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How To Remove Bicycle Pedals – The Easy Way

How To Remove Bicycle Pedals – The Easy Way

Okay. As mentioned in my bike packing for
air travel video. I wanted to do a whole video on just removing pedals. This may
be a basic one for quite a few people but this has saved me a ton of time and
also a ton of sore wrists. I’ll show you why in a minute.
So traveling with the bike. Obviously you’re going to have to remove the pedal so it fits
in a bike bag. Changing your pedals, if you get a new set of pedals, obviously.
But also stacking your bike in the car. If you’ve got to throw your bike in the
car… we’ve had to stack five or six bikes on top of each other. Pedals
get in the way, they’re quite awkward. So if you can take the pedals off, bikes sit
a lot flatter. Okay so the tools you’ll need is either a 15mm spanner/wrench
or an 8mm hex wrench or an allen key, a large allen key. I’ve actually taken the
end off this one a bit of a hack tool tip for the tools usually they come with
just that exposed. I take that end off. Because once you actually loosen the
pedal it’s easier to spin it that way out I’ll show you that in a second. Ok, as
mentioned in my other video again the first thing you do is take your pedals
off your bike before you do anything and here’s why. I’ll run you through the
technique. Big ring. Grab a handful of brake there, put your rear brake on so
bike doesn’t move. Move the pedal around. Get your front wheel out of the way. Pedal wrench
in… foot on…. pull back! Simple as that! That pedal is now loose and your pedal
comes off. As easy as that. That’s why I’ve removed that end.
Okay I’ll show you on the other side as well. Pedal around. Handful the front brake so
the bike doesn’t go anywhere. Tool in place. Foot on pedal. It’s simply a
press down with the foot, pull up with the hand, simple as that. And then with
the other side…. pedal off straight away. And as you can see there’s no width there
in the bike there so these stack nicely that’s why we take the pebbles off. Front
wheel out of the way. Foot on, pull up, that will loosen it enough for you to
then put the other tool in. Spinning out. Pedal comes straight off. Job done.
Now as a general maintenance thing as well I like to clean the thread to keep
the grit out of it. And also a little bit of grease on the thread so it doesn’t
get stuck when you put them back on. It makes getting them on or off nice and
easy. So a little bit of grease on the thread. Like that. Once you’ve greased
them putting them back on is just a reverse. I use the other end. So tool
through there. Tool in place and spinning back the other way.
Now doing it this way you won’t cross thread either because it’s not a lot of
pressure being put on. It’s just simply the opposite direction. You’re in.. and
just pedals don’t need to be tightened a lot. It’s just a in and just a little bit
of it push down and you’re done. Okay thanks to Von for holding the
camera for this one today but she’s also a fan of this method of removing pedals.
Absolutely! I have actually called Shane a couple of times when I’ve been up
traveling last year of Brisbane. I gave him a few calls to say “I can’t get my
pedals on or off my bike I’m almost in tears trying with a little multi-tool”
Yeah.. no.. this is the way to go on the I pack the the tool inside my
shoe and that goes inside my bike bag as well so it’s all in there. I put my
pedals inside my other shoe. It’s all packed in ready to go at the other end.
And last tip… last tip. Glad bags. I love these things
they hold everything. They hold my fruit cake and also pedals so you
don’t lose them so once your pedals are off.
They can’t be greasy because we have put grease on them. Pedals in a bag not an issue. “Not
in the same bag”… Not in the same bag. Not in the same bag is my fruit cake don’t put
your pedals in the same bag as your fruit cake. Hot Tip. Hot Tip. Okay. We’re outta her? Yeah let’s go to Sydney. Hey Von, see this pedal? “Yeah, I didn’t want to bang my head on the way thorough”

25 comments on “How To Remove Bicycle Pedals – The Easy Way

  1. Good technique, thanks for this. Worked easily on my right pedal with very little effort needed. My left pedal though is a different story. Still won’t budge. I’ll try using a small pipe for added leverage, or a penetrating lube.

  2. Duuuuuuuuude!!!!!!! Omg an hour struggling , I watched for less than 30 seconds, bam pedals off and switched!!!

  3. man, this turned out to be a cakewalk ! Thanks to you 🙂 I used a pedal wrench though, instead of the allen wrench . Thanks

  4. You sir are an absolute legend, got some new shoes for my 40th and they used a different pedal, tried for ages to get the damn things off and they wouldn’t budge. Checked online for the price of a new crank and thought those shoes are staying in the box 😂 had a quick check on here for advice and 5 mins later one happy Birthday boy appeared with his new pedals and shoes LOL THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING 👍

  5. Thanks so much! After some swearing and a blood blister I watched your video and it worked a charm, saved me a lot of stress aand an embarrassing trip to the bike shop!

  6. So after an hour of the "righty tighty lefty loosy" it doesn't even apply for the right hand side pedal its opposite "righty loosy lefty tighty" hahahaha this video helped a lot!

  7. man, so grateful for this little tip.ALways struggle to remove pedals and now removed like a boss!

  8. Tried this with some really seized on pedals, couldn't get enough torque firstly time, but when I put the front wheel against a wall and tried to pedal forwards that did give enough reaction force. Thanks for this hack, brilliant!

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