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How To Start Riding On A Climb

– Now if you’ve ever had to
come to a stop on a climb, then you will know just
how difficult it can be getting going again, particularly on a steep one like this. So therefore, a number of you have asked just how exactly you do it. So coming up are a few tips
that will get you going again and hopefully stop you
getting off and walking. Firstly, the reason why you’ve had to actually come to a stop just isn’t important. So whether it’s because you
just needed to catch your breath or you’ve been held up by
a group in a large sportif, it just doesn’t matter except however, to make sure that whatever caused you to stop in the first place has now gone again. That might be an obvious point, but it is an important one. So if you are stuck in traffic, then wait for a good moment to go. Or indeed, just wait until
you’ve fully recovered from your effort. Then, with a clear road ahead of us and some air in our lungs, we can actually concentrate on how we’re gonna get moving again. Make sure your bike is
in a really easy gear and if that means you’re
on a steep climb like this, that could very well be your easiest gear. But then, of course, there’s the problem
we’re all familiar with which is that we actually then struggle to get up enough speed that we can balance and
have enough momentum so that we can stop
pedalling for long enough to get that all-important
second foot clip back in. So, if you can manage it, certainly on climbs that are less steep, rather than using your bottom gear, use one that is one or two gears harder. And that will mean that
we get more momentum from our very first pedal stroke and then hopefully, that
will give us long enough to get that second foot clipped back in. Now it might just be that the
climb is gonna be too steep to get started on. You may not have an easy enough gear or you’re struggling with your momentum. So in that case, we then
need to think laterally. Literally. So, if it’s safe to do so, and that is a big if, then start by riding across the slope, meaning that you can then
pick up a little bit of speed, get both feet on the pedals, before then turning back into the climb. You should start with your favoured leg in the 2:00 position so that
you can put the greatest amount of force through the pedal. Then you should also try to
keep your bum on the saddle. That way, you’re gonna really
help get that second foot on the pedal. On big mountain climbs like this one, which is the Passo
Campolongo in the Dolomites you will find hairpin bends
or switchbacks galore. And so even if this isn’t
your day to day riding, it’s worth remembering this point if you’re ever lucky
enough to come out here. And that is that the
gradient almost always eases around hairpin bends. So if you get to choose
where you come to a stop on a climb, make sure
it’s at a place like this. – Yeah, on the outside of a hairpin bend, where hopefully, you’ll
be able to get going again much easier and get clipped back in before the gradient kicks in again. Perhaps the best, and
certainly the fail safe method is just to simply find
something to hold on to. That way, you can get both
feet clipped into your pedals before you’ve even gone anywhere. Just make sure that you’re
in an easy enough gear so that you can actually turn the pedals after you let go so that you don’t therefore
just end up stalling and having to unclip. There you go then, some simple tips that will hopefully see you right. Now, before leaving this video, do make sure you subscribe to GCN. It’s simple, it’s free, and you’ve just got to click on the globe. And if you’re after some more content, I’ve got two videos that
couldn’t be more relevant. Firstly, how to clip out
of your pedals quickly, that one’s just down there. Very important for stopping on climbs. And then how to clip back
into your pedals quickly, that one is just down there.

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