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How To Set Up Your Cross Country Bike | Mountain Bike Maintenance

How To Set Up Your Cross Country Bike | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– Cross country bikes are
built for all out speed, long distance pedaling
and maximum efficiency. In this video we’re gonna run you through how you can set up to ensure that when you’re in the saddle all day, it’s gonna be as comfortable as possible. Cross country bikes are really designed to be fast and comfortable. Now there’s gonna be a compromise when you really want to set up to get the best of both worlds. But the first thing
before we go too in depth is I’m gonna have to get changed. Whoa. Got my kit on now, and
the first thing we’re gonna kick off with is
looking at the saddle height and adjusting the seat post. So I’m gonna jump on the
bike and get that set. (rock music) Okay, so I’m on the bike, I’ve clipped in and I can see that that seat post is just a little bit too low. I’ve got a lot of movements down my heels. I’m gonna raise it up first thing’s first. (rock music) Without going to in depth about actually setting the saddle height,
we’ve got a full video on that. You can see that I’ve got
a slight bend in my knee, it’s not fully locked down when I’m at the bottom of my stroke. So just test out by putting
the cranks at 90 degrees right down at the bottom,
putting your foot on them and then just seeing
if your knee locks out. If you’ve got any ability
to extend it still. That feels pretty comfortable. (rock music) Okay so now it’s going to
actually adjusting that saddle. I’m not gonna go into how you do that, I’ve got the bar pretty flat
I’m gonna say right here. If you’re riding downhill then you’re gonna have it a slight
more angled backwards so the back is actually
dropped down at a slight tilt. For cross country you could actually have it a little bit more with the front, the nose of the saddle dropped down just to allow you to get your weight over the front of the bike. But I’m gonna keep it right there. And I’ve got my rail set perfectly. I’ve also got this carbon seat post. It just gives me a
little bit more comfort, especially this being a hard tail, it doesn’t have any rear suspension. So there’s no damping in the rear. And carbon has a property within it that actually damps some
of those sort of really low frequencies just
making it a little bit more comfortable on the longer rides. (rock music) So with the seat post
and saddle height set, let’s go on and have
a look at the cockpit. The stem length I’m not gonna
change that or the bars. The big adjustment that
you can actually do is by changing the bar roll. What I mean by that is
actually rotating the bars backwards or forwards just
to get that perfect position. What I’m really looking
for is to make sure that my wrists are actually
inline with my elbows. I’m not wanting to have a sort of too much of bend in my wrist. That’s gonna really build up fatigue, especially in the forearms
and that is how you can get _. But you can also look
at adjusting the grips and levers just to get
all that perfectly set. So let’s see how you do that. (rock music) Guys I’ve just loosened these off and actually what I’m gonna do is roll them just a little bit further forwards. I’ve got that correct bend in my wrist and then tighten it back up. Top tip here is you’ve
actually got some lines so you can mark on your stand once you’ve got that position set where you can actually just use them to gauge
how much you’re adjusting. Okay first of all, let’s
talk about the grips. These ones from Ergon have got a little bit of taper to them. They’re also suited to actually have you pam wrap right around
them and they’re gonna give you a little bit
of vibration damping. You can also rotate these so you can get the thickness at different angles so you can really get that set up. Of course if you’ve got bigger hands, you’re probably gonna want
to go for a thicker grip, smaller hands you can
go for a thinner one. But this all comes down
to personal preference. Let’s take a look at those levers. They feel not too bad. Again, I’m just gonna make sure that everything is in line, I almost want to be thinking about drawing
a line right the way from my finger all the
way through my wrist and onto the elbow to make sure that that can stay completely parallel. Once I’ve got that set up, then we’re gonna move
on to the suspension. (rock music) So we’re starting to get there, we’ve got the saddle height set and now the cockpit is all
adjusted and dialled in. There is however the
suspension left to do. The first thing that
we’re gonna talk about is the _ and that is done
with this air chamber. We’ve got a full video on how to do this. That link will be in the
description down below. We’ve also got rebound and the Teralogic which is just sort of a pro pedal platform where I can really adjust the bike to make sure that it performs the best it possibly can over those small bumps and also when you’re pedalling the bike. So you’re not getting too much bob. So let’s set those two up. So with these two adjustments
I’ve got 15 clicks of rebound to play with
and 10 on the Teralogic. Now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set the bang on in the middle to start with, go onto the trail and test it just to see. So I’m gonna wan this off and start it all the way from on, four, five, six, seven, eight, so that should be set. And then I’m just gonna
take some of this off. One, two, three, four, five. And that’s gonna give me my base setting which you can adjust the bike from and really just dial into
whatever terrain I’m riding. So there we go, some top tips all about how to set up your cross country bike. I have missed two things
though and they are your tyre pressure and also setting up your clip less pedals. If you click right here you’re gonna get to subscribe to GMBN and you
never miss a video again. Click just up there for
the clip less pedals and click down there for how
to set up your tyre pressures. Don’t forget to share this video, leave your comments down below and of course give it a thumb up like. There’s one thing left to
do and I’m going for a ride.

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  2. That's a carbon frame right? Aren't you supposed to use a clamp on the seat post and not a quick release? Too much torque ??

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    I'm wanting to buy a canyon bike. is it best I do it through one of your links in your description (are they affiliates?) I love your channel and just want to support you guys.

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