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How to Remove and Replace a Motorcycle Battery

How to Remove and Replace a Motorcycle Battery

This is Margaret from This lady Rides
this video and we show you how she’ll only true accurate and then how to
remove it now I’m doing this video on a 2013 Softail Deluxe and I have reviewed
my passenger seat and I just have a fender bib on here so your configuration
may look a little bit different but it’s always going to come down to having a
couple of both our screens right here that needs to be removed now once you remove those votes you’re
going to live in the back because there is a catch here to keep the same place removing the sea has exposed our battery
we’re going to begin by removing or negative terminal you want to remove it first that’s going to prevent any arcing
which could cause your battery to explode and I have a battery tender on
my on my battery so once every move that bolt I’m just going to say that over to
the side was removed and the battery tender cable
out of the way I’m going to take some electrical tape and I’m going to wrap
that hail little extra protection wanna make sure that you cover all of
the middle with the electrical tape now we’re gonna pull the cover off of our
positive terminal and disconnected the same way reason it’s important to be able to take
your own battery out it’s going to save you a lot of time and money if you come
out to you by Yvonne the car batteries did you gonna have to tell within wait
for them to get to your body and purchase a new battery along with them
the labor charges for their replacing your battery in the tone charges you’re
going to have time sitting at the dealership being able to make your own
battery out means to run up to the dealership swap out the batteries get
back home and be on your way both both have been removed the terminal are back
negative has been wrapped gonna push the positive back out of the way and now
we’re going to pull the battery out and you’re just gonna have to wiggle it back
and forth and pull it out of their battery back in first make sure you
don’t have any cables in the way just got it market this time we’re going
to begin with the positive take our poll but we got this tightened down that
we’re going to remove the electrical tape from the negative terminal and were
put it on also lets you go cables back when you’re ready to put yourself back
on and did want to mention that if you have any accessories such as a battery
tender or other type of aftermarket accessories that you put those leads on
after you click the battery terminal battery cable on the video I found it
useful for watching the process you feel a little bit more about happy to remove
your battery you have any questions Be sure to leave me a message in the
comments and if you enjoy the video go ahead and give it a thumbs up

30 comments on “How to Remove and Replace a Motorcycle Battery

  1. I always seem to forget the order of cables! So to remove the battery, it's negative then positive. To put it back on, it's positive then negative.

  2. I have a 2012 Softail Deluxe , and i notice in your video that you don't turn the bike on and you don't take the fuse out for the alarm , if i don't do that to mine the alarm goes off , so why is that so ???

  3. Hi, I just bought a 2011 Harley Heritage. Thanks for the step by step in removing and placing the battery. My only concern is when I disconnect the battery if the alarm goes off or if there might be an issue with any other electrical equipment.

  4. Any idea on how to replace battery on a 2013 custom 1200 sportster pls? I am not able to find any videos. I can open the seat but its a bit complicated on finding the negative terminal.

  5. I already knew how to change my battery but I didn't know whether my leads went under or over the terminal so i watched your video because I figured a woman would explain all the details… What do you know I got exactly what i needed. Thanks from Texas.

  6. Thanks, useful information. However, as a safety issue you really need to remove your ring off your finger. If you should ever touch the ring to the positive terminal and also touch it to the frame you could potentially fry your finger.

  7. The new 2018 Harley Softail models have the battery placement directly under the monoshock which is located under the seat and access to the battery is achieved by the removal of the right side panel, of the fake oil tank cover, as these bikes now use a wet sump oiling system and no longer have an oil tank. After removing several wiring connectors and a battery cover panel, the battery is slid out the right side of the bike, (exhaust side).

    Have fun disconnecting the battery terminals and reconnecting them as there is very little room to access the battery terminals to tighten or untighten the terminals to the battery posts.

  8. Have you ever run a usb cable from the battery to thehandlebars? Wondering whether this would be best done beneath the tank instrumentation panel? Any tips.

  9. Maybe try and disconnect the negative cable from the frame instead of the battery so you can lift the battery out easier

  10. can i take the battery out during the winter and bring it home where i can put in on a trickle charger. how do you hook up the trickle charger cable.

  11. charged it with my car battery even tho they say it's not recommend. How ever when turn it off or put it in neutral it dies off completely. Does that sound like it needs a new battery or maybe a new alternator? Hope it's the battery.

  12. Good job with your video and I gave you a 👍

    Click on the YouTube link below
    Be safe & God Bless 💙

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