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How to REMOVE SEALER from motorcycle gas tank – (HOW TO CLEAN A GAS TANK) – pt.2

How to REMOVE SEALER from motorcycle gas tank – (HOW TO CLEAN A GAS TANK) – pt.2

this is gonna be a little bit of a
follow-up video to the video I did on how to clean a motorcycle gas tank a lot
of people they have a gas tank but it’s coated with the tank coating and that
way I showed with the works doesn’t really dissolve tank liner I tried it on
this little honda express tank a couple weeks ago and it didn’t even touch it
and then my girlfriend she’s like we’ll have you tried like acetone or like nail
polish remover and I was like that’s not gonna work and then we tried it and it
dissolved it in a few seconds so I was clearly wrong about that and so I’m
gonna show you how to do it on this gas tank and a little samples of different
types of gas tank liner I’ve tried it on for instance this is probably one of the
more popular gas tank liners and I’m also going to show you one that’s in
this gas tank just I pull a little chunk out of the gas tank to show you how it
dissolves it’s more of a white creamy color one if you’ve got any little
rubber seals on your gas tank anywhere like this guy or if you’ve got any
plastic parts or anything that acetone is going to dissolve you want to make
sure that you remove those or find a different method if that’s not gonna
work for you you also want to watch the paint you want to be really really
careful when you’re pouring it in not to dissolve your your paint job I
don’t want to be responsible for you ruin your nice paint job a few things
you’re gonna need to do this or at least the ways I’m gonna do it is you need a
gas tank obviously you need some acetone and you need something that plug up the
holes in your gas tank so for me I’m just using a cork just like I did in the
other video corks aren’t gonna dissolve in acetone they might leak a little bit
because they’re so porous and acetone so viscous or has such a low viscosity the
next thing you’re gonna need is a big tub or something I don’t actually know
if this if acetone dissolves this type of plastic but it’s just like a cheap $2
Walmart bin and it’ll help prevent it from at least
getting all over my work workbench and you want to wear some safety glasses and
maybe some gloves that’s everything I can think of so
let’s give it a shot I’ll show you kind of how it works so the first thing we’re
gonna do is just try to dissolve a couple of the different chunks of the
tank liners and this is maybe something you should do too before pouring a
gallon of acetone in your gas tank is just try to pull out a little chunk dunk
it in some acetone and make sure that it actually dissolves it because I haven’t
tried every single tank liner out there you know I just tried these two that I
happen to have around the shop and you can see it’s already starting to
dissolve and then after a minute or so I put my tweezers in there just to see how
it was reacting and it was already starting to really come apart and then I
let it sit for another 20 minutes and you can see this little time lapse of it
and you can see it all just dissolving into a pile of goo at the bottom of the
cup so I mixed it up make sure I got most of the chunks all dissolved and
then I took a cardboard box and put it in my little plastic bin and poured all
the acetone out so that we could see how much of it was dissolved and what was
left after it all was dissolved and all that was left was just a bunch of these
little chunks of old metal and gooey chunks of some of the liner that didn’t
dissolve but for the most part it was completely dissolved so I felt pretty
comfortable pouring a good amount of the acetone into the gas tank and next we’re
gonna try some of that other gas tank liner this is that really popular kind
you can buy anywhere pour just a little bit less this time cuz I got just a
small chunk and let it dissolve and this one took a lot longer but I had to let
it sit overnight but eventually it finally dissolved and it might be
because the tank liner in the express is an older formula or maybe just is older
and now we’re gonna actually get to the process of stripping the tank liner how
so as you can see there’s there’s quite a bit of flaky chunks still in the the
gas tank and the first thing you’re going to want to do is pull out as much
of that as possible because it’s going to save a lot
of the dissolving property of the acetone if you can get out as much as
possible and it’s gonna make it quicker and easier so you can see I pulled out a
lot of these bigger chunks and you might not be able to but you know it makes it
faster if you’re able to do that and then I got my little plastic bin and I’m
putting some wood blocks in so that the the tank is suspended so if there is any
leakage while I’m not watching that the tank is not just sitting in acetone and
then plug off all the holes with some cork whatever you have that works put it
in the bin and now you’re ready to pour the acetone in and I was just using a
funnel or something that’s going to help prevent it from spilling all over your
your paint job and maybe try just pouring it a little bit first and making
sure that you’re not missing any holes and that it’s not leaking out and then
just slosh it around and start working it through maybe add a little bit more
and then let it sit you know I let this sit for another 20-30 minutes and then
when I went to uncork it it was it wasn’t coming out at first and then I
realized that a big old booger of half dissolved tank liner was sitting right
at the spout and it finally came out and all of that tank liner had pretty
much not dissolved to a liquid but just kind of gone into a gel which makes it
easier to clean out anyway so if it doesn’t all come out you could always
take a hose and start the high-pressure hose and start blasting out good chunks
of it or repeat the process over and over until you get all of that cleaned
out put my dissolved pretty quickly and I was able to get the majority of it out
in the first the first run of acetone and I tried to film what the inside looked
like after it was out but I couldn’t get the right sunlight so I took it out on
the Bronco and just really cranked up the camera so you could see the inside
and as you can see there’s a few spots here and there but for the most part
it’s pretty clean but it’s got rust everywhere so now I just have to do what
I did in the works video and clean all that rust out that’s how you clean an old gas tank
liner out of your gas tank so now that that’s all cleaned out I’m going to
remove any residual rust that’s left in there with either the work so maybe I’ll
try apple cider vinegar some people in the comment section said that was a lot
better I doubt it’s better but it’s supposedly more eco-friendly so maybe
I’ll try that on this one and make a video of that maybe comparing the two of
works and apple cider vinegar and then I’ll do another video on how to seal a
gas tank how to do the right way or at least the way I do it
90% of the time these gas tank liners come off is because people didn’t do the
right prep work and I didn’t do everything I needed to to make sure that
that liner actually seals completely to the middle of the inside of the gas tank
so I’ll be doing a video on that pretty soon too
so look out for that

12 comments on “How to REMOVE SEALER from motorcycle gas tank – (HOW TO CLEAN A GAS TANK) – pt.2

  1. Hello again, I have a gallon of acetone I got today . I'll be taking the liner out of a Harley tank . I didn't see a part 2 to this video , how did your project turn out and what would you say is a good way to clean out the acetone residue so the new tank liner sticks ??? Thank you

  2. I did a test with a piece I took from inside the tank. Let it sit all night and did not dissolved it. It used to be hard epoxy, now it is softer like rubber.

  3. i filled my tank half way with acetone and let it sit for 3 days and it didn't remove it at all. my grandpa gave me the bike so im not sure what type of coating it was but was wondering if you had any creative ideas on how to get it out

  4. I just lined my tank with red kote and it looks gooey fruit roll ups in my tank, I’m guessing I did it wrong, anyway will this remove red kote tank liner?

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