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How to Separate Your Recycling

How to Separate Your Recycling

How to Separate Your Recycling. Recycling your garbage is noble, and in many
places mandatory. But it also can be very confusing. This guide will clear up the rules. You will need A trash can Recycling bins and
string. Step 1. Check the local laws regarding recycling in
your town. Not all communities recycle the same things. Step 2. Rinse glass bottles, plastic containers, and
aluminum and tin cans. Labels do not have to be removed. Recycle the plastic caps of water and soda
bottles, but toss the ones from laundry detergent and food containers. If you’re confused about whether a plastic
item can be recycled, look for its resin identification code – a triangle with a number inside. Products marked “1” and “2” are recyclable. Don’t recycle unmarked plastic containers. Step 3. In general, containers that held food, beverages,
household cleaners, or personal care products like shampoo and mouthwash are all recyclable. Separate plastic; glass; aluminum, tin, and
aerosol cans; and aluminum foil. Light bulbs, drinking glasses, crystal, window
and mirror glass, ceramics, and kitchen cookware don’t get recycled. Step 4. Contact your local sanitation department for
instructions on how to dispose of anything that held potentially hazardous material such
as motor oil, pesticides, paint, solvents, and batteries. Step 5. Place together all newspapers, magazines,
catalogs, junk mail, letters, envelopes, and promotional advertisements. Be sure to keep all paper dry. Be careful about recycling that can be used
to steal your identity, like financial statements and unsolicited, pre-approved credit card
applications. Shred them before recycling. Step 6. Remove any tape from cardboard boxes and brown
paper bags before flattening them. Check if items like pizza and cereal boxes
are recycled in your area. If they are, include them, too. Step 7. Find out when your city picks up recycling
– sometimes on a different day from when garbage is collected – so you know when
to leave those bins and boxes by the curb. Did you know Americans throw away 2.5 million
plastic bottles every hour.

63 comments on “How to Separate Your Recycling

  1. You don't have to separate recycleables were I live! Plastic, Paper, glass and aluminum all in the same bin!

  2. Recycling is worse for the environment then simply throwing your recycling away. Except for aluminum cans.

  3. umm America still do those recycle boxes? i dont see them being used anymore just the big three containers (blue,gray,green)

  4. i dont recycle and am proud of it. my car gets 6-8mpg city 10mpg on the highway amd im proud of it, i use regular lightbulbs, run my a/c amd heat like theres no tomorrow, and i enjoy my life to the fullest. i also aparantly cant type on my phone right now lol 🙂

  5. We should all feel insulted from watching this video. If you don't recycle because it's too much of a hassle then maybe you should also just shit your pants instead of walking all the way to the bathroom. That's less of a hassle, too.

  6. Where I live Toms River, State of New Jersey, USA, all of our recycle goes into one bin.
    We have people who think recycling is a conspiracy and that the town just takes it to the regular dump… nice

  7. umm if you smash it against your neighbors wall and it busts… you were never there. but if it doesnt then you throw it in the garbage can just like everything else because the trash company dont care what color box your trash is in, it all goes to the same place

  8. @TheOrnt Actually no it's not. the scientist who found the element originally named it alumium, then aluminum and later found that aluminium sounded better. In the websters dictinary its spelled aluminum. i can say you pronounce color wrong, or sulfur. There are diffrent dialects of english so you are incorrect, its right either way.

  9. Where I live, they are starting to go with single stream recycling, so you just throw everything in one bin.

  10. Trash company takes $170 of my wages every three months. They can do it themselves! Then they charge me a fuel charge on top of that. They are going to have to pay me to separate.

  11. It's a nice video. However my city let's us put it all in one bag (no separating) and recycles all plastics 1-7.

  12. I only recycle if it's profitable for me. I still have to pay a garbage fee so everything but aluminum goes in the trash.

  13. In connecticut you dont have to sort any of your recycling. Its called single stream recycling. If CT has it I'm guessing most other places do too.

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  15. I separate all my garbage I put half in my trashcan and the other half in my neighbors yard. I make sure I do it on a windy day so I can blame it on the wind blowing it there and if they catch me throwing it in there I can say just cleaning my garbage up from the wind

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