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16 comments on “How to Start & Stop a Motorcycle | Motorcycle Riding

  1. Thanks mate that helped a lot, i was getting stalled everytime i came at a red light or speedbreaker, didnt knew that pulling in clutch would prevent engine dying, as i m new to this. Thanks for the short and to the point video.

  2. Can I turn off the bike using red button? I was heard that the button is for emergency turn off engine only. (sorry for my eng 😀 )

  3. so do you have to downshift as your coming to a stop or can you come to a full stop then downshift as many times as needed?

  4. hi I'm new to this and I like this as I have to get use to start and stop .and start to chop the gears down when going to stop .thank you very grateful for all thee advise

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