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How To Remove Dried Tubeless Tyre Sealant

How To Remove Dried Tubeless Tyre Sealant

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– Tubeless tires are certainly becoming increasingly popular with the drop bar fraternity, and with that punctures
are becoming less popular which let’s face it, is great news. But a question we do get
asked over and over is, how do I clean dried up tubeless
sealant from a bike frame. So today, I’m going to run
through a few different options which I use myself. Let’s talk about actually
what happens then with tubeless sealant. Well, most of it tend to
comprise of two parts. So you’ve got a watery-type substance, or at least I’m lead
to believe it is water, and it looks like a milk
in appearance at first. Inside of that, you’ve
got tiny little particles of solid latex that are
simply floating around. Now, if it’s just the
water and those particles of latex you’re going to end up with something called
tire bogies pretty soon. Now, it’s not the nicest name for it but unfortunately that name has stuck. And what happens is that the water in the actual tire sealant
evaporates leaving you with clumped up bits of latex. So, what the manufacturers
then do is add little bits of ammonia into the actual mixture itself, helping those little
particles of latex repel from one another, keeping
them nice and small, and then avoiding the tire
bogies for quite sometime. Although inevitably it is
going to happen at some point. There is another type of sealant as well, and it’s simply some liquid rubber, and that tends to be a
slightly thicker format. But sadly, sometimes the
actual tire sealant itself, which is often a milky color, spurts out of a tiny little hole and covers your seat tube
or chain stay in particular leaving you in a bit of a mess. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, I didn’t have a bike
actually I could display this on because I haven’t had a blowout, but, I borrowed this
bike from Doddy on GMBN, and I’ve poured some on the
actual chain stay there. Initially I wanted to use some of the Continental Revo Sealant
from our friends over there, but unfortunately, that
stuff’s biodegradable so it easily washes off, so the purpose of this video wouldn’t
really quite be the same. So I’ve used a different product for the purpose of this experiment. The first port of call I
would always say is try and use some normal bike washing product, or car shampoo, something like that. It’s going to be nice
and safe for your bike as well as its paintwork because some specialist products can actually have an adverse reaction with
the paint or lacquer and cause you, well, a
little bit of distress down the line, so that’s just something to bear in mind, do so at your own risk if you are going to use any. Here’s a few which I’ve used in the past, and let’s run through
exactly what they are. Right the first product then is this, it’s Sticky Stuff Remover. Now I’ve got a couple of
bottles of this at home which I use for all
sorts of different tasks around the home. Just reading on the back here
it says, a powerful solution to those icky sticky
problems around the home. Sticky Stuff Remover zaps
even difficult deposits such as tape, sticker
residue, tar, grease, chewing gum, makeup, adhesive, from glass, wood, metal worktops, fabrics, tiles and much more. Believe me, this stuff does the job. Next product is this
Max Strength Degreaser. Pretty similar to the Sticky Stuff Remover in with what it can actually tackle but it does say at the end here, sealants, although I don’t
recon they mean tire sealant, they probably mean silicone
sealant, that sort of thing. Does say it’s very effective around the home, garden or garage. So this one is always
one of my go-to products for cleaning up messes. Next one is this, IPA, isopropanol. Now this is a general
cleaning sort of product. Mostly I used it for actually
making a surface really clean before applying some decals,
or the sort of thing you put on a chain stay, on the little
chain stay protector there. Does say on it however, leaves no residue, none corrosive on metals
and safe on most plastics and fibers and it’s a highly
effective cleaning solvent. The guys on GMBN, they recon
this stuff works really well so it’s certainly worth
having a look at it. And the next one is some of this. Soudal PU Foam Remover. So think about that
expanding foam you can use around the house to fill gaps, that stuff is sticky,
it’s horrible, it’s messy, and generally you can’t remove it. Put some of this on and it’s
going to start breaking it down nice and easily. Plus they sponsor a bike team and that’s pretty cool isn’t it. And lastly some of this stuff, WD-40. It’s said to have over 2,000 uses, and a thousand of those have
been proven by Sy Richardson. I jest, although he
does absolutely love it. But it does break down tar, adhesives, gums, all those sorts of things. So it’s certainly worth giving it a go. There we go, some different products that you can use to remove
some tubeless sealant from your frame. I can’t guarantee it will work with every single sealant out there but generally, for me,
they’ve worked pretty okay. Another question actually I must just say that we get asked is how do
you remove it from clothing? Well, the honest answer is I don’t know, but I have heard people use
some hand sanitizing gel and rubbing that on gently,
tends to free up the little bits of latex from the fibers of the clothing. But who knows, I’ve not tried it myself. Right, let me know what
maintenance videos you would like to see next here on the GCN Tech channel down there in the comments section. Don’t forget also to
like and share this video with your friends, give
it a big old thumbs up. And why not check out the GCN shop at
where we’ve got such products like a workshop apron. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about tubeless sealants going
on your clothes after all. Don’t forget, checkout two more videos. How about clicking just down
here, and just down here.

83 comments on “How To Remove Dried Tubeless Tyre Sealant

  1. Fantastic and informative as always!
    I remember my personal mechanic struggling to remove dried tubeless tyre sealant… She told me that it was a pain in the neck.

  2. So, my reluctance to adopt tubless on the road would more be around it aging and drying up inside the tubes. How often do you need to do something about that and what do you need to do it with?

  3. What about from the inside of the tyres! The sealant eventually dries and leaves a latex build up. Not good for weight weenies.
    In regards to Conti GP5000 tubeless, they keep getting shown on the show but they are impossible to buy and are often 50-100% more expensive than standard 5000. Is anyone else frustrated by the release of GP5000 tubeless?

  4. Do you mean "Tire Booger"





    a piece of dried nasal mucus.

    and not "Tire Bogey"?

    Definition of bogey (Entry 1 of 2)

    1 ˈbu̇-​gē , ˈbō-​ , ˈbü-​ : SPECTER, PHANTOM

    2 ˈbō-​gē also ˈbu̇-​ or ˈbü-​ : a source of fear, perplexity, or harassment

    3 ˈbō-​gē

    a chiefly British : an average golfer's score used as a standard for a particular hole or course

    b : one stroke over par on a hole in golf

    4 ˈbō-​gē : a numerical standard of performance set up as a mark to be aimed at especially in competition

    5 ˈbō-​gē : an unidentified aircraft

    especially : one not positively identified as friendly and so assumed to be hostile

  5. Jon, I think you have missed a trick here! Autoglym tar / adhesive remover is perfect for the job & designed specifically for use on paint.

  6. Can you do a video on how to clean and fix a tubeless tire when the puncture doesn’t seal? Got a big nasty nail in my back tire that slashed the tire and rim tape, had to put a tube in there but finished the ride with sticky hands. Keeping tubes in for the time being.

  7. come on! just use the garden hose and rub it with your hands! it's fast and no chemicals required. for god sake! -_-

  8. From the title i was expecting tips on how to remove dried sealant from inside the tyre. I would like to see a video on this subject, how and when to top up or replace the sealant.

  9. 0:44 got me panicking, thinking I had arrived at the other internet video provider which starts with "you"

  10. Dear GCN, do novices a favour and delete this video before too many see it. Redo it with an intelligent, reseached and "least harm" prioritised approach. You can do better.

  11. I have worked in the steel industry where we cook coal turning it into coke, a by product is road tar and ammonia, the health centre tried many products to remove this from skin safely. they found that the most effective product for removing this is available in any supermarket . OLIVE OIL, a completely natural product, If you get road tar on your skin it is extremely difficult to remove even with dedicated industrial hand cleansing products, the olive oil removes it as if it was simply mud, I did not believe this myself until I needed to try it out. I have not used tubeless tires but would suggest to anyone who does to try it out and report their findings. This is not a joke,

  12. Kind of shocked by the lack of attention for safe use of these products and the warning symbols/information on the packaging… Especially the Sticky Stuff Remover is nasty stuff (the warming symbol on the package means: 'serious health hazard') and best avoided in favor of a less harmful alternative…

  13. Put a small bit of Unleaded petrol on a cloth rub the sealant off the rinse the are with water,works with all stuff in the bike frame like oil,dirt that doesn’t wash off and residue from decals etc

  14. According to GCN tubeless is the future. You’ve got to be kidding me. Stick a tube in and off you go…..

  15. To remove sticky stuf from flat surfaces I use vegetable oil. Any oil would do I suppose. Tar spatters on my frame dissolve easily treated with a cloth soaked in some oil. Just like sticker glue I suppose oil will remove sealants as well.

  16. Ideas to remove dried sealant from tires? More of a dirt/gravel/MTB issue, but I like switching tires and old sealant is a pain to take off.

  17. Having used it both in the lab and on my house's exterior uPVC doors before a repair job, IPA (isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol) is basically God-tier at removing anything that was once runny enough to make a stain. Hercules may have cleaned the Augean stables, but IPA makes them clean enough to eat off. (Don't try cleaning the Augean stables then eating off them at home, kids.)

  18. If you get spill on the frame like shown in the video you have made some pretty substantial mistakes. If you get minimal spill while filling the tire usually it’s just a few drops on the rim, wipe them with a cloth and you are good to go. This misinformation on tubeless is really annoying. Roadies seem to be super reluctant to embrace new tech. Disc and tubeless have only advantages. Face it and stop moaning.

  19. The reason I hesitate to go tubeless is that I have one wheelset and I run Pirelli Cinturato for the warm seasons and then switch to studded Schwalbe Marathon Winter Plus. The thought of dealing with sealant twice a year is pretty horrifying.

  20. Unrelated and probably stupid question. Are chaining bolts for road doubles a standard diameter and thread pitch?

  21. Anyone got a spare inner tube lol, oh that'll be in my saddlepack along with the 2 in my tyres! Tubeless' pathetic marketing along with Discs. REDICULARITY of the highest order lol

  22. Jon could always ask Doddy how he removed the sealant from his clothes. When Doddy did the video when it went everywhere. Or did you hear the GMBN cleaner swear when the mess was seen?

  23. Ermmm it just rubs off……. really wish the whole exaggerated issues of tubeless and discs would stop. They both work great theres no big issues, maybe occasionally a few little niggles like you might get on any working/moving part of any bike.

  24. Generic mr. Clean eraser with IPA or all purpose degreaser works great. The foam pad of mr clean keeps the solvent in one spot and safe on paint. Works great on cars too

  25. I guess I'll stick with regular 'ole inner tubes. But for those who do have this issue, check out any automobile detailing shop or online retailers and you will surely find stuff to remove crap from painted surfaces safely.

  26. What about for those of us who don't have tubeless compatible wheels? Is there a hack that you can do to make them tubeless or could you use sealant in the tubes themselves? #askgcntech

  27. Please do a tech review of the Trust Message Suspension fork

  28. Use Orange Seal Endurance sealant. No bogies and any that gets spilled can be easily rubbed off with your fingers once it has dried.

  29. Latex should just rub off any painted surface, especially glossy surfaces. Get a bit started at an edge and then build up a ball as you rub it off. It will stick to itself and peel off. Baby oil will actually work to break it down as well but you shouldn't need it on a painted/lacquered frame.

  30. What is the point of having the bike there with sealant stains if you don't actually review how these products work at cleaning it off? This video is a total waste of time.

  31. – not a problem if you are using tubeless with sealant.

  32. I get a lot of punctures and am trying to decide if I want to go tubeless. I really don't like the latex residue that covers everything. Is it feasible to return a set of tubeless-ready rims to pristine condition if you try tubeless then want to go back to clinchers?

  33. Just use Muc Off sealent, it washes of with water and doesn't dry out. I've had no problem with it and it is faultless

  34. And then there is peatys tubeless sealant wich doesn't care about an cleaner unless you want to remove the paint from frame as well. Biodegradable my a…

  35. As most of us i expected to see how remove sealant from inside the tyre.
    Using old tyre helped me during off-season bike check.
    Maybe all these liquids will work too. At least i gonna try WD-40 one day

  36. Been road cycling on tubeless tires for eight years. No flats even before I started using sealant and puncture resistant tires.. Newer tires are puncture resistant and Stans sealant will save the day. Don't spray sealant on your frame … Dah. Stants is water soluble and biodegradable. Easily comes off the tire bead and rim with water and a brush. There is much resistance to riding road bikes on tubeless tires and it may be based on ignorance.

  37. So the lesson is spend more and don’t use Stan’s. I’ve been getting a lot of life out of finish line. You need to use more of it to get the bead coated though because it is thicker.

  38. Hi John, GCN team, can you create a video based on the 80's BMX bandits film. Perhaps the evolution of the BMX since the 80s. Or how BMX riding influenced future pro cyclists own riding developments. Kind of growing up on a bike video. Start with a balance bike, move onto a BMX, progress to a MTB, move onto road bikes and finally as you grow old an electric bike. Cheers Phil.

  39. Dear Mr Tech, some while back Mr Richardson utilised "Jon's Spaff" as tubeless sealant. Is this something you can enlighten me on? Is it commercially available or simply for domestic use? I recall Mr Richardson found it most efficacious.

  40. #askgcntech I have a classic Eddy Merckx (Litespeed) bike. In great shape other the decals. I bought a set of reproductions but would appreciate any advice on how to remove old ones, prep frame (naked titanium, no paint), orient and place new decals, and apply. At $50 for a replacement set of decals (don’t tell my wife) I’m only getting one shot.

  41. Gave up on tubeless years ago. I can count MTB flats on one hand over 20 years. Just not worth it. Use a tube and be happy.

  42. All well and good, but how do you remove the dried on sealant from inside of the tyres? It does eventually cure, and after about 2-3 refills the weight the dried on sealant is about the same as an inner tube, so is no longer lighter..

  43. This is hands down the dumbest video on clean tire sealant,anything will get fresh tire sealant off a frame,its the dried shit in the tire we want to remove you moron.

  44. Try ‘Tyre Yogurt’ from TY Bike Products – latex and ammonia free and water washable so no issues with residue on the frame.

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