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How To Run Like A Pro | Running Tips For Triathletes

(dramatic music) – When you see a pro triathlete on the run, it can be hard to believe that they’d swam or cycled already. So what is it that makes a pro triathlete look so smooth and effortless? Here is how to run like a pro. (upbeat music) Ground contact time, refers
to the amount of time your foot spends in
contact with the ground between each stride. Generally the faster runners, will spend less time in
contact with the ground because they’re able to apply
force quickly and efficiently. You can improve this ground contact time by including some fast
intervals into your training like a few 60 metre sprints
at the end of your usual run Plyometrics is also being proven to improve ground contact time by increasing your leg stiffness. (upbeat music) Running off the bike when you’re fatigued can really affect your posture. It’s not uncommon to see athletes almost sitting down into their run stride. This is caused by muscles not engaging or hips being quite tight. Cycling actually renowned
for tightening the hips. As is sitting at a desk all day for work. Aligning head, shoulders, hips and legs keeps you tall and balanced. Running in this upright position allows you to utilise big muscle groups and ultimately make you
a more efficient runner. (upbeat music) Forefoot, midfoot and heel strike are regularly debated amongst
runners and triathletes. But rather than focusing
on how our foot lands, we should really be looking
at where our foot lands. Top runners do not over stride, as that can cause a break and forces the foot lands
out in front of them. Instead they take shorter strides with their feet landing beneath the hips. (upbeat music) Whilst it’s harder to detect I’m running with an ever
so slight forward lean, the idea of this is that I’m using gravity to maintain my momentum forward. Towards the end of an
iron man for example, the easier I can make the run, the better so I’m looking for the most
efficient running style possible This is often misunderstood and athletes lean from their hips
rather than from their ankles. There should be a straight line running from you ankles
up to your shoulders and this does take a certain
amount of core strength. (upbeat music) Running with tense shoulders,
is not just uncomfortable, it can really affect how you run. If you’ve got tension in your shoulders, it can really restrict your breathing and stop you from running fluidly. Pros will just carry
their arms effortlessly which in turn, relaxes their shoulders. So think of it like a chain, if you clench your hands,
you’ll tense your arms, and you’ll tense your shoulders. So really focus on relaxing your fingers and dropping your shoulders as you run. (upbeat music) There you have it, a few
tips on how to run like a pro and hopefully they will help you towards a faster run split in your next triathlon. And you can see more videos like this by subscribing to Global
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