chain,
and that’ll separate them. You’re gonna wanna
press the chain together to give yourself a little bit of give. You don’t want a really tight chain. Basically just knock that thing out. Don’t hit your carbon bike, and, bam. The chain comes off. Now, what if there isn’t a
very clear link like that or for some reason this is rusted on? What you can do in that
case is you’re gonna have to position your bike in a way that you can bridge the
chain across two solid things and then you take yourself a punch, put it on top of one of these rivets here, or whatever these things are called. Try to hammer one of these links out. We will try to do that right now. (hammer banging) There we go, we got
two sides of the chain. Now, what you might have to
do is shorten the new chain, and you can use that same process. Old chains off, we’ll take
this opportunity to degrease. Eww, chain ring, that is disgusting. (brushing) Little bit on the back too. Then we’re ready for a new chain. Which we just so happen
to have right there. Unravel, there you go,
drape it through the frame. Over top of the rear cog, and the front chain ring. Give yourself enough room that
you can join it underneath. And what you’re looking to do here is see how long it needs to be. So we have a ton of space down there that we have to shorten up the same way that we just did with the punch. Now, if you’re smart, unlike me, you’ve got yourself a chain breaker. Small, inexpensive tool, costs somewhere around, I think, $20 to $30, and that makes this a lot more exact. Punches the rivet through the same way, and maintains the integrity of the chain. So we are probably gonna punch this apart. And then, gonna have to
repair it just a tad. Make sure whatever link in the chain you’re punching apart is
going to match there, the end. So that you can put it back together. I can just imagine the comments
from all the bike heads, and the mechanics right now
that are losing their mind saying, “get yourself a
chain breaker Terran.” Well, sometimes, we gotta repair a chain and we don’t have a chain breaker near by. (hammer) And voila, good eight inches
taken out of the chain. So we’ve got the length of the chain now, right around where we want it. That’s basically, it’s
just a tad too short. But over here, we’ll
move the wheel forward to be able to make up that space. There we go, that gives us
lots of slack to work with. Right around there where
they’re almost touching. And then in the chain package, you’re going to have one of those links to bring it together. That’s what we took
out right at the start. One side of the link looks like this, push it through one side, push it through the other,
locking thing, part. And I think this one just
needs to be pressed on. There, so after struggling
with that for quite awhile, because it wasn’t easy to link that’s open on one side. I think we’ve got it done,
I moved the wheel back so it’s nice and, not tight, but snug. Basically right around
here where there’s a little bit of give but it’s not sloppy, just kind of like this, so with
your finger you can move it. Here we go, not squeaky, and that is how in just 37 simple steps in an hour, you too, can have yourself
a new fresh chain. Hoo hoo it is so quiet and smooth. I like it, oh, I’m gonna be flying in the one mile bike ride to the pool. Create a strava section,
there you go traniacs, you can definitely do this on your own. I do, however, recommend
getting a chain breaker. Money well spent, especially
if you’re gonna be doing this for awhile,
you’re gonna have to replace a lot of chains, its
probably one of the easiest little bits of bike maintenance you can do that is guaranteed to make you faster. So if you aren’t already subscribed, hit that subscribe button below for all of your daily triathlon
maintenance, training, views, all kinds of videos. And if you like interview podcasts, check out the triathlon terrain podcasts, it is the most highly reviewed triathlon podcast in the world. Later, trainiacs.

47 comments on “How to REMOVE A BIKE CHAIN without special tools (don’t do this to your triathlon bike)

  1. I’ll stick with the chain breaker. To remove a quick link, it can be very difficult without the special pliers. Buy the pliers!

  2. That's only for single speed chains, for geared bikes the procedure is slightly different, but the principle is the same. Biggest difference is measuring the chain.
    In any case creative way to break a chain! 👌

  3. Or you just hook yourself up with a park tool mini brute. But yeah, KMC gold ti coated all day…and yes, I lost my mind!

  4. i gave up trying this way and before i did i smashed the hell out of my fingers. im just saying its definitely worth the investment to get a cheap tool for this. ill find a link and post it in the comments. i got mine for like $10 or so.


    its been a great tool. dont smash your fingers any longer! lol

  6. Rusty chain! hammer! — You are a VERY VERY NAUGHTY BOY. — You should have a multi tool with chain breaker and link in your saddle bag. PS even Dura ace chains can break.

  7. No freaking way, really; position your whole bike over 2 wrenches. You've got to be kidding. Tool man, the tool!!!

  8. Seriously, did you intend to put your hand between the camera and what you were doing? Cuz you couldn't have done it any better if you were trying.

  9. 'how to remove a bike chain without a special tool' seriously people. You need to read the title before watching videos and leaving comments 😂😂

  10. just so you know. the thing you peeled off was a quick release. you can use pliers to push the to ends together using pliers or by hand to release it

  11. How did you do to put the golden part? I did that i cant make the golden part fix on the think. Super annoying!

  12. Last day saw a local workshop guy place the chain over a small nut then just hammer to push the pin down.. further he placed a tiny steel ball and struck again.. to move the pin down further..

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