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welcome back to the SOS riding tips.
Today we will show you how to master big sand whoops on your dirt bike. If you want to master big sand whoops
there are a couple things that really need to look out for. Number one is
your body position, you want to make sure you are riding on the toes of
your feet, you’re standing up your hips back your chest forward so you have your
bike covered. We’re covering the basics of where you’re supposed to be on the
dirt bike in the video up here so if you’re not sure if you’re in the right body
position make sure you watch that video as well. So as you see in this clip I’m
standing up my hips are back I’m riding on my toes my chest is forward but I’m
not stiff, I’m flexible on the bike I let the bike work underneath me and that way
I stay in full control throughout the bumps. So now you’re in the right body
position next probably the most important thing is to really look ahead.
You want to you want to make sure you see where you’re going you can read the
terrain a little bit because as you see in the videos the bumps are very
different. This is a long whoop section if you do any sort of desert
riding you’re more than familiar with this, not all whoops are the same so you
gotta read the terrain and make sure you can see if there’s a bigger one, a smaller
one or square edges coming up ahead. In this clip you can really see me
focusing ahead always looking five, six whoops ahead of me
so I know when to lift up the front end and when to put more pressure on the
pegs to control the dirt bike Tip number three: Gearing you’ve gotta
make sure you shift up. One of the biggest mistakes I see with people when
we do our trainings is that they come in and they rev the bike out thinking that
that’s what they’re supposed to be doing. You want to make sure you shift up on
the 450 at least fourth gear so the bike can track along, the bike is stable the
higher your gear with some momentum of course the more stable your suspension
is. If your bike is just revving out there’s no forward drive the dirt bike starts
to fishtail the suspension starts to kick around and there’s no suspension
setup that can fix that, that is on you to shift up and make sure you’re in the
right gear. If you want to enter a long whoop section in the low Rev high gear as
you can see in the clip the rear wheel is off the ground a lot so your revs
will come up fairly quick and you want to make sure that you don’t run out of
gear halfway through the section. So those are the three basics when you’re
standing up you really want to make sure you squeeze the bike with your legs so
you control it from the bottom up that way you can relax your upper body a
little bit obviously you still want to hold on to the bars but you’re not
cramping you’ve got to be flexible let the dirt bike do the work, let the suspension
react on those bumps so you’re just on top and in control. We slowed this clip
down a little bit so you can really see my body position and watch me let the bike
work underneath me. I’m not fighting it I’m holding on mostly with my feet and my
legs and my upper body is just on top controlling the throttle making sure I
keep the bars in my hands. All right this is it guys this is how
you master big sand whoops, go out there give it a try
comment below let us know how it’s going for you if there’s anything else that
you want to learn or that you want to know about just let us know we’ll go out
there and film it. Like and subscribe and we’ll see you guys next week.

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