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How To Ride Up Steps On Your E-Bike | E-MTB Skills

(bike wheels whirring) – Steps can be some of the most fun things you can ever ride on your e-bike. Feeling that motor power you up there is like nothin’ else you can experience. It can also make your commute
a hell of a lot easier if you learn the techniques. Here’s my top tips on how to ride steps. (mellow instrumental music) (logo whooshing and crackling) So you might be thinking a set of steps is just a set of steps
and they’re all the same, but you’re totally wrong. They’re all different materials,
they’re different spacing, they’re different steepness and they all require a different
technique and approach. So here’s a basic run
through for how to conquer that first set of steps. I’m looking at the set of steps,
deciding which power mode, so I’m straight into turbo. I’ve looked at my gear
selection, I’m in quite a mid-range gear, so
I’m gonna be able to hit these steps quite hard. So I’m gonna come in, pedal
hard, focus on that top step, keep the commitment down, drive
all the way to the top step. (bike wheels whirring) Keepin’ my weight forward,
keepin’ the spin, easy. When it comes to body
position climbing steps you need to think about an aggressive uphill style climbing technique. You really need to get
your weight over the front of the handlebars, get
your weight down low, stop on the front wheel,
liftin’ up and loopin’ out. Keep the pedals spinnin’,
keep the weight forward and you’ll be climbin’
the steps with ease. Spacing is one of the hardest things when it comes to riding steps. Like this set of steps in front of me, it’s just as soon as I
pick the front wheel up the back wheel is hittin’ the bottom step, meaning the bike really wants to stall. And again, as I repeat
the process going up these steps are gonna
be quite tech to climb. The way I’m gonna do it is
just by goin’ a little bit slower and feelin’ the way
that the bike’s goin’ up there, findin’ the rhythm, keepin’ that power on, just with a little bit
less speed than I would do for some of the bigger stuff. Entry speed is really
important when it comes to hitting the bigger sets of steps. Depending on the height
and the size of steps you’re goin’ up, you really need to look and adjust that speed. If it’s a big long set you come into it with a lotta speed, to
create that momentum in the wheels to drive you to the top. If it’s short and mellow you don’t have to hit it quite as hard. If you are gonna be ridin’ steps a lot, I really suggest, if you haven’t already, gettin’ tubeless tires on your bike. If you’re runnin’ tubes, you’re running a really high risk of a snakebite puncture where the rim’s gonna
contact between the rim and the tire, ‘causing you a blowout. If you’ve got tubeless tires
you can hit these things with a lot more confidence. (bike wheels whirring) Ooh! (exhaling sharply) Failed attempts at a step
climb can sometimes lead to a pretty nasty crash,
especially on the steeper steps. If things go wrong I really
suggest grabbing your brakes, getting your feet down as soon as possible and try a turn to the side. If you lean back, chances are you could flip backwards down that stair set. Let’s talk a little bit
about pedaling and rhythm. As you ride steps you
actually feel yourself and the bike get into a rhythm. One from suspension feedback you feel through your body but
another bit of rhythm you’ll feel is your pedaling rhythm. As soon as you crank in
your pedals and your wheels are gonna hit the steps,
so find that rhythm and keep it, especially
if it’s a long set. You really need to feel
that, like, boom, boom, boom of the wheels and the cranks timing. Keep it all in one smooth
motion and it’ll make climbing those steps a breeze. (bike wheels whirring) Let’s talk a little bit about gear choice. It’s all dependent,
obviously, on the entry speed. If you’re coming in fast to a stair set, then you’re gonna need a
gear that’s gonna give you a bit of speed comin’ in, but also a gear that you can maintain that cadence up when it gets a little
bit steeper and the bike starts slowin’ down. If you’re comin’ in
slow, just select, like, the top three gears and obviously, if you’re comin’ in hot I would suggest the next sort of three gears down, but something that’s easy to spin when things start gettin’ harder. So yeah, that’s my top
tips on how to ride steps. A lotta fun can be had with ridin’ steps, try different runups, try
different power modes, try different gear selections. A lotta fun to be had out there. But if you’ve enjoyed today’s video, be sure to subscribe to
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