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How To Ride Your Bike In The Wind | GCN’s Pro Cycling Tips

How To Ride Your Bike In The Wind | GCN’s Pro Cycling Tips

100 comments on “How To Ride Your Bike In The Wind | GCN’s Pro Cycling Tips

  1. In Southwestern PA the wind is almost always blowing and it is always swirling. A headwind on an out and back will be a headwind in both directions.

  2. Regarding getting blown off my bike, I was riding up on the Port Hills (Christchurch, New Zealand) when a strong gust of wind blew me into the side of a cycle crossing (like a cattle-stop, but smaller for cycles to cross fence lines). Nearly broke my arm I landed with so much force. Dented my top tube of my bike on the rocks.

  3. Light bikes are a disadvantage into a headwind.

    Heavier bikes maintain their momentum.

    Slipstreaming in pairs benefits both parties if working cooperatively and sharing the burden.

  4. On my typical loop, it seems like the wind changes direction every time I do, so I constantly face a headwind. Better training, I suppose!

  5. Since I am a pretty light rider, there was this one time that I was riding with a really strong side wind. The wind was strong enough to "pick" me up and throw me into a pile of cacti. Fortunately my bike was alright, because I used my body to shield it from the spikes.
    !Bike Before Self!

  6. I've basically solved my wind-in-front-of-you issue by riding my Specialized Creo SL Carbon in "Turbo" mode. Neverthless, I still use the techniques shown in this video. 🙂

  7. Just last weekend we did a race with some pretty gnarly crosswinds that nearly sent our tandem off the road a few times! Luckily the pilot was ready for it and kept us upright!

  8. Riding in Belgium, I was taking a drink when a gust of wind blow down between a house and fence. This took my bars and I crashed. 300m from where I started!

  9. I live in Wellington NZ. We only have windy days and it's a headwind in both directions when on the commute as if by law.

  10. It's always windy here in Windy Wellington… gale force winds are business as bloody usual. I will be honest and say that if its blowing too hard, I'll not go out on the bike. I'm so not confident and it's just not fun.

  11. Riding in the wind…..just one of the many things that separate real cyclists from the Zwift/Peleton/spin class crowd. Another one is the ability to change a flat

  12. In Denmark the wind is literally always blowing at a steady 6-12 m/s in every possible direction all at once. It's like a constant double-cross-headwind. Long story short, nothing can save you from the wind in Denmark, you just have to cough and curse through every gust and every pedal stroke.

  13. I used to have a pair of 25mm fulcrum wheels that were awful in cross winds, so jittery and unstable. Somehow my new deeper 50mm are loads more stable and easy to ride, they feel more like a box section. Just shows that new technology and the right wheels makes more of a difference than anything else.

  14. Route choice on windy days is definitely important to me. I call them "wind management rides". There are two choices I typically make on such days:
    1) Either a tight, relatively local "mix-it-up" route of various directions close to home, where I am not riding in any one direction for too long, which conserves energy…
    2) Or — a simple "out & back" route, chosen based on wind direction, where I ride INTO the headwind on the way out (when energy stores are greater). Then, I relish the reward of the sweet, quiet tailwind on the way home, after the hard grind…

  15. My tips as an experienced rider of the “Dutch mountains” (wind):
    DON’T use deep section wheels.
    Keep groups small enough to not take up the whole road in cross winds.
    Plan to leave with headwind and return with tailwind.
    Keep a safe distance when cross wheeling, especially from the rear derailleur of the rider in front of you.
    Know that any deviation from the line of the front rider is amplified in the rear positions of the pace line.
    Make sure the rider in the front position moves to the correct side of the road when crossing through the wind.

  16. Did a triathlon (sorry). Out and back. Ride out was under 15mph. Ride back was over 40mph. Swim was cancelled (waves were HUGE) and they had to re-route the bike course to keep us off a bridge where there was a danger of being blown off!

  17. I remember the Cape Argus in 2017.. Great wind :s

  18. Nah it's like riding a bull. Way too much planning out. I don't plan it out I just go full steam ahead. 30 mph winds with 50 mph gust yeeeehaaaa. Yes the wind did bring me to a full stop. But talk about fun and scary at the same time.

  19. Finally a presenter with a comparable physique, cheers Conor, don't let the Highlander jokes about cutting you down to size bring you down! Looking forward to tips for cycling giants! Also Manon looks to nice to be hanging with you lot, losers 🙂

  20. Spring 2015, my wife and I on our tandem heading north from Middleberry, Vt to South Hero Island on Lake Champlain. The wind 40+ mph, torrential rain, and 37 degrees F., we had to fight to go down hill. Reservations at a B & B on South Hero Island meant we were committed. We finally made it to a great room where we took hot showers and started the process of drying everything out. I knew my wife was tough, but that day cemented my awesome respect for this woman, my life partner! No one else has it as good as I do! The next day was sunshine and smiles as we headed on in to Canada on our way to Montreal, a great cycling city!

  21. Here in flat, farmland, southern Minnesota, the wind is our mountain (especially in the spring)! A headwind gusting to 30+ km/hr is brutal (I'm a solo rider), then turn around for the thrill (too bad it is over so fast)! Does anyone else find that strong side winds seem nearly as frustrating/exhausting as a head wind?

  22. First day commute with my new bike was going to be a beautiful day on/in the water (Mid march, going to the Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats course)
    Had to a 4 km stretch along the highway, no wind sunny.
    200 meters along, (4 km into the 12 km ride)
    pitch black sky, it went from force 1 to a force 7 headwind which would have been all right, okay its wide open no shelter what so ever for the next 6 km, but to add to the wind it started pouring down also, even hail for the time it took me to get to the course.
    Needless to say i got sick, had to reschedule the course (can't go out and swim even if it is in survival gear, when you're sick…)
    Must say though it was a great ride i was freezing, (was supposed to be 20° it went to 7°c and i was dressed for 25°…….)

  23. I only recently bought a carbon bike and I got surprised by changing wind or going around a corner and suddenly getting a big gust of wind a couple of times already so this video is very helpful.

  24. Two tips for windy riding: wear glasses to stop either the wind itself or dust etc blown up by the wind spoiling your vision; if your ride is focused on one big climb, do most of the climbing with the headwind, and enjoy a tailwind for the fast descent.

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  26. Astoria-Megler bridge over the Columbia on a tandem fully loaded with panniers for a multi-week trip…strong gusty side winds with just a foot or two separation from heavy traffic, swerving around dead gulls and other road debris. I remember thinking, "good thing worst case is being blown into a car rather than off the bridge…"

  27. Living in Illinois most of my riding is out on country roads in flat farm land so the wind keeps rolling. Riding past some trees and a barn and the moment we passed the barn a side wind took both of us and jumped the whole front end of our bikes. We recovered but damn did it scare the crap out of me!

  28. Important video
    Well I use MTB bike in the road(don't have road bike) so sometimes I feel like I'm not moving because of the winds!! 🙁

  29. Sorry Manon, my 'windiest story' ( 5:08 ) doesn't involve a bike – more like the day after that dodgy lentil curry! ba da boom tish

  30. Ok , new rule your kit must match your nail polish or vice versa , Simon , Ollie , Chris , Hank …. !!! Manon nice touch 👍👍

  31. I was commuting home one day, it was very windy, with blustery gusts from strange directions… I was taking extra care for sure, and was worried about possibly being blown over.

    I feel quite lucky that when a particularly strong gust hit me, and nearly blew me over…. I was actually stopped with both feet firmly on the ground! (waiting to make a turn across on-comming traffic). I'm sure I would have been under a vehicle if that gust had come by while I was on the move… I was glad it was a turn onto the cycle path, so while the wind was still bad, I was no-longer sharing a road with cars, trucks, etc. until out of the city and much closer to home.

  32. The most annoying thing is crawling along into an energy sapping head wind then hitting a couple of roads that will turn you 180 to head home and you're still battling a head on force 10 gale!

  33. Ha Connor now joined Hank, so this is why you retired? lol Ridden in wind in holland few times but windiest has to be on a sunny april afternoon descending from top of Bwlch towards Nant y Moel, Hank probably been down there. Blown completely to opposite side of road, then back to near side and alomst over the side of road to a 1000 drop !! The wind swirls, I had to unclip both feet and go down slow. Hardest headwind winter over Penderyn, was on a 34 x 23 out of saddle on the flat part and blown to a standstill. I reckon you gusy should visit me in Thailand for a show, to give tips how to ride in heat and bad air !! Nothing like Hemel rides.

  34. Conor and Manon present this like they’ve been doing it for years. Hank is just….well, Hank, and he’s likeable anyway. Great stuff.

  35. I was doing the Flying Wheels Century in 2018 on my new Canyon Aeroad, coming down a hill doing around 40 mph, when a gust of wind took me from the center of the road to the right hand fog line before I knew what was happening. Scared the living bejesus out of me. I got home and immediately ordered a new pair of wheels and went from 60mm to 40mm. The worst part was explaining to my wife why I needed to spend 2k on a bike I just spent 6k on.

  36. I only cycled in a Typhoon 8 signal in Hong Kong once, by accident. Falling trees are a real threat, I'm more cautious after that.

  37. I wonder which is more difficult: to ride actually in the wind or to make a show about riding in the wind, when there is no wind 🙂

  38. To be honest there comes a point when you shouldn't go out riding in the wind – purely from a safety point of view. Riding on the road can be hazardous enough with the traffic when it's not windy; add in strong winds and you're almost playing roulette.
    I had a near miss when riding alongside a hedge, which stopped, and a gust of wind nearly blew me into a car……
    Now when it's windy, I'll ride off road on a local trail/ path.

  39. Windy doesn't have to be so bad, if you plan it right, you can pick up some KOMs you've been trying so hard on. You will have to work in the opposite direction, but it's like having to ride uphill before going down

  40. I usually choose crosswind routes, then look for forest roads for the head wind part and when I am lucky i'll have it on my tail on the way back. When it's blowing very hard lean into it and don't forget to gear down or you'll feel your tendons the next day.

  41. Choosing Your Route – On windy days I prefer to plan my route so I have as much of a tailwind as possible on the way HOME!

  42. Buy a heavy steal frame, due to the weight it won't be slowed down so easy when there is a headwind, use the carbon bike for tailwind

    2nd, put on gravel tires, they are much wider and have more grip so when you have side wind there is less change the bike will blow away underneath you.

    #whataroadieissuesagain 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Trying to use my aero bars in the wind almost went very wrong yesterday :-} Luckily I didn't have deep rim wheels otherwise I would probably have ended u pin the canal.

  44. This is my first winter on a road bike. I was always aware of the wind, but now its frankly terrifying. Commuting in the north of england is not pleasant when the wind goes above 20mph. My suggestion is ditch the light road bike in favour of a heavy mountain bike (tank). Sure you don't go as fast, but you feel planted and don't risk bailing off your pride and joy (let alone injuring yourself).

  45. Did not end up like Conor. I just rode freehand along a street in the city. Came to a gap between buildings and were blown sideways. Unfortunately there was a row of posts to prevent cars from going through. I miracuosly managed to hit the one in the middle dead on. Could not get the hands on the bars in time.
    What a crash.

  46. That was surprisingly informative, and the new presenters did great! I loved Conor's brief discussion on how the pros work with the wind.

  47. If your wheels are more than 25 mm deep, and you're riding in strong crosswinds, DO NOT attempt to do any kind of bunny-hopping off curbs. Keep both wheels on the ground at all times when in strong crosswinds and slow down if you have to.

  48. Wind! It can be brutal, but one must become friends w it an be smart how you ride in the harsh blowing wind! Here in Deep South Texas (SouthPadre Island). We can get gust of 30-40 mph wind and average 15-20 daily. I always ride into the wind first. It gives me a great workout session and then I use the tailwind to give me the xtra push home and can get some awesome speed at times! The cross winds are a b$&%h at times and for those times it hold on tight and keep an eye ahead for signs of it blow across in front of you! Good luck!
    Oh yes I have been hit by a hard cross wind and ended up in a sand dune! Not fun! Lol. KEEP THE RUBBER SIDE DOWN fellow cyclist 🤪

  49. God will never punish the mankind with waters of the flood again. God's punishment is we have to ride in headwind.

  50. I remember a Le Race (2016?) where the exposed bits meant "leaning" on the wind as we rode. I recall thinking "hope the wind doesn't drop" cos it would have dumped me, was far over the balance point had there been a lull.
    Later I heard that a lighter rider had crested a hill and got lifted clean off the road by the updraught from the other side.

  51. I was riding in Spain a few years ago & heading downhill into the next village where we were going to stop. It was pretty windy & I'm fairly light so getting blown around a bit. The last section was on a highway & a truck came past. Briefly the relief from the crosswind was great but as the truck cleared me I got sucked back in behind it & nearly into it. Not much fun!

  52. Whenever I ride on rather windy days, I always get a headache later that day. It's certainly from me shrugging shoulders in an attempt to hang on. I know, it's the wrong thing to do, but it just happens.

  53. "You can power through any wind"
    This made me smile.
    Have you ridden in Cape Town yet?
    Just yanking your chain a bit.
    Thanks for the video.

    Regards from S Africa

  54. I train at lee valley youth cycling and I had a sprint session and I pushed down and the wind took my back wheel then I unclipped and just got up and road off

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