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How to Ride Motocross Bikes : How to Do a Donut on Motocross Bike

How to Ride Motocross Bikes : How to Do a Donut on Motocross Bike

Hi, I’m Chris Kelley and we are here with
Expert Village. You want to try to do a doughnut? Plant your foot and slide around in one spot.
What you are going to want to do is to ride into a turn. You are going to take all of
your weight, move it from back of the bike to the front, hit on the breaks hard and your
whole bike will move forward. Kind of like that. I’m on the ground now. I’m just
going to show you on the ground. You are going to go forward and stick this foot out. You
want this foot out by the front tire and you are going to plant it. With that foot planted
you want to turn your wheel into your leg and feet off of the clutch. Now what you are
doing is you are releasing the rear tire. The rear wheel is going to just start slipping
and your leg is going to be a pivot point. The handle bars are to the stop and they are
held to your leg so the bike is going to want to turn around you. You are going to use the
throttle and the clutch to make that happen. You are going to feel the bike slide around
and with lots of practice and the right technique you should be able to stand on one foot and
have the bike slide around, spin around your leg.

28 comments on “How to Ride Motocross Bikes : How to Do a Donut on Motocross Bike

  1. I need a little help.. im not a very tall person but thats not the problem every time i lean the bike over to do a donut the weight of the bike makes me nearly drop the bike and snap my knee.. is it because im not doing the donut from a slow crawl?

  2. I definitely wouldn't take advice from a guy that says clutch and hits the front brake.
    I'll just learn on my own, thanks…

  3. Thanks, captain obvious.
    I'm American, and guess what, I know where the clutch and break are and I know the difference on what side they go on the handlebars, this guy is just a straight idiot.

  4. Most Americans are left handed?
    No, actually, most are right handed.
    And bikes don't change.
    There only clutch on right, throttle on left, front break on left, if you special order which cost thousands of dollars.
    They all come the same.

  5. depending on your age dude, you probably are more willing to throw yourself into stunts like donuts without regard. cool for you. I and most of the world on the other hand don't really like ankle injury, broken bike parts, or for that matter being laughed at. the majority of the motorcycle world views donuts and wheelies as "stupid stunts" as I called them but I will be the first of a bunch that will pull wheelies and do donuts for a good laugh or the rush it gives the rider. I'm just sayin'.

  6. Why would I watch the video again, dip shit?
    I was making a point that the guy reached for the brake instead of the clutch.
    Why would I watch the video again for?

  7. lol really… the video again…whats he doing with BOTH of his hands dink….and btw my Rm125 has the clutch on the left and brake on the right as well as my buddys CR but the CR is stock on the right he just switched it to the left…..why special order something thats as simple as ahhh nevermind your right…all bikes are built the same right

  8. I like when u rev up with a streetbike, do a stationed burnout, then let the clutch and brake go, and do an orbiting donut. It's much better when ur rear tire is spazing as the bike keeps turning and whipping on the intersection between two 6 lane boulevards….

  9. LOL !!!!! your telling me Bro LOL funny shit huh lol its like Come on Guy like show us how to Do it just dont stand there and trip over some of your words and sounds like your getting out of Breath lol

  10. I know, but if you read what I had typed, I said that he grabbed the front brake, he reached with his right hand and touched it.
    Then someone argued the fact and I said it's only the opposite is you have it special made like that from the factory.

  11. You should re-name it >> How to be a Goon on a Motocross Bike >> OR >> How to get Kicked out of a Motocross Race

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