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How to Ride a Bike without Holding On to the Handlebars

How to Ride a Bike without Holding On to the
Handlebars. With some courage and practice, you can be
casually stretching both of your arms over your head or peeling open an energy bar with
both hands as you cruise along on your bike. You will need Bicycle Helmet and practice. Riding a bike with no hands can be dangerous,
and in some places may be illegal. Practice in an open space free of obstacles. Always wear safety gear including a helmet
and ride on designated bike paths away from traffic. Step 1. Start riding your bike on a long, straight
path at a medium speed. Be sure to wear a properly fitted helmet. A moderate speed is key. Go too slow and you will wobble and lose your
balance. Go too fast and you won’t be able to perceive
obstacles in time to avoid them. Step 2. Keep your feet rotating the pedals and keep
looking ahead at the road as you execute the next move. Step 3. As you pedal, gently push both hands off the
bars at the same time and sit up straight. Sitting up straight is critical — if you
hover your whole body over the front of the bike, you will lose your balance. But, until you are comfortable, keep your
arms extended in front of your body, ready to grab the bars again. Step 4. Once you have lifted your hands successfully,
you will need to keep pedaling to maintain momentum. Once you are comfortable keeping your balance
you can try coasting, too. Step 5. Squeeze your inner thighs against the bike
seat and frame to keep the center of gravity and realign or steer the direction of the
bike. Step 6. Steer with no hands by shifting your weight
and leaning the bike rather than turning the handlebars. Step 7. Practice sitting up straight and relaxed as
you ride with no hands for longer and longer intervals. Before you know it, you’ll be able to dodge
potholes and take off your jacket — all while riding with no hands. Did you know Staying upright with no hands
is possible partly because bicycle wheels suspended between the metal forks are like
gyroscopes — when spinning fast, they will stay in the same plane of rotation unless
acted upon by an outside force.

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