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How to Replace Road Bike Gear Cables | Halfords UK

How to Replace Road Bike Gear Cables | Halfords UK

You need to replace your road bike gear
cables if they’re frayed kinked or rusty. Before beginning make sure you have a
hex key, cable cutters, the correct replacement cable pliers, an end cap and
lubrication. When you start make sure your bike is in the highest gear so the
cable has the least amount of tension possible then undo the pinch bolt and
release the cable. Now to remove the cable put on the front brake and release
the external cable like this. The cable will come through here just like so once
this is done ensure the power adjusters screw all the way in like this. Now we’re
going to feed the new gear cable in. I’m going to add some lubrication so it goes
in easily. Put the brake on put the new gear cable in and pull it through until
it sits nice and tight. Once it’s in release the brake. Now feed the rest of
the cable to the pinch bolt put it on to the bolt and tighten the pinch bolt. Grab
the cable cutters and cut the excess cable off then crimp on the end cap with
cable cutters or pliers. Now you’re done you’re ready to adjust your gears watch
how to do that in this video. If you need more help pop into your local Halfords
and chat to a specialist in the team. They’ll be more than happy to help you
with your gear cables or to see our full range of replacement bike parts head to
the Halfords website you

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