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How to Ride a Motorcycle on Uphill and Downhill Properly [Hindi] English CC

How to Ride a Motorcycle on Uphill and Downhill Properly [Hindi] English CC

I am using front and rear both brakes Because while downhill you need to control your motorcycle You can see the difference if I release bike will go faster than usual and it’s uncontrollable. Some times it’ll happen there’s anything like oil on the road Because of that your motorcycle will skid so don’t use brakes in that kind of situations. Specially front brake. Hello friends and welcome to my channel (Skip it to 2:00 for learning only.) From many of you’ve asked me to create a video for how to ride a motorcycle on uphill or downhill And that’s why I came here in Yeoor(Hill) which in Thane(India) This is hilly area and here the road is zig zag Now I’m going to teach you how to ride a motorcycle on uphill or downhill So before we start You guys are having lots of doubts then you comment and it’s not possible for me to record videos everyday but I’m trying my best and upload one video everyday So if you have any doubt and you requested me to make video on that and until now I am not able to make it so please don’t be sad Have some patience. I’m trying and you’ll see your video soon My this weeks schedule already set But I’ll try to upload that next week I’ll make sure I’ll make it to my top priority and it’ll help you So friends thank you so much for your awesome love & support. let’s start the video So like every time I do I’ll teach you the basics before I ride. So it’ll easy for you to learn Now we’ll talk about bike gear These are basics of gears if you don’t know about it. Every bikes first gear gives you the most Power and torque If your motorcycle stuck somewhere then instead of starting and push it on 2nd & 3rd gear Shift it to 1st gear and then try. There are monkeys They’re eating mangoes. So lets start then Here we are going to use everything what I have taught you in my earlier videos Clutch, Acceleration(Throttle) & Brakes and this time I’ll try to show you my clutch control So here when you stuck in uphill I’ll teach you how to start your bike Like if you see here if I press and hold clutch my bike will start moving backwards so what to do? & how to start your motorcycle? First thing don’t panic If you get panic of afraid because your motorcycle stuck at steep Then you’re not able to manage so calm yourself You can try anything to make yourself calm like singing(I mean in mind not loudly). Because of that your mind will get diverted and you’re good to control. Once you’re ready and calm then I’ll show you how to do it? Basic strategy is that only you need to press and hold your clutch to start the motorcycle but when you do that you motorcycle start moving backward because of steep so how to start the bike? Hold your front brake so you’re steady Like I’m holding front brake after that press and hold the clutch so my bike won’t move. but sometime you’re not able to use your front brake then so then you need to press and hold your rear brake and able to keep my motorcycle steady so that I can use my acceleration. I can manage because I have habit to start the motorcycle with using front brake. It’ll start smooth Don’t forget to give some throttle Now let’s move ahead Release you clutch to half and your bike start moving forward You can see the difference If you’re still facing the problem Then you can use your one leg to balance your motorcycle and use rear brake to prevent it from moving backward. Now you can freely use your throttle. This is good way to start your motorcycle. Do the same release your clutch half start accelerating slowly. and let me show you how I did it once again So I’ll turn off the bike We are in same condition again. Press the rear brake so you’ll stay steady. Press and hold full clutch The press the self start switch See it’s so easy. Once your bike started you need to release your clutch to half (when it’ll start engaging your engine). Check the noise After that start giving some gas(acceleration) Until now I am holding my rear brake When my bike pushing me forward I’ll release the rear brake So it’s easy to start. If you want I’ll show you in slow motion. This is basic and let’s move ahead I’ll show you how to control on downhill I’ll start with downhill because early morning I came here. Most basic when you’re moving downhill you need to control your speed. There are many people but like I’m doing you need to control the speed. You can see I’m not using my throttle. You need to manage your bike on one speed (Don’t over use your brakes because it’ll get hot and the they won’t work perfect). It’s so simple just hold your clutch and when turning comes slow your motorcycle like this. Here I used both brakes front and rear I’m moving slowly with downshifting. Use counter steering to take turn Always keep your eyes on road mostly the blind spots (where you can’t see anything like vehicles). You can use honking on that kind of situations. When you use honking the driver or rider who’s coming from the other side You’ll get in notice quick. This is not blind spot because we see what’s coming from front This is super steep so I’m using my both brakes to control. It’s hard to manage in that kind of conditions If you can’t control your bike then you’ll go in dike. Like you’ll see here I release everything my bike is moving fast. I’ll use front as well rear brake to slow it down. Some times it’ll happen there’s anything like oil on the road so please don’t use your front brake Because of that your motorcycle will skid so don’t use brakes in that kind of situations. In this kind of situation avoid using front brake & use rear brake but slightly plus use both brakes before you enter in that kind of road Here I’ll show you again. Skidding chances are high when you’re riding downhill Now I’m continuously using both brakes to slow my motorcycle but still the speed is high plus I’m moving. I’m trying to control it as much as possible. If you want to stop it completely the use engine braking and both brakes. You can see the difference I stopped. Now I’ll take U-Turn so that I’ll show you Uphill. What to do in this situation? when your motorcycle stall. what to do and how to manage? I’ll turn off the engine and let me show you how? Turn on the bike Keep it in 1st gear or neutral. If your bike is on neutral First if you want to start your motorcycle you need to give some throttle because it’s at steep and I’m holding my front brake. I’m not able to start the bike without holding the brake and cluthc After when bike starts I shift the gear to 1st and slowly slowly I started throttling Again do the same release half clutch. then start accelerating once your bike started moving on release full clutch Let me show you one more time Like this if you release the clutch to half it’ll pull you forward But because of steep if you release full now it’ll turned off So when you release the clutch half just start accelerating slowly and release the brake also Now my motorcycle Moving perfectly even it’s uphill.. Even if it’s almost 45 degrees hike That’s how I did and you can do it too.. Now I’m on 3rd gear Now how to control in zig zag like this I need to shift it to 2nd or 1st gear so I have more power Plus there’s oil on the other side You need lots of power while you’re riding on uphill So use 1st or 2nd gear and your engine also makes noise So be careful and focus on the road. Avoid obstacles and sand… Plus please do honk when it necessary because you don’t know what is coming from the front. Plus speed you can see this I’m only in 1st or 2nd gear or max to max 3rd gear not fast that that.. If I try in 4th gear it won’t mode and maybe it’ll stall SO this is basic when you’re riding uphill maintain your bike at 1st or 2nd gear and focus on road because anything come in your way Not too much fast slow and steady You need to learn control so that’s why ride it slow in the beginning until you get master 1st, 2nd & then 3rd gear Now we almost reached the top of the mountain. See like this always keep your eyes on the road. Don’t push your motorcycle because you’re learning If you ride like this then you’ll learn riding asap and be a good rider. So as I said please follow that. What I have said if you haven’t understood Please repeat the video so that you’ll understand properly SO I taught you how to ride uphill Thank you so much friends for watching my video don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel Like the video if you’ve learned anything from it. Thank you so much for watching and I upload videos regularly.

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