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How To Remove Pedals From A Bicycle + 2 Worst MISTAKES. Change Pedals.

How To Remove Pedals From A Bicycle + 2 Worst MISTAKES. Change Pedals.

Yeah, this good ride yesterday was phenomenal, I still feel it in my legs, which is good because I’m recovering. So here I’am your bike maintenance expert ShaiBike, and today we’re talking about removing the pedals from your bike, and putting those back on it. First of I’m going to show you one super easy method on how to memorize the whole process of removing and putting the pedals on your bike. You will just remember it once for your life, believe me. Second, I will show you the tools we use and some tricks. And at the end of this episode, two most common mistakes people do in this regard. Alright? So let’s start with the first part, which is memorizing how we actually do it, and it’s not that complicated really. When we try to memorize there are so many things to remember. Drive-side, non-drive side, then clockwise, counter-clockwise. And finally we think, okay, does it apply to removing or putting the pedals back on your bike. So, the best method here, is simply to take the right pedal, and spin the crank set. And, that’s it. Guys, it just couldn’t be easier. The only thing you have to remember is that this is the method for putting your pedals on your bike. So just remember, if you buy a new bike it won’t come with the pedals — come closer because there is so sunny weather… It comes without the pedals, the pedals are just separate so you have to put them on and also, there is a reason I have the bike on the floor as you can see, not on the bike stand it will be also in the two most common mistakes. It’s on the floor, so we can only spin backwards, right, backwards, not clockwise, counter-clockwise, but backwards otherwise the bike would try to go forwards, so by spinning backwards we are putting the pedals on our bike. And this method applies to both sides, which I’m going to show you right now. I’m on the other side. It doesn’t matter if it’s drive side or non-drive side, I’m doing the same thing here. And the pedal is there. Couldn’t be easier right. So let’s just remove the pedal once more, and, once you know the right side and should we do it counter-clockwise or clockwise, You just… now you know it. We should know a couple of things. There are different pedals: road pedals, MTB pedals – these you can just use for the road bike anyway. But, you would basically use two different tools for different kinds of pedals. Like this pedal, this is ?time?, it uses only the Allen key, 6mm, Sometimes, it is 8 I believe, but all the pedals I have are 6mm In order to put it on your bike, so you use Allen key for this one. And here we have Shimano M520. Many pedals will allow you to use both Allen key, or the wrench. Alright. So we have the 15mm wrench here And the Allen key here. One thing we should establish before putting those pedals on the bike is what pedal is this, because the right pedal is threaded in a different way to the left one. On some pedals you will have some “L” and “R” marked on the pedal itself, on the platform, like here we have “R” But we can also see “R” here. On this side it says chrome-alloy, chrome-alloy axle. This one says “R” right, which is the right one. And here, we don’t have any info’s on the axle But there is some… where it was… it is here, on the axle actually, right and left On some pedals which don’t use the Allen key you can also find the right symbol here on the inside of the axle. So just make sure you have the right one. If there was a case, you don’t have it, or it was painted and it was just removed, You don’t have to be worrying that you will damage your thread by trying to put your pedals on the crank set If you just try to do it very, very gently, then you will find out, okay, this is the right one So, no problem with that. Of course, the threads should be clean. I’m using some, this is not rust, this is some anti-seize, is it called anti-“says”, um, lubrication So, it’s something I’m using. So, you know the tools, you know the right direction So It’s this one here Super easy, right? Now What we can do is to use the wrench like this “Pach” Done. Or, we could also use the Allen key, by having the pedal, maybe here on the down… Ummm… on the bottom of the pedal stroke, and screw it in. Finally, two most common mistakes people do in this regard is… number 1: using too much torque when putting the pedals on the bike, when screwing those in You don’t really have to use your whole body weight in order to really have them secure on your bike – you don’t have to really. I would say Allen key, on this side just a bit of force, just like that would be okay. Sorry, I can’t tell you how many Newton meters, how much torque it should be, because I don’t have a torque wrench just yet which is terrible for my channel, but I’m going to purchase a couple of these very, very soon. But don’t use too much pressure on it. You don’t have to really because there is not so much force unscrewing your pedals, so not very, very little, but not too tight. And then, the second most common mistake is actually linked to the first one, and it’s using the bike stand in order to remove the pedals from the bike. Because, when you have the bike, and someone did use too much torque, the bike stand will flex, the seat post will flex, the top… whatever you use to mount the bike on the bike stand it all flexes and it makes removing the pedals so much more complicated. Not mentioning that you can damage some carbon seat posts for example. So, having the bike on the floor makes the job so much easier because it’s so much more secure. Then you just, you just do it like that. You don’t have to worry about anything and as you can see it’s super stable, and we remove the pedals from your bike. So, you know the method on how to put it on the bike. You know the tools… pretty much everything. If you have any further questions, I’m waiting down there in the comments section. Thanks for watching guys, and I will see you tomorrow. Bye.

25 comments on “How To Remove Pedals From A Bicycle + 2 Worst MISTAKES. Change Pedals.

  1. Mówiłeś coś, że masz linki afiliacyjne do sklepu CRC. Działają one tylko na rowery, które polecałeś, czy mogę za ich pomocą kupić cokolwiek?

  2. You didn't mention having the chain on the big ring as a protective measure to keep your hand from going into the teeth. Found that out the hard way with stitches.

  3. Thanks. Always used a spanner and never guessed I could use an allen key. That will save a few crushed fingers. (BTW seize is pronounced like 'cheese' but with an 's'. 🙂

  4. Actually is IS necessary to torque the pedals more than with the short allen key or gentle force with the wrench. I've had a creaking pedal myself so many times and found it was a bit loose, even after torquing it down way more than what you have recommended. You and your buddies must not ever experience steep enough grades where you need to get out of the saddle and put some serious torque down to make it up a hill. You must never do any mountain biking either. The rolling forces on the bike from the pedals in certain situations can eventually loosen the pedals if they're not torqued properly. Bad advice from you this time! Also, get a damn torque wrench!

  5. Hi ShaiBike, on pedal is looks like a cooper paste. Cooper paste is like graphite paste, but for hight temperature and more expensive. You can use graphite paste (its cheaper) for pedal thread for easy loosening even after many years

  6. Yeah, there's no reason to tighten the pedals too much. Gentle tightening has always been enough with my bikes. Good tips, great video!

  7. Another easy method to never forget the way to install pedals. Of course make sure the pedal is threaded correctly first. Thread the pedals correctly. For pedals installed with a hex key, turn the key towards the front wheel for both pedals. To disassemble: turn the key towards the back wheel. Same thing for pedals installed with a spanner.

  8. I can fix anything my bike, but I second guess myself every time I screw in a pedal. I've resorted to drawing pictures and arrows on paper taped to the toolbox.

  9. My approach: 1) put the crank arm forward so I can push down against the chain tension (for both tightening or loosening) and 2) point the wrench handle toward the Rear wheel to Remove/loosen (note the R's match), and toward the Front wheel to Fasten/tighten.

  10. You don't need a torque wrench to mount pedals. Do them up lightly – after you've ridden a few km, they'll have tightened themselves up properly.

    PS – "seize" is pronounced "seeze" to rhyme with "sneeze". Fonetycznie w jezyku polskim "siijz"

  11. very good video.. personally I like when youtubers like you don't just assume things at the other side of the screen but you go to details and options, measurements, tools etc.. thank you

    another way to remove pedals is to put the Allen key and move it towards the down tube.. this method works better when the pedals got stuck or over thightthen then you can put a rug on the down tube and use it as leverage to get the pedals off….

  12. My lbs screw it up and now i cant remove because its to tight and allen key insert is almost wear out any help now ???

  13. the title says “how to remove pedals” but whole video is about how to screw them on. No mentioning about removal LoL

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