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How To Repack A Motorcycle/ATV Exhaust Silencer

How To Repack A Motorcycle/ATV Exhaust Silencer

Hi, I’m Eric from Rocky Mountain ATV/ And today I’m going to show you how to
repack a silencer for your ATV or motorcycle. You’ll need some allen wrenches, a rubber mallet, high temp silicone, and silencer repacking material. On most silencers you’ll need either a piece of PVC or a wooden dowel to knock the end cap out. First off we need to get the cover off the back so we can get at the end cap. Once we get that off we have the tunable end pipes. There’s a
quiet core And now we can start on the six allen heads that are holding that end cap in. On some silencers the bolts holding it together will be on the front of the silencer. Some silencers won’t have bolts on either side but will have rivets instead. In that case you’ll need to drill them out on one side and re-rivet during assembly. Once we get the alan heads out, there’s a lip on the inside of this end cap. And we’ll go ahead and put our PVC in a vise and just tap lightly on it. Just on that edge, and it should pop that right out the back. We’re going to pull out the core and the packing material that’s left. This one’s in pretty good shape. And then we’re going to clean off the core. Get all the carbon off, inspect it. Make sure there’s no parts that are broken. We’re going to layout our Lexx Premium Silencer Packing. Make sure it’s the right width for your core. As you can see it’s about the same width. If your core is shorter you can cut it. Wrap it really it. It’ll make installing it inside the canister much easier. We’re just using regular masking tape to hold it in place Put a strip on the end, the middle, and then on the back end of it. The Lexx Premium Packing is good for any bike, 2 stroke or 4 stroke. Once it’s wrapped up tight it’s time to make sure the ends are clear and we’re going to install it in the canister. When we’re putting it in
the canister, you wanna make sure you push it down as a unit. So you’re feeding the packing at the same time you’re pushing on the core. It’s pretty easy to push the core down
without the packing and then you’ll need to start over. Feed it down in there, and when you get down to the bottom you want to make sure that the core engages the front cap. So you can put your thumb in there, guide it in, and then push the core in. Now that’s in, it’s time to get to our end cap. You want to clean it off. Apply some high temp silicone, and then we need to guide it onto the core. Make sure the packing is not in the way. Once it’s engaged you can use a rubber mallet and hammer it down flush. Wipe off the excess silicone, and then we’re going to start the little allen heads. Don’t tighten them yet, just go ahead and start them all. Once they’re started we’ll go ahead and tighten them up. And now we’re cleaning off our quiet core. Checking out our spark arrestor. Use a little dab of silicone just to keep the vibration down. We’re not really doing it to seal anything here. It’s purely for dampening Do it between the two pieces. And then put the cover on, the 3 bolts, and you’re done!

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  1. @happywombatproducts – yes it makes a difference. Steel wook is used on some bikes right around the core, then packing around it. The steel wool is better for real high heat – it won't burn out as fast.

  2. @MrMotorider15 – On the seams? That should already be done by FMF. At the points they connect? A little high temp silicone never hurts.

  3. i have a kx85 and it needs a good repacking job.. Should i use regualr packing or could i use the fmf packing as well?

  4. @yamaha250Frider62 – If you stripped the head of the bolt, you will need to come up with another way to get the bolt out. you may need to drill it and use an easy-out.

  5. i just bought some lexx repacking material from you guys for my pipe and its not this one its the cheaper kind but iv heard people say to wrap steel whool around the core before wrapping the packing or the packing will blow out quickly is this true? if you could reply it would be appreciated

  6. @johndevinaspre676 – steel wool will resist heat better, but isn't as good for sound. i don't know the specifics on what type or size of steel wool to use.

  7. for 2 stroke dirt bikes, if its leaking a little oil out the back of the silencer is that a sign that it needs replaced too?

  8. is it normal for smoke to come out of the exhaust after the bike has stoped after the muffler has been repacked

  9. @RockyMountainATVMC Steel wool is flammable, just a heads up.

    Take a 9 volt battery and rub it on the steel wool and you will have a fire in your hands. Used to do it in boyscout meetings…

    Anyways, a friend of mine made his own exhaust for a 50cc scooter and after only a few miles it started launching clumps of flaming steel wool. And yes, it wasnt a well designed muffler, but fiberglass lasted much longer.

    Just a thought, im sure there are some types (grades?) that wont catch fire.

  10. @MastaSquidge – I did that in scouts too! Most OE 4-stroke exhaust cores are wrapped in steel wool. I don't know what temp it burns at, but it must be OK for the most part.

  11. @raptorandblaster – I would recomend the Lexx. It is tunable so you can open it up. any time you open up exhaust or intake it will effect jetting; so you may need to go a little richer.
    Regarding the "loud" keep in mind that you only want to be loud where it won't affend anyone. Noisey bikes and ATV's don't help to keep riding places open. thanks!

  12. @1PSYTEX1 – yes, to some degree. it is mostly there to protect the rest of the exhaust from heat. It doesn't burn up as fast as other packing material can.

  13. How often should you rpack an exhaust cuz I got an r4 and I might need to do it soon I've had it a while and also if I have a slip on exhaust do I need to rejet I'm going from stock to another white bros r4 and when I put it on my quad staryed to smoke really bad I'm not sure if its because its been sitting all winter or if its the motor messedx up cuz I didn't jet it or if its cuz the exhaust sat in a barn for 2 or 3 years before it was put on

  14. @Huff834 – you shouldn't have to pull rivets on the lexx, but if you have a pipe that needs them, just get ones that fit snug in the holes.

  15. i have the lexx exhaust for my 400ex but i cant find a place to buy "lexx" brand exhaust you know where?

  16. I was going to buy some carbon fiber or kevlar cloth on ebay and un-weave it and bundle it up..I heard it makes the sound a little deeper.

  17. how much does it cost to buy the packing material, and the hi-temp silicone? How often should you pack your exhaust?

  18. – we have lexx packing as low as 5.99. The premium packing shown in this video lasts longer and is quieter – we sell it for 14.99. We sell permatex hi-temp silicone for 5.99. It depends on the bike, bust most exhaust makers say every 25 hours. I do mine every year.

  19. you most likely have some jetting issues, but packing the silencer and cleaning the pipe can help. It will certainly help the noise.

  20. not to expensive i just recently bought some at my local motorcycle store and i think it was about $20 but it was alot cheaper than i expected. and i bought the fmf 2 stroke you shouldnt repack it to often like you would with your oil i think its like a couple years after it comes out of the factor that you have to repack it it also depends on how well you mix ur gas if you have a 2 stroke and how often you ride for me i believe that mine lasted from 2006 till today the day i changed it

  21. Some mufflers and silencers use rivets to attach the canister to the end pieces instead of bolts and in those cases yes a hand rivet gun would be applicable

  22. My silencer is leaking a lot on my yz85 I NEVER run my bike to rich is it time to repack my silencer? Please respond

  23. Yeah it's probably time for a repack. Also when rebuilding the silencer i would stick a little silicone on both the front cap and your rear cap to seal it up a little better. If it still blows oil i would look into jetting

  24. check your carb mixture screw and float height, sounds like it's very rich in the low end and needs a good tuning. Also make sure your air filter is clean.

  25. If you are looking for a good sounding deep exhaust sound yes this packing is necessary. Running a muffler with old packing or no packing will rob power from the motor and isn't going to allow the muffler to work as it was designed. Repacking a silencer or muffler will restore lost power and restore the good sound as well. We want to be able to continue to enjoy our sport without offending others so monster noise are not what mufflers are designed for.

  26. Will this packing work for any 4 stroke exhaust??? I have a dg exhaust in my 400ex will it work for it??? Please let me know 🙂 thanx!

  27. Yes this would work for just about any exhaust. The steps in the video may be a little different than what is involved with your muffler but you should be able to get it with referencing this video. There are tons of aftermarket packing out on the market but any packing would work so long as the length is correct or close.

  28. I'm not really sure what you are asking. Are you trying to figure out which packing to buy? If so you just need to measure your canister and the packing should say what size it is so you can compare it to that but most all aftermarket packing will work with just about any canister.

  29. I have a 400ex. and I run a fmf titanium 4. it has a quiet core insert would it matter if I ran the exhaust without the quiet core insert? will it hurt anything? Please let me know.

  30. No it's not going to hurt anything. That is basically used to quiet the machine down and make the muffler spark arrested. You want to run that in the forest or desert but then it's fine to remove the spark arrestor when riding the track

  31. I have an older FMF universal powercore 4. I got the allen screws out, but I don't know where to tap on the muffler to get the core out. Do I need to drill the rivets out on the rear of the muffler too?

  32. I bought an old 2t KTM 250 EXC off a mate and I think it will be too loud to pass rego which I need so I can go to National Parks and such. It's got some sort of fmf pipe on it, is there a specific type or brand of packing material that will reduce the noise to a minimum or is the pipe that's on it just not designed with noise regulations in mind?

  33. i have a pocket bike and its very loud would takeing the exhaust tip off and putting steel wool in it help ?

  34. what are the steps how do I do it and what do I buy ? Do you have an email where I can send you photos of my exhaust cause I really don't wanna use it with the sound it makes

  35. you can put a bit of soap or oil inside of the outside tube to prevent hte packjing to shrivel backwards as it slides

  36. my free flow exhaust has rivets and everytime i need to refill it i have to rerivet the end cap ..I thought of not refilling it permanently ..pls tell me does it affect the motorcycle ??

  37. Hello I have seen People using a little bit of stanless steel wool and then the other white staff its the ceramic fiber pad did it really need the stanless steel wool or with the ceramic fiber wool its good?

  38. ok thanks because I open my 2 brothers and I found some of stanless steel wool plus the ceramic fiber pad but I order the kit to repack mine and it only come with the ceramic pad not stanless steel wool at all

  39. I changed out my old packing from my yoshi pipe and the core had steel wool wrapped around it then the packing. when i replaced it i never put the steel wool i just packed it. was that a bad idea? seems to be fine to me.

  40. How is the lexx exhaust compared to stock will i lose any power or gain is IT louder than stock ktm 500 exc 2015

  41. Mines got revits . I've removed the rivets and can not budge either set of end caps off . Dang this bitch is stubborn . Would you have any suggestions. Thanx n great video

  42. I just repacked my 2014 yz450f exhaust and left out the "steel wool sleeve" that was in it. What is that for and will it hurt anything leaving it out?

  43. Hey there, I have a question. Other than to muffle the awesome revs of the vehicle and to keep things legal, what are the performance benefits of packing a silencer? Would fuel efficiency be improved? Would the bike run less hot? Sincerely hope to get a reply

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