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How To Ride Corners FAST | Mountain Bike Skills

How To Ride Corners FAST | Mountain Bike Skills

– Riding corners fast on a mountain bike can be quite hard, a little bit risky, but it is a lot of fun when you know them. This is how to ride corners fast. (upbeat music) The conditions you ride in, like today, it’s rainin’, and also the dirt is actually
make a big difference how much grip you have. On a hard-packed surface, a
tyre with a big, soft knob is gonna find the biggest amount of grip, also a wide tyre. However in softer conditions, like today, maybe a thinner tyre with
slightly taller knobs is gonna dig in that much better, so tyre choice and conditions are actually gonna make
a massive difference how fast you can ride that turn. Judging the corner and the
amount of grip you’ve got is gonna be key for getting
around that corner fast. We’re gonna split this
video into two parts. The first one being flat turns. (upbeat music) Flat corners are probably
the hardest corners to try and ride fast, because a slide can
easily turn into a crash. Therefore, the fundamentals
are really important first, so think about those
things I always talk about in cornering techniques videos, so outside foot down, tryin’ to get your centre of gravity low
into the outside the bike, angling the bike over, looking to the exit if you can, but no corner is the same. Here, I’ve got a root that runs diagonally across the trail, probably
the worst direction it can be goin’ in, so
I might need to just do a slight bunny hop over that, even though I’m still
looking around that corner. To get fast ’round this corner is gonna take confidence, commitment, but also a very good line choice. It’s always good to try
and open up the corner as much as possible by entering the corner as wide as you can. You see in this corner, I
can actually go really wide, and use this part of a
berm on the right hand side to square off the first
part of the corner. However, to me, that
doesn’t look any better because I’m gonna end up going too far to the inside on the (mumbles) corner, where it’s really off camera. I’m gonna stick to the inside, I’m gonna open up as much as I can, and make one big, smooth curve. (upbeat music) A berm is gonna give you much more support than a flat corner, so you should be able to be more aggressive, firing the bike around the corner. Also, if it’s quite a nice, tall berm like this, you can get up
and high into the corner. You’re probably gonna
find the steepest part of the berm is up there,
for extra support, but also then with that height, you can then drop down
and out of the corner on the way out to carry
speed into the next section. The fast berms are ones
that you really squash into. Softer beds will actually keep your feet much more level than you
would do on a flat corner. In this example, I’ve just droppin’ my outside foot outward slightly, just to try to get a little bit of weight to the outside and low, but
I’m really thikin’ about tryin’ to control my weight on the bike. If my outside foot was all the way down, it’d be very easy to compress hard, and actually lose my stability. (upbeat music) (tyres hitting gravel) In this berm, I can afford
to be really aggressive. It’s hard-pack, and I’ve got really big, grippy tyres on, so I
will have a lot of grip. Also, I’ve got this big bank here that’s gonna support me,
so I’m actually tryin’ to go a little bit inside that, really throw the bike around to get through this corner fast. If it slides a little bit too much, I’ve got all this rest of the bank to then support me, but
it’s really important I still keep my head up, ’cause I’ve got to get around that right hand corner after this. (upbeat music) Here you can see we’ve
got a really big berm, but it’s got some massive
braking bumps in the bottom. You can see on the outside where everyone’s tryin’
to get up and outside of these braking bumps,
which is definitely gonna be smoother, but to be honest, I think what I’m gonna do is just stick it in the
middle of those bumps. Yes, it’s gonna be rough,
so I’m gonna have to try and stay up my pedals
levels, tryin’ to absorb those as best as possible,
but it’s still actually really steep, so I’ve got
loads of support in there, and remember, I still need
to look around the berm. The reason I’m not gonna
try and get too high is because there’s a chance
you might slide off it, and to be honest, I don’t
think it’s worth the risk. I’m just gonna leave it in
the bottom of those ruts. (tyres hitting gravel) (brakes squealing) With the extra support
you get from a berm, you can actually lean your body weight over much further, so that’s gonna get you cornering harder, and therefore, faster. Two points I always talk about in cornering techniques videos is tryin’ to get off
your brakes if you can, to give your tyres as
much grip as possible, and also lookin’ to where you
want to come out the turn. It makes a massive difference. (tyres hitting gravel) (brakes squealing) That is how to ride corners faster. I think it’s fair to say that you never really master the skill. You just get better and better, and you probably have a
few spills along the way. Click on the GMBN logo to subscribe, if you haven’t done already. If you wanna see more videos
to help you get faster in the corners, click over there for how to choose your tyre pressure, or over there to ride smoother and faster. Give us thumbs up if you like this video.

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