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How To Ride A Hardtail Mountain Bike Fast | Essential Hardtail Skills

How To Ride A Hardtail Mountain Bike Fast | Essential Hardtail Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, and welcome to another rad video that’s going to help you! Yes, skills that you need to know how to progress your
riding that little bit more on your trusty hardtail be it line choice. Riding aggressive, don’t do that. Riding light, as well, and all that goodness all coming up in this rad video. Stick around. (upbeat music) This one is about riding
light on your bike. What does that mean? Well, that means you got to just not put too much pressure down on your pedals and let the bike bounce around. Now, that’s pretty hard when
you are riding flat pedals because to eliminate your feet
from bouncing off the pedals, you’re going to have to dig your heels in, and push your body weight
down on your pedals to stop them from bouncing off. It’s super hard to ride
super light weight. Now when it comes to being clipped in, which I recommend, is that you can eliminate
your feet from bouncing off cause you’re basically
clipped into your bike. That means you can ride
a little bit lighter, you can let the bike bounce underneath you without having the worry of your feet bouncing off your pedals. And that brings me onto riding light. When you clipped in, you’re riding your bike super light cause you’re not putting
all your weight down. You’re just gliding over some rough stuff. And that does help when it comes to rough. Just like this up here. (relaxing music) With body position, you want to quite by far back, but you want to have your knees bent because the only suspension
you’ve got in the rear is in your legs. So, you want to let
them be quite proactive in the rear. Just to soften the ride. Also, trust in what you have in the front. If you have suspension
on the front; use it. Okay, you’re going to be
prepared to move around the bike in all four quadrants:
left, right, forward, and back when on your hard tail. You want to be dancing around, especially when it’s rough. Be prepared to dance on a hardtail, because whatever’s in front of you is going to determine where
your bikes going to go, and you need to fight that to keep it going down the trail straight. Or when you start to ride
super fast on a hardtail down some rough stuff you have to be ready for the most unexpected all the time because it’s going to be rough. You’re going to be bouncing
all over the place. Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s gnarly, especially when it gets super super rough. (sound of bikes) And these guys are all
on full suspension rigs, which brings me on line choice next. (music) Alright, another thing we talk about but it’s super key when it
comes to hard tail riding and that’s line choice. And you can see two
obvious lines right here. There’s one on riders left, which is absolutely death. Why would you want to go around there on a hardtail? Whereas this one on the right, look at it, smooth; plus it opens up that left (mumbles). Super nice and super cool. Whereas that, just looks
like a recipe for disaster. If you’re not into riding
into that sort of stuff, line choice is key. And also, when you’re riding a hard tail, you are looking for the best line possible just to make the trail a
little bit smoother for you because it is a hard tail end of the day. You’re going to be bouncing around. And also, it’s key if you are
riding two different bikes. Like, I ride a full suspension bike and I ride a hard tail. Now riding a hardtail finding those lines and then going back to the same trail and riding the same lines
on a full suspension bike makes you a lot quicker, a lot smoother, and just a bit more fun with less danger. Find the best line. I’m going with that one, but I’m going to ride both just to see what that ones
like (giggles loudly). (upbeat music) Ah, smoother, faster, not so scary. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m a super aggressive rider. I love to be more in control of my bike. I like to muscle that bike around and, myself, ride the bike; not the bike ride me. I like to push it down the tail, but when it comes to a hardtail, you have to step it back a bit. You don’t want to be
super aggressive. (grunts) (moody music) (bike rolling down
gravel in the background) Woooah! Yeah! Oh man! Aggressiveness, it’s where it’s at. (bike rolling on gravel) Cause you’d just end up making mistakes. You come down a piece
of trail super rough. You could just get bounced off and go into the bush, or end up just having a puncture taking the wrong line choice. Now, bringing all these
things together is key. Ride sensibly; ride at a good speed. Don’t ride it like a bull in a china shop and just smash everything: even though that’s super fun. But hardtail… You just need to bring it back a bit. Just be a little bit
more conservative because you don’t want to ruin your bike. Plus you want to have a nice
smooth ride (deep breathing). (bike rolling down gravel) Just like that guy, nice, just straight on the trail. Having a great day. This next one is you got
to believe in you hardtail. Trust it, because it can take a lot. It is capable, more so
than what you’re skill is. This thing can do a lot more than what my skill can offer me. Now also, don’t be super upset that this the only bike that you own is a hardtail because the hardtails a great place. It’s a great bike and it’s a good one to learn
all those fundamental skills. Plus, it will make you a better rider when you’ve learned to ride on a hardtail. Then you move all those
skills over to full suspension cause it’s just easier: you’ve got dual suspension, the trails are going to be a lot smoother, but you know all those lines. You know all those essential skills that you’ve learned on your hardtail. Believe in it cause I love my hardtail more so than my full suspension bike. I’m going to point out
two essential things that I would do to my
hardtail just to make it a little bit more comfortable. I’m going to start with my cockpit. Now the handlebars, you would want to have a
little bit wider than normal because you don’t want to
have that bike twitchy. If you have smaller handlebars, it’s going to make that bike a
lot twitchy than it already is By having a little bit
more of a wider bike, keep you a bit more in
control on the trail. The other thing is, that is to me, I think is a super essential is being clipped into a hardtail. Now, I know if you’re a flat pedal rider it’s going to be super hard to try and learn to ride clipped-in on a hardtail but it’s something I’ve done
throughout the whole year. This year is learning how to ride coach because it’s beneficial when
it comes to riding a hardtail. Your feet are always going
to be stuck to your bike and not bouncing around which brings me on to riding light not riding super aggressive. You can move your bike a lot easier when you’re clipped into your hardtail. So there you go, a few essential things that you need to know
when riding a hardtail. They going to help you
benefit you on the trail make you a little bit of a better rider: that’s riding light, riding your direct line, not riding aggressively. All those great things and trust in your hardtail as well. Now, if you want to continue to watch GMBN click over here where I compete in the Megavalanche, one of the roughest things
I’ve ever done on a hardtail. Trust me, my arms are
still killing from it. And if you want to
subscribe to the channel and you haven’t like the other rest of us click that globe. Also give us a thumbs-up like if you love hardtails cause I sure as hell do. See ya!

18 comments on “How To Ride A Hardtail Mountain Bike Fast | Essential Hardtail Skills

  1. Yep. Trek Roscoe 8 for me. 27.5+ tyres, dropper post and semi agreessive geometry make for a good combination for a trail ready hardtail that can still climb well. It even has rack mounting points so I can convert it into a bike packing bike or a rough urban commuter if I wanted.

  2. IMO Blake Samson rides the HT better than any gmbn presenters, and his tips are as clear as daylight. Now i love my dartmoor hornet even more.

  3. If you can try out the Trek Stache, it’s a whole new hardtail experience. 3’’ 29er with dropper post. I surprise myself riding blacks and double blacks clipped in and being still alive! It’s a unique experience.

  4. I using hardtail 20 year and I go with this bike everywhere, now I bought new Scott spark and I just fly ,like BLAKE ascent 👍

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