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Benefits of cycling
How To Ride a Bike Safely in Traffic

How To Ride a Bike Safely in Traffic

I usually commute to work on my bike. The day when I come back and even if it’s really late and I miss my workout, I still feel good
because I have done cycling. Like I said there is more than one reason
to enjoy cycling right from fitness to relaxation. But I guess it just depends on the person, how you take it. The first thing would be with respect to the safety equipments that we use like helmets are a must and the pollution mask if you are in the city. You would definitely need head lights, tail lamp and also reflectors. It’s
not about just going fast, it’s about being safe on the road and enjoying the ride as
well. And also using the brakes properly, following these things would probably make cycling a good experience to all of us and to others.

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  1. Safe yourself and children on the road. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

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