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[Music] yes [Music] in today’s episode I’m going to show you a typical day in the life of traveling by motorcycle in the foreign country I’m going to cover some packing tips mindset navigation what to do when you have catastrophic motorcycle thing this is a great example of a day traveling by motorcycle let’s get into it [Music] in a Parcells I’m in finca el diamante he finger just outside of Salgado got a five hundred and thirty kilometer trip to Bogota today yeah maybe you would like to know what it means to travel on a more like it so if that’s something you’re interested in this is the blog for you this is my bike right here at KLR 650 excellent at nothing good at everything it’s a 2006 model ridden this bike from Canada to Argentina and a lot of places in between first of all luggage which I’m fairly cheap in Colombia I think the ideal setup is Pelican cases those part one of these cases then you can put the bike you can also lock them up means when you’re having lunch you don’t have to keep up as close to my on your bike real problem with these ones is you can rub up against the muffler so I put in a little heat shield here so I don’t melt my clothes which I have done the past whatever you do want to be able to take it off quickly have some you know casings in the bags inside this and you can remove and take to the hotel every day every couple days you think you have or at least most of what you have to your hotel so you want to be able to put it on the mall quickly execute some of the more accessible things in the tank bag camera you know cables charging cables anything that you’re typically gonna need throughout the day so that’s your basic setup you get your tank bag your side panels in a hard back case so for big riding days on the KLR I find oiling the chain and checking the oil – you’re most kind of basic common maintenance they should be doing every day what’s gonna plug don’t even come in the guest boy oh and get a get a reusable filter I can save you down the road less pots to carry the only parts that I really carry are the brake pads if I’m in a bigger city I’ll buy some extra brake pads so that I have them in case I’m in a place like where I am now settled God you know that’s yes motorcycle travel is a constant calculation how faster you’re traveling relative to the road and the other objects that are on that road understand the variables understand the speed the acceleration of your bike and understand the motivations of everything else on the road whether don’t feel colectivo of us just going to try to be picking up passengers someone who’s coming around the corner if you overtaking calculate how much ahead of you to successfully execute that overtake and make sure that you’ve got the clear roads as a general rule of thumb you whenever you get below 50 kilometers left of gasoline that’s when you want to be stopping in a gas station you may want to carry an extra liter of gas just in case low in distance travel I prefer to group all of my pit stops into as few steps as possible so gas oil toilets water whatever it is try to group them all together because if you’re stopping every hour you’re not going to cover as much ground so waiting for a roadblock is like crossing a border expect that it’ll take you all day and if it takes you any less you’ll be pleasantly surprised we won’t be frustrated fuming inside your helmet and so it just passed through Medici and so in terms of navigation I use a combo of Google Maps as well as just asking people in each town usually I’ll pick out three towns that day that I know I need to pass through and then asking references at red lights taxi drivers people on the side of the road to make sure I’m headed in the right direction usually two or three times is what just to make sure so I’m going to I like a combination of music podcasts and books especially for the longer stretches a book can really kind of help you stay in the zone funeral procession random stops acquits getting a quick stretch here as well so eight years ago when I was returning to Australia living in Canada Whistler British Columbia after thinking about it it made sense traveling on the back of a motorbike has proven to be the most fascinating ways it was the perfect way to discover the Americas and was a perfect way to discover at Columbia that was being overlooked because of an outdated reputation I was being perpetuated by people who people who had not visited the country I’ve written about a hundred thousand kilometers since that time and people ask a lot you know is it dangerous and I believe that if you can drive one car safely that you can drive a hundred thousand for this thing just because it’s riding at a longer distance doesn’t increase the danger ball it always comes down right variables me up in front of me right now this super-good juice see back of the room [Music] ramaa we’ve got a couple vmw around the Waldos [Music] where you guys coming to nice from cans okay yeah and today you there I’m saying uncle early awesome very cool [Music] traveling like that you know each country is a whole new a whole new adventure right audio Colombian adventure go wait it’s today okay and we have we’ve been up around the Caribbean coast hooking it into the mountains then we just make your way back down to Midian now yeah yeah but before you came to Columbia did you know what did you know about Columbia nothing nothing nothing okay good coffee so the the escobar thing was it for was it just on the way or you wanted to definitely kind of see those so no I probably did yeah because it is like that historic it’s not bright history but it’s part of it to strength you know so yeah we wanted to say it’s a bit ironic sure yeah especially with Markos no yeah actually we just watch that we’ve just saying that recently okay and how does the narcos show compared to the reality that you’ve experienced Colombian people and everyone has just been amazing so yeah that there’s know everyone that wait there’s every every country that you cross the into through Central America it’s like the next country it’s like you carefully watch these what’s that great story friendly it made us really welcome yeah yeah no actually I’ve recounted that by various times I think everyone has this inherent kind of paranoia about their neighbors at the at the neighboring country the neighboring place is more dangerous what what tips would you have for an aspiring round-the-world motorcycle traveler patients be patient take each day as it comes every experience we’ve all bought across things are really challenging you know paperwork just take every day as it comes enjoy every moment there’s gonna be good and bad but it’s all it’s all part of the journey it’s all part of it would you pack more or would you pack less we’ve got lighter and lighter as we’ve been right 18 months now so things we started with have gone home like we were carrying a boot camp yeah exactly I would probably go even lighter next time maybe even a smaller bike yeah it’s so good to meet some fellow Australians is there a Facebook page or something that can follow you you can pull two by one dream yeah the dream is around the world all right so did you have to embrace fears to embrace that dream what were the fears had a story to tell about yeah you just have to go take everyone face value and embrace it and it was fantastic Mexico we spent six months here and we’re just loved it so I think yeah I think just getting out of your comfort zone and turn the news off yeah yourself stop watching the news and just hearing all the bad things and just go out and do it it’s nothing like what the news is reporting [Music] I think we have a fairly significant shoe I think it’s a catastrophic [Music] yes service alumino para llamar own guru [Music] yes I’m about about one hour one and a half hours outside Bogota so I’m gonna roll down the hill to the montage on ttis that’s where they you can get your tires change we’ll see if they can they can suggest something maybe a maybe a guru huh maybe a beer truck so the best option right now is a 20 minute truck ride to the nearest town about 20 meter 20 minutes uphill so this is a good example to show what is not the worst-case scenario but we’ve got a motorbike that you know can’t go anywhere I haven’t got a way to fix it what do you do all right is it it’s potentially one of the most scariest situations about travelling by motorbike right and around the mountains she comes solution B we’re going on the back of a truck [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] on our way to a mechanic in town 20 minutes away so was i lucky that our cargo truck and willing drivers came around the corner oh goodness common in the Colombian chances are if you are having an issue there’s people there who are going to help [Music] Oh [Music] looking for 40 yes [Music] [Music] [Music] sometimes turns into a very long day and flag down Hector on the side of the road we worked out a deal to take the motorbike for the last couple hours 2,000 pesos cool box is either that or is saying what was for like two days [Music] [Music] the footage from two weeks ago when I actually arrived to Bogota has mysteriously disappeared so I’m gonna close this vlog here the bikes all right it cost about $150 four hundred fifty thousand pesos to get the repairs done to the clutch when I was traveling from Canada to Argentina I averaged about a thousand dollars a month in terms of accommodation food few bike maintenance parts etc there’s actually cheaper than my lifestyle and kind of the bigger budget you have or the more massive income that you have been generated the better so and trust me once you’re out on the road and you’re experiencing the well on the back of a motorbike you’re going to want to do it as low as possible check out ATV rider as well as horizons in limited for bike classifieds as well as meeting other motorbike travelers on the road so it was good to meet like-minded travelers who are facing the same issues that you are so my final closing advice is just to do it just get out there embrace it embrace the whatever fears you’re being sold embrace your dreams of whatever places and people that you want to meet you get to know go out there with an open mind the the motorcycle travel part of it come routine a part of your daily life and it will allow you to navigate through a new country a new culture new challenges every single day the the good stuff the bad stuff it’s all part of the journey and teach you that sometimes you can’t predict what’s going to be good and what’s going to be bad the only thing that you can control is yourself and your and your and your enjoyment of that moment your presence in that exact moment and at the end of the day I think that’s one of the only things that we truly have and one of the most special things that we get to experience is that moment and the moments that you collect in the motorcycle adventure would be some of the highlights the world is waiting for you embrace your fears embrace your dreams embrace the life before you guys my name is Sam Miller I’m part of a group of real estate entrepreneurs that are creating turnkey investments as well as taking the Airbnb experience to the next level it means return properties like this into properties like this it’s gonna be a wild ride click the like button on Facebook subscribe on youtube right yeah


  1. 14:52 Suzuki FZ 50, En una de esas fue mi primera experiencia con las motos, Desde ese momento nació mi gran pasión por las motos y por recorrer Colombia.

  2. Love your videos. I am colombian but left a long time ago. It is nice to see foreigners discover what I forgot: that Colombia is mostly good with some bad. But so is where I live now. Congratulations

  3. Muy interesante y informativo, gracias. Me gusta la toma @4:09 "para poder adelantar exitosamente" jaja..espero que si.
    Me gustan tambien los conductores de Colombia…no pierden su tiempo o libertad.

  4. una pregunta Sam, si viene con esa moto desde Canadá como hace para andar la tanto tiempo en Colombia, digo por las placas, o la matricula aqui?

  5. If you are planning to travel SA on a moto and want to do it on a budget there are other options. I bought a 125cc in Chile for about $2K on tourist visa and traveled all over SA on it , best trip of my life.

  6. 13:48 This says all about my Colombia. The people friendly and helpful.. (Esto lo dice todo sobre mi Colombia. La gente amable y servicial)


  8. Sam excelente vídeo pero no te fijaste en tu maletín que esta en el suelo se movió solo en el 1:36 min . esos pueblos antioqueños tiene muchas historias de brujas, espantos, duendes y fantasmas entre otros.

  9. i wish i could have even the juice here in NY for 5 dollars. 5 dollars barely get you a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese in a popular cafeteria. Now if you try to get it in trendy places like Starbucks or dunking donuts just the medium size coffee is over three dollars so forget about the cream cheese on your bagel.

  10. Sam: ¿de verdad eres australiano?… tomas la vida como viene, eso me parece fascinante.
    Buen vídeo, buena música, buena experiencia.

  11. Very good video. i love it. I had seen your real estate videos before but never knew you were also an avid biker. Ride safe brother. Someday I hope to take a similar long distance trip like this.

  12. Uff Sam, qué travesía ese día, vi los vídeos por Instagram. Te hubieras quedado en Guaduas lo hubieras pasado muy bien, es un pueblo turístico cálido y acogedor con vida nocturna y lugares naturales para explorar. Excelente tu motivación final para viajar así no sea en moto… uno arranca una vez y quiere más, e ir más lejos y a lugares diferentes: Solo se necesita decisión. :V

  13. Hola, y gracias por mostrar mi país de una forma diferente. Gracias por creer en Colombia. Y gracias por compartir. Muy bien vídeo.

  14. Thanks for all the information, I want to do a trip from New York to Colombia, but he issue is the bike, someone told that i should get a bike that will be easy to fix and find parts, specially after you leave the states. I was thinking of a BMW GS 800 or maybe a Versys 650.

  15. i want to truly thank you. I have a honda shadow 1100 and my soul is telling me to get out of here now. Im in NYC and im heading towards patagonia or as far as i can go. Im sure im gonna have to sell/change the bike i use but youve really inspired me.

  16. I backpacked in Ecuador for two weeks and they drive like crazy people. I've been riding for 24 years, not sure if I would want to ride in Ecuador. A few of your shots made me cringe. The people are great.

  17. Rode stock CBR150R 50,000km in Thailand over 2 yrs., riding Canada – Mexico this summer 8 weeks and 16,000km. Lived and rode a yr. in BKK, learned the easy and the hard way that a lightweight bike w a really good shock is the superior form of long distance 3rd world moto travel, unless one is going off-road in more remote places, in which case get a 400cc KTM enduro. Thailand is Colombia w/o the conflict, Mexico today is very different from when I used to live there though, so who knows? So many gringos ride KLR650s down south and never seem to use them off-road all that much. My '17 Duke 390 w +2 front sprocket is lighter than yours, will still run @150kph easily before it tops out at 180+ and with some Bridgestone A41 tires you can turn a Duke 390 into great off road bike too, since weight matters more off-road than on. Your bike is 70lbs. heavier and down 3HP, and since the tank is much bigger, all your weight is high up, where it's really hard to ride off-road especially. I've done it into Myanmar that way for days and it was brutal and pointless. What are your impressions and gut sense of Mexico these days? The highest priority after this summer is to retire the rear shock after 1 season and replace it with a Nitron R2. ABS is essential too. Awesome trip.

  18. In Thailand I rode a lot of fast, technical stuff in the rain at night, in the mtns., and kept a 10 level scale in my head. When the roads were dry and empty I could keep the bike at 95% and never go to 100 except very, very gently, for each patch of water/abrupt colour change in the road/sand/hole/large crack, etc. were worth a 10% reduction in speed, and the busier the cities got, I simply deducted an additional 10% of my speed for each additional chicken, dog, truck, and it never failed me once. I rode knobbies and street tires and for my part I'd say that knobbies are a health hazard in the 3rd world because they just can't hold the road like a good sport touring tire. Asia is more developed than South America so I can see why you didn't really have a choice in tires. The new A41 could be a really good solution for you. It would let you get back on to the road much more safely and still blast off road.

  19. Incredible video, Sam. Life lessons, motorcycle travel insights, adventures and misadventures, and living with uncertainty. Fantastic, man.

  20. Funny passing on double yellow lines in the mountains, you've acclimated well to Colombia driving. Of course that is changing with traffic cameras going up everywhere. Me? I'm still obeying the US laws since I still have to drive there on trips and don't want to pick up bad habits, with head on accidents and tickets. Nice vid and good portrayal of the kind spirit of the Colombian people. I enjoyed it.

  21. Hello Sam, Greeting from Cali Colombia. I have a few questions. Crossing borders such as central america. Is there any issues on vehicle permits and all that. Also around how much do you spend on your trips?And is traveling alone an issue here in Colombia. I am american and just wondering all this because im trying to make a trip to Chile or Argentina from Cali on a Suzuki V-strom 650DL. Thanks!

  22. Cool vid Sam! Have you written your book too? Even better do an audio book!
    Ride safe: #AsphaltAndAngels

  23. Gracias por este video me has inspirado para comprar mi primera moto y viajar. And discover my beautiful country.

  24. “Motorcycle travel is a constant calculation…” Exactly! I learned that motorcycling is all about “transitions, their variables and your decisions”. Same thing as yours, I just never heard that principle again since my first motorcycle instructor said it.

  25. AWESOME video my friend…..everyone should remember does not matter what country you are planning to visit there will always be people telling you be careful of this or that….. just get out and experience it yourself… the good people out number the bad everytime

  26. Quick question mate, would you take a tent, camping roll, sleeping bag and cooker or is it better to wing it? Im thinking of a trip from Ushuia to California. DR or KLR?

  27. Sam, I am planning my 3-6 month trip thru South America. I am from Atlanta, GA. I am wondering how much I need to actually know about the inner workings of a bike and how much I need to be able to fix one if it breaks down. I know nothing about bikes.

  28. I'm hoping to do 4 months in South America. I've done a few weekend camping trips in Canada on the bike, but this will be my first "travel" on the bike. Thanks for the Video! Lots of helpful info!

  29. Sir: one of your best videos, not only for the adventure but because of the message. Well done. Thank you for sharing. Buen Camino.

  30. After all was said and done, do you still think that the 650 was the right size for the trip, or do you wish you had saved the extra 50 pounds plus or minus by going with something in the 400-500 class? I am thinking that I will do Alaska to Argentina and due to all the mud and gravel, I might want to go with the DRZ400…

    what are your thoughts?

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