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How To Solve Your Cycling Saddle Pain

How To Solve Your Cycling Saddle Pain

Hi, I’m Phil Burt. I’m here today to talk
to you about saddle health. And the Saddle Health Service, or fit service, that we offer
to try and solve that. Now all of our fit processes follow a strict process of Off and
On Bike assessment; but we aim to establish right at the beginning that your goal is to
remove yourself of saddle pain, injury, – it’s ruining your cycling which it does for certain
percentage of the population. Now, I’m going to say what maybe deemed as a bit of a strange
thing in that it’s not all about the saddle. In other words, you might have the best saddle
in the world for you, and I have many people turn up with a bag of 8 or 9 saddles that
they’ve been through trying to find the right one. You might have the best saddle in the
world on your bike, it’s just not in the right position. And then with that you’ve got to
think about where it is on the bike compared to the front, set-back, tilt, position, height.
So it could be a myriad of other things that are causing your saddle pain. Asymmetry – you
may have one leg longer than the other, so if you walk in and say ‘I always get right-sided
saddle sore, no matter what bike I ride, what saddle’ it may well be that you need biomechanically
correcting for that, rather than changing what are, ordinarily, quite expensive saddles
out and out again. Now what we go through is establishing off the bike – those asymmetries,
and those things that might contribute to saddle sore, lack of strength around the pelvis,
or lack of mobility to rotate your pelvis. All those things that you let me worry about
and how that then goes on to the bike. And then we make sure your position is in – what
we would call the normative range – for what we’ve got, the type of cycling you’re trying
to do. And then we establish – hold on a minute have we actually got the right saddle here?
Now we have lots of tools to do that: we have GebioMized pressure mapping, we’ve got the
Digital Sit-bone Device to help establish the right width of saddle, which is one of
the important parameters, but not all of it. And then, fundamentally, we have a load of
saddles for us to try, and establish which one will work for you, for the job that you
you’re trying to do on the bike. Now that will be different for time-trialling, compared
to say audax or long distance riding. For some of you it might just be ‘give me a saddle
I can ride, I just want to enjoy cycling’ and we can do that as well. But it all comes
together, for example, I’ve removed some people’s saddle pain by literally reducing their crank
length which was wrong. Now that might sound weird, but crank length, if it’s the wrong
size, will drive asymmetry and cause you that. What you’ll get in our Saddle Health Assessment
is not just simply looking at the saddle: we look at you – a holistic view – to come
up with a plan that delivers pain-free cycling and your goal. Once again, just for clarity,
there is only one cost for any bike fit at Phil Burt Innovation. If it’s deemed at the
beginning that your bike fit is really going to be all about the saddle, that’s fine, that’s
alright. But whatever you need in that process, we look at in the whole thing: you off the
bike, your position. Those two things will be assessed. You, your position, and then
the saddle’s role in that. One cost only.

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  1. Another great video. Thanks. I had my first bike fit after numerous decades of riding to help resolve a saddle issue. Not only was my chief complaint solved but a number of other small issues as well. I've finally figured out that a good bike fit is more than worth the $$ regardless if it's a low cost bike or a high end super bike. I would encourage both new of "seasoned" riders to consider getting a professional bike fit. It will not only improve your riding but improve your enjoyment!

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