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How to Ride Down Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Tips

How to Ride Down Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Tips

Hi Groovers, Chris here from with my Top 4 Tips for riding down
comment on top for tips for writing down stairs with more speed, ease and control. Stairs are great fun, and the skills you learn here can be applied to Mother Nature’s stairs on the trails, too. Click the link on screen or in the
description for the complete tips, including the ‘How to Ride Up Stairs’ video. Start
on just two or three steps, advancing to longer flights as your skills and confidence improve. Step 1. Look ahead to the stairs on approach,
then lead your bike down with your eyes. On short flights look ahead to the start, at the start quickly spot the bottom, then boost your eyes ahead to whatever’s coming next. Step 2. On approach: adjust to the speed you want to ride down, so that you start the stairs in total control. About walking pace for beginners. Too slow, and you’ll bounce about. Too fast, and you’ll lose control. On shorter stairs aim to descend with just a little rear
brake, or none at all. Feather both brakes on longer flights, or
flights with turns or landings to control your momentum and traction. Step 3. Approach the stairs in the Attack
Position, bent arms and legs, cranks horizontal with your weight through the
pedals. If you’ve got a dropper post, use it! At the stairs, ease the bar forwards and shift your Attack Position rearwards. to keep your weight through the pedals. Weighting your pedals helps you descend in control with
relaxed, light hands instead of leaning heavily on the bar. Step 4. Maximize that control by relaxing your limbs even more. Instead of resisting the shock with stiff
limbs, let them go a bit loose! Let your body suspension absorb the
shock, so you can Float your head smoothly and keep clear focus on your line. 1. Lead with your eyes. 2. Set your speed. 3. Attack Position – weight through the pedals. 4. Relax and Float your head. Like and
subscribe to MTB tips, and go have some fun. Click the link
for the complete down stairs tips, including ‘How to Ride Up Stairs’!

62 comments on “How to Ride Down Stairs on a Mountain Bike: The 4 Key Tips

  1. It's also important to mention that you don't want to be heavy on the front brakes. You can easily lose traction between the steps, and if you're not leaning back enough, go right over the bars if you grab a handful of front braking!

  2. I have only one tip for riding stairs – forget that it's stairs, for your bike it's just another bumpy downhill.

  3. I must be a noob because I never touch the front break going down the 5 steps at my local tecso store after topping up on beer and cycling home drunk. ย 

  4. Thanks for all your views, likes and shares, Groovers!ย  Very much appreciated.ย  It helps me bring you more great stuff.
    ~ Chris

  5. When l was doing this my rear derailleur jumped between my spokes and it bended 50 degrees. So was there something wrong with the setup or…?

  6. I went down 3 stairs, I thought my weight was toward the rear
    and when my front tire hit the ground, i flew over the handlebars.
    I was going about walking pace. What went wrong?

  7. Is it a bad idea to ride down stairs regularly on a hardtail, and rigid fork? Will that subject the bike to increased risk of cracking? It seems like it's a fairly violent and jarring motion. Forgive me if this seems like a stupid question.ย 

  8. I just got a new 3500 Trek with a 20 inch frame but any time I go down stairs the chain wobbles and I am wondering if it would come off or mess up the gears (sorry if this is the stupidest question ever literally my first day and I don't want to ruin my new bike and don't know an awful lot)

  9. Hi i've always ridden down stairs but my chain always bounces around and it falls off my front crank . i own a garyfisher roscoe 1 , any tips on how to solve this problem ?

  10. Awesome video! I tackled my first set of stairs yesterday and there are longer ones that I am leading up to going down soon.Thanks for the info! = : )

  11. How do i control speed? on really long stair set i get way to fast to be comfortable even with my back wheel locked.

  12. I have 3 tips for this: Go back and low with your hips (lower your seat), don't hit the breaks and just go. It sounds easy-just go-but it is really how it is. You just have to believe yourself. It's really just like a bumpy ramp or an easy root garden.

  13. i tried to ride down a looong flight of steep stairs with short flat breaks inbetween . took me a ton of balls to do so . Ended up alive and well , but ended up with a really bent rear wheel . (FULL SUS) Why is this so ? i bent my knees , trying to balance my weight to the back as i was clinging on for dear life due to the steepness .
    Was this what caused the rear wheel to be bent ?? Isn't the rear sus there to ease the pain for the rear wheel ?

  14. how do you so that
    im ao scared while doing that.
    i did one time with obly 4 stair and i feel i am going to fall

  15. I'm fine with the stairs part but there are these really steep stairs that I can probably do but at the bittom if you don't pull up you are going over the bars

  16. I was watching this and looked down at my gloves and realised there is a massive hole in them ๐Ÿ™

  17. These stairs are okay for me, then again maybe the camera is having that affect where it looks easy on camera but there are these stairs I wanna go down and hoing down is the easy part I can do that but at the bottom of the stairs if you don't pull up you are gonna go over the handle bars

  18. We also did a video like this but included more ways to ride stairs. But good video anyway

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