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How To Remove Rust From A Motorcycle Gas Tank: NO ACID

How To Remove Rust From A Motorcycle Gas Tank: NO ACID

Hey i’m Bryan Fuller welcome to my
workshop Fuller Hot Rods (Fuller Moto) Well if you’re watching this, you
probably have a rusty tank. Guess what? you’re at the right place because this
is going to be very easy to get the rust out. I’m going to show you how with Metal Rescue. I’ve done a lot of gas tanks over the years. In fact, one of my main jobs here
fuller hot rods is to modify, change or build tanks if you have a car tank you can also
strip rust out of a car tank as well basically any kind of tank that has rust
in it so first thing you want to do is make
sure that you get the part off and you need it to hold water so leave the petcock on leave the cap on if you’ve got a crossover once you pull
it off, either cap the end or put a tube across basically make it hold fluid.
Second thing you want to do is get rid of the oil, gas, varnish muck, anything that’s going to be inside
the tank. Now we’ve already done that here you can put ball bearings in, soap
and water, obviously hot works better pressure washers, anyway you can do to
get the varnish and oil out of the tank because metal rescue is a water-based
solution so it’s not going to go through that
oily substance and get to the rust where it needs to be so one of the cool things
about this whole process as well is, you don’t need any special tools. If you
look I pretty much got everything I need I need some Metal Rescue, I need a tank that holds water so we’ve already done this tank as far
as this removing the oil varnish step if you look at this look at all we brought
out of here that is a big pile of rust, and that’s just
in one little tank That’s probably a gallon and a half.
Alright well let’s get this baby started! So all you need, we’re going to take a
bucket we’re going to put our tank into a plastic container, and you say “Why
Brian?” “Why?” Why do we do that? Well, let’s say you pour your Metal
Rescue in and there may not be much holding this thing together much but paint and
rust so it’s a good idea and obviously if
you’re doing a little bit of spilling it’s not going to be a problem now this
is non-corrosive we didn’t really talk about it much but this is water-based
not a big deal put it on yourself get it on the outside this isn’t going to hurt any of your
gaskets so I’m going to hurt rubber it’s not
going to hurt your petcock it’s not going to hurt really anything
other than the rust you’re going to let it sit for right
about 24 hours and a big big big important thing is you want to fill this
baby to the brim and the reason is you have no idea how much rust is in here I
mean it could be just a surface rust and if it is you might be able to get away
with maybe a half you know maybe just a half tank. But just to be safe what we recommend is go ahead and fill
it up to the top and that way you know that you’re going to get all the rust
out if possible. Then you let it sit for 24 hours I want to go to fill her up. Close the
lid and then you’re done. all right let’s just say it’s all the
way at the top I mean you can follow along at that point right? ok one more thing temperature want to
make sure that this is up above 68 70 degrees and it’s going to work best if
it gets a little bit warmer. So don’t sit outside where it’s really cold get it to a good temperature so you can
work it now we’ve already done a tank so let me
show you that. We cut it open so you could see inside. Look at that! I mean all that rest is gone on one side
it’s really pretty all that patina is there and four guys out there that love
patina like I do this is just the most perfect way to do
it because you look at the inside and look how clean that is it’s perfectly
clean on one side and then you get in that other side is just full of muck I
mean this thing really just pulls rust from the metal slowly pulling it back
into the water solution so you can see what a great job this
does now color won’t matter except for on some
other red colors you might have an issue because of the
red oxide that’s in it because it does attack iron oxide and if you’re really
worried about are really expensive red tank just do a little bit of tests on
some we’re not worried about nine times out of ten at least you’re not even
gonna have to worry about it all right let’s move on to the rinse
once again super easy now you let it sit for 24 hours all the
rest is going but you may have a really thick coat arrest so let’s look inside
and just see how it’s doing when you start pouring it out if it’s
black obviously it’s doing its magic and you know if you only have a little bit
of rest it’s not going to be crazy black you might actually be able to reuse it
again the blacker it is more rust is saturated
the water the less you’re going to be able to reuse it and by the way if you don’t have a lot
in it up to a year which is great so the three things you can rinse it out
with are gasoline, new Metal Rescue, or if you want to let
the tank sit around for a while they’ve got a water-based rust
preventative from workshop hero say it again water-based rust
preventative from workshop here oh that’s right no way this works you pour it in rinse
it around in the tank and it’s going to keep rust off of it for up to a year
when you’re done say it’s sitting around for a year now
you want to use the tank simply rinse it out the gasoline and you’re good to go and by the way while we’re here dry coat she got the little spray bottle you can
keep rust off the outside or anything that you have laying around the shop
which is awesome let’s talk about tank sealers a little
bit a lot of guys use tanks sealers in the industry we don’t recommend it and for a couple
reasons one its not tested with Metal Rescue to level which were comfortable
Two, the brand of sealer that you get and Three, once you seal it, it’s really hard to get
out. Obviously you can see how easy it is to remove rust again if you need to, you
pop the tank you put more Metal Rescue and you get rid of the rust, piece of cake! So if you have pin holes
and such get it soldered, weld it whatever you need to do to fix it. How easy is that? We’re done you just pour Metal Rescue in, you let it
do its magic and you pour it out and rinse it. So sweet! Now at the end of the video we’re going
to summarize for you were going to give you all the list of everything that you
need to do so you can stop play stop play. But other than that, speaking of play, I got some playing to
do, so I’m out. Catch you next time Available at Home Depot, AutoZone, and Canadian Tire

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  1. Clum 101, I am pleased to inform you that we do offer distribution of our product out of the UK through USAutomotive, Ltd. Feel free to call or email to place an order at:

    USAutomotive Ltd
    19 St. Martin’s Way
    MK42 0LF
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  2. Yes Mud Sh-sh-shark, there are a lot of alternatives to removing rust. Some are less expensive, some are more hazardous. Metal Rescue™ Rust Remover Bath is the safe, clean, and easy way to remove rust from your metal parts. Plus it's reusable, and easily disposed of. Because it's non-toxic, odorless, and safe to the touch, you could even remove rust inside your house! Thanks for watching our video.

  3. Hi Junior D, what is your zip code? We can find a store near you that carries our products to verify a price for you.

  4. Yes you can, and MrSonyDelight is right, just dry it completely. Also keep in mind that it's reusable, so make sure you strain the Metal Rescue back into it's original container, or any container with a lid on it.

    Thanks for watching, please let us know if you have any other questions.

  5. Hi Sebastien, Metal Rescue pulls the rust off leaving the surface bare metal. It does not leave any type of coating on the metal. Your part is ready for the next step in your restoration, painting, welding, ect. If left unprotected, the rust will come back. If you aren't going use your de-rusted part right away, we suggest using our Dry Coat Rust Preventative. It dries to the touch without leaving any greasy residue, plus it will protect your part from rusting back for up to a year indoors.

  6. The fact that you had to add the "TM" into your name in this reply is ridiculous. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does, it's pretentious.

  7. Hi bkvette3. We have a number of stores in Canada that carry Metal Rescue. Benson Auto Part, Lordco, and a number of online distributors. Please visit the Workshop Hero website and enter your postal code in the upper right hand corner of the website to find a location near you. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  8. What about flash rust? I've cleaned a tank several times and it is spotless inside. It sits for a few minutes and the rust is back.

  9. What about flash rust? I've cleaned a tank several times and it is spotless inside. It sits for a few minutes and the rust is back.

  10. Hi shamanwako, Metal Rescue does not leave any type of coating behind on the metal. That being said, once you have de-rusted your gas tank you have a few options to keep the rust from coming back. 1.You can pour in some gas and swish it around the tank to soak up any residual water. 2. You can pour and swish around a gas/oil mix to coat the inside of the tank. 3. You can use our Dry Coat Rust Preventative spray, which when applied it prevents rust from coming back for up to a year!

  11. Great product 25$ for a gallon but it works. if your smart enoughf you can find a way to use 1 gal to treat a 4.7 gallon tank. don't forget.. pressure wash it first. Thank you for this vid.

  12. Apparently white vinegar works pretty well, cheaper too I would guess. I've never had to bother, I've been lucky so far with my tanks but there may come a time when I need to give it a go.

  13. I must say Metal Rescue is an awesome product. I just used in on my 1970 Honda Z50 tank. Absolutely awesome results. just bought a 2nd gallon for future uses. 

  14. Would you recommending adding sand to the 24 hour solution and doing a bit of shaking as many of these other videos recommend?

  15. I have an old 1973 Hodaka Motorcycle tank that is chrome outside. Will this stuff mess up any of the outside surface or stain it? I am assuming it will not hurt it, since it's water based. Just wanted your opinion. Thanks for the great video.

  16. I have an old honda motorcycle and was wondering if I keep it in there over my vacation wiche is a week will I get a better result and is it ok to keep it in there that long for a "maximized" result

  17. Ok. I have a motor that had a bad water pump on it. I replaced the water pump and tried to flush anything that is inside. Would It be a good idea to send this product into the radiator  and run the motor???

  18. this is a terrible product. i kept it 24 hours and all it did was get dirtiness out of my gas tank. did not clean up any rust.

  19. I used apple cider vinegar for 72 hours changing the vinegar every 24hours. I still had heavy rust coating the inside of my tank. I gave metal rescue a shot and after 24 hours there was nothing left. Not a bit of rust and one shiny tank. Awesome product. I'm restoring a 30 year old dirt bike so I filled up a bin with metal rescue and started dumping rusty parts in. Now I don't have to buy new screws, bolts and clamps. I'll be using this for all my rusty restorations.

  20. Hi, I've got a sport's bike like tank, and what i'm having problems with is getting some kind of cork that closes the tank, without using the original tampon. Any ideas on how to do this? I would place plastic and hold it with a rubber band, but in this tank, there's no where to apply the rubber band. I hope my question was clear….I'm not sure. Can you please help?

  21. Interesting stuff:

  22. How did you get the pile of rust flakes out of the tank in the beginning? I hear some small pieces still clattering around in there.

  23. Dude, fantastic video!  Your energy and engagement is awesome!  You teach it very well and seem to have lots of fun as though we are friends – again awesome video!  Will let you know how my project goes hopefully soon and thank you for posting!

  24. Is this stuff safe on clearcoats and paint? I have a freshly painted tank and I'd hate to spill it and ruin my paint.

  25. Thanks for watching! Got a question or comment? We want to hear it and please subscribe. Also, feel free to call or email us anytime! 1-800-365-1117/ [email protected]

  26. This isn't a video, but here's a couple of quick tips on how to use Metal Rescue on their website:

  27. Have 2 quick questions.
    1-I have a in tank fuel pump will metal rescue harm it in anyway?
    2-So after the derusting process will there be flash rusting after i rinse with gasoline?

  28. easiest way to remove rust? Buy a normal motorcycle, with a fucking normal plastic tank… It won't rust trust me – even after 10k years.
    I hate old and new bikes made out of metal… Heavy as hell, rust after 10 years, slow… there are no pros! Style? Prestige? bullshit!

  29. Help me please!!! I recently bought a 1982 Yamaha maxim 400xs dohc. Every time I try to start the motorcycle I have to connect the jumper cables and it usually starts but the motorcycle turns off as soon as I take the cables off or sometimes it stays running and after some time it dies. Do you think I need a new battery? Please help!!!

  30. Great video!
    If you hold the jug on it's side and pour it flat, you wont get the surging "glug glug glug" and it pours out faster and super smooth.

  31. 1. You mention pressure wash tank. How do you pressure was a motorcycle tank when the largest opening is the fuel fill hole on top? Serious question.
    2. Hot, soapy water sloshed around with nuts and bolts in the tank first?
    3. Once done with the Metal Rescue process and rust is removed, fuel rinse complete, what is the next step before I put it back on the bike for normal use? To keep from rerust. I heard to avoid sealers and it seems the Dry Coat product prevents rust if you are storing tank or on outside. What about something to use on inner tank before normal use again?

  32. Ha im soaking my tank in this right now but somehow just randomly stumbled upon this in the related videos.. Great product, it's working very well so far

  33. I washed my tank out, didn't power wash it, but used soap and water and rinsed it. I let it soak overnight, and the next day rinsed it out again. Epic fail. I am going to have to find another solution. It didn't look like it did much of anything. These instructions in the video are nothing like the instructions on the can. I spent $28 for this thing, and I didn't see any change.

  34. Do you have any dealer in Lebanon Middle East ? Do you think it can be used also on scuba diving rusted tank is it safe ?

  35. I made a few mistakes on my first attempt to remove rust. First of all, I don't think I removed all of the oily debris from the tank, Secondly, I only used one gallon of rust remover, and sloshed it around. Thirdly, I did the treatment in my basement, which was colder. I started over again, and used 3 gallons instead of 1. I power washed the tank and dried it before starting. The results were AMAZING!! Fully restored tank.

  36. Every cap I have bought has the peak at the front. Where can I buy one like yours that has the peak at the back? Thanks.

  37. GREAT vid    is there any product that can sael the BARE  clean metal after it is treated so it wll not go rusty again      can a gas tank be galvanized/ electroplated   inside or will the heat of this warp / damage it

  38. Sounds good. But how much is it per gallon? I have a 5 gallon tank. Or can I fill it half full, cap it, lay in one side for 24 hrs, flip it over to the other side and let it set for 24 more hrs. I have more time than money. What you think about that idea?

  39. Hi! Bryan. After watching your demonstration video, I found that it's so interested me to work the same as your recommendation, but I have one question, after cleaning the fuel tank then what kind of Chemical or oil to protect the rust get back again as the fuel tank must be used for holding the gasoline for the motorcycle.

  40. such a tank expert, DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR works better than anything I have found in 50 years. Less than a buck a gallon. it takes a few hours, but White distilled vinegar is very gentle on your skin and metal tank, but harsh on rust and varnish. It will even clean the varnish out of a plastic tank in minutes, use a few nuts, bolts washers etc as agitators inside the vinegar in the tank and rock back and forth for about 10 minutes and the varnish pours right out. A final rinse with vinegar will verify the job when it pours back out clear. Lastly, put a little gasoline in the tank to rinse the vinegar residue out, slosh it around a bit and discard. the tank is now clean.

  41. Why not show a before video of inside of ORANGE tank and after? On YELLOW tank why not show a close up of results? Zooming in to prove your results in my opinion would have been more convincing as for the pile of rust taken from tank…..again why not show the actual results the work being performed on rust pile? Kinda miss leading in my opinion. Feel free to send me a sample so that I can properly show the results from beginning to end and with full zoomed in results before and after. Till then there are alternatives that have been tried and true for years …white vinegar for one. Just saying…so don’t hate!

  42. Thanks for the reply, anyone reading the comments section my reply was quick and they have even provided an alternate video ….have a look. now I know they didn’t do an actual time lapse for a two hour period so that the actual tear down chemically can be witnessed but at this point everyone, the best thing for proof would be to try for yourself and see the results. I have an old 1984 Vf750F interceptor that I’m modifying and I’m tempted to try? Still thinking on it.. 🤔 💭

  43. Definitely seal the inside of the tank or it will rust right back quickly even if you are using the tank. Any part of the tank exposed to air will collect condensation. You can't always keep it full of gas and even if you did, the ethanol in today's gas is hydroscopic and will rust bare steel. Just do it.

  44. NOPE…. Klean Strip Prep & Etch is the Best! It is the same stuff just 1/4 price. Warmer you keep it the faster it works…

  45. When I got my cx500 it’s tank had a mess of rust and decomposed tank liner spray, so I shook it up with lots of sharp and heavy little metal pieces, to shred out the hanging on pieces of the rubbery tank liner material, then I used Metal Saver on it and it did a great job, removed only rust and no extra metal.
    I put in inline fuel filter on it to be safe and its stayed clean

  46. It's soften the rust, doesn't remove it completely, to inhibit the rust you need to use products which contain sulfuric acid, like rust check sold by Canadian tire.

  47. Metal rescue might be great, but it's extremely expensive. It's $25 a gallon right now on Amazon. I just use electrolysis. It's cheap and it works just as well.

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