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How To Ride Singletrack Faster | E-Mountain Bike Skills

How To Ride Singletrack Faster | E-Mountain Bike Skills

– Riding singletrack trails
can be amazing, it’s the most fun you can probably
have out on your E bike. Simply finding that flail on
the trail can’t be beaten. Here’s our 10 tips to
ride singletrack faster. (techno music) When it comes to riding
singletrack faster, it means that you got to pedal. You really need to think
about where you’re pedaling. There’s tree stumps, rocks,
roots, things like that, runs the risk getting the pedal strike. So look ahead and plan
where you’re pedaling. Pedal strikes are really
common out on the trail. A really good technique
is gaining extra clearance on the bike is by learning
how to back pedal. Back pedaling raises that crank and raises the pedal over
the object on the trail. (techno music) Keeping your head up is vitally important when it comes to riding the trails. It allows you to think about
things such as line choice, where you’re gonna pedal,
where you’re gonna coast, and breaking zones. Other things you might wanna
think about is gear selection, gear choice, power mode, and
dropper seat post height. (techno music) A great way of riding a
really gnarly section of trail is by actually clearing it completely. In front of me here, we got
quite a root infested trail so it means if I pick my way across it, it’s gonna be quite slow. But on my right-hand side
of the trail I can see a big root kicker, meaning
that if I hit this committed, I can actually clear the whole
root section and continue on down the trail with a lot
more flow and a lot more speed. (techno music) Singletracks often ridden by
riders of all mixed skills and abilities, meaning
that usually one line is used the most, but problem
is with that most used line is it’s often quite blown
out and quite eroded especially in muddy conditions
you even get a lot of water and mud on that trail. Whereas here, we’ve got a
split trail, the high line is nice and dry, it’s got
a downhill slope into it, meaning it’s gonna inject a lot more speed when it comes to exiting the
trail over the lower line, which a lot more people have been using. Really muddy, it’s really
blown out, so the low line is actually gonna be to be way slower than this nice, high dry line. (techno music) When you’re hitting the
trails, you might want to think about dialing down that power. Thing is when you’re in
turbo, the bike wants to lurch and power you out of control
at a lot of the turns. You turn down the power,
the bike’s gonna be way more predictable,
so get that power down. (techno music) The bar flick is an essential skill to have out on the trail. It’s a mini wheelie with
a flick of the handlebars. Basically, it allows you to
flick through those trees a lot faster than you
would have done before where you’d be hitting the brakes and inching your way between them. (techno music) Faster riders will make you aware of what speed you can carry on the trail, so you use different lines and techniques to try and copy what they do,
and try and stick with them when out riding the trails,
that way you’ll learn loads. (techno music) When you inject too much
speed into the singletrack, everything becomes a blur.
You end up fluffing lines, blowing corners. You really
need to think about flow and not how fast you can ride the trail. If you’re riding too fast,
everything’s going to become a hundred miles an hour,
and not give you any chance to think about what you’re doing. Think flow, not fast. (techno music) Comfort braking is something
we’re all guilty of when the terrain gets really technical. Just lightly dragging your brake levers isn’t actually doing any
beneficial braking to the wheels. What it is doing is disturbing grip and it’s disturbing
momentum in the wheels. Lay off the brakes, and try and keep the momentum in the wheels,
and you’ll find that the technical descending will
come much, much easier. (techno music) The bunny hop also comes
in useful for hopping logs, roots, rocks, things
like that on the trail. It’s just gonna increase that speed and open up a lot more
possibilities for you. (techno music) Whoa. So there you go. I
really hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video on how to
ride singletrack faster. If you’ve enjoyed today’s
video, be sure to check out my race against Olympic
superstar, Grant Ferguson. That’s up here. Drop some
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  1. 2nd then! 😀 Good video btw! It will be also useful to tell a little bit about which mode to use on different sections of a single track, or do like my wife, boost on all! haha!

  2. Cool video Chris👍 also a good technique to go faster is.. don't be afraid to crash! Enjoy the crash when you do and you'll be fine, that's what I do. Embrace the pain. No pain no gain 😉

  3. Are you sure that model Haibike is available in the USA? I didn't see it on the website. I'd only consider a hardtail e-bike if it comes with a good fork, decent tire width, and good geometry.

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