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How to Ride a Unicycle : The Unicycle Gag Bike

How to Ride a Unicycle : The Unicycle Gag Bike

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Paul
Anderson from the ABC Circus and we are in Hollywood, Florida, and I’d like to show you
some things about unicycles. Here’s another one of those classic bikes to unicycle. This
one is a regular dirt bike. Most people don’t realize there’s anything wrong with it until
well into the act. Of course, the first thing you do as you’re riding it is you pull the
handle bars off. Sometimes you have to shake it a little bit. Then of course, you pick
the bicycle up and the front wheel falls off. Change your hands to the seat and the frame
falls apart. There’s a lot of ways to present this act, but I’ll show you the most important
things as how to turn this bike into a unicycle. I just simply put the seat back into a hole
that I’ve cut. The post fits into the frame like that. I prefer having the seat this way.
Today, I’m going to ride it this way. There it’s set up to ride like a unicycle. Should
I give it a try? I don’t know. 1, 2, and away I go. Now I have a bike that has turned into
a unicycle.

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  1. search kingneptune405 on youtube and watch Totino's Pizza Rolls
    trust me i had my doubts but i did it and it was worth it
    hilarious stuff these lads have created

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