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How To Stretch For Cycling – With IAM Pro Cycling

How To Stretch For Cycling – With IAM Pro Cycling

So my name is Topi Losonen and I’m a co founder
of FUSTRA method. We start with the hip flexor as pro cyclists have tight hip flexors, which
means when the hip flexor is too short the whole lower back doesn’t work. 2nd exercise
is sides, these muscles have to hold the whole length to have the hip in the correct position,
third one is for hamstrings, if the hamstrings are too short, same thing hip goes to the
wrong position which makes lower back and glutes impossible to work together. Ok number
4 is called butterfly its helps riders to open up the shoulder blades so they get better
position on the bike. Number 5 is squatting, we use the wall to make it easier to get the
hip to the correct positions, basically it’s an excellent exercise to connect hamstrings,
glutes and lower back. Ok number 6 is rotation tho is just for strengthening up the whole
core. Number 7 is hamstring push up with ball, excellent name and it’s a power exercise to
strengthen up the whole hamstrings, it’s normally a weaker than the quadriceps for cyclists.
Next one is the funniest one because it’s called the Finnish chair, we came up with
the name so it’s basically exercise for core, it’s very hard exercise, and there you can
connect everything, core with the lower back to the glutes, to the upper back. Here in
I AM we are doing these exercises on a daily basis for the riders we’ll help them by doing
external videos so they can follow so if an amateur would like to try FUSTRA I would recommend
it to do it daily basis in the beginning.

46 comments on “How To Stretch For Cycling – With IAM Pro Cycling

  1. Great exercises! Can you post more detailed videos of each one? It's hard to really get an idea of good form with such brief shots of positioning. Thanks!

  2. Way too fast. Couldn't you have spent more than 1 second per stretch? Your other videos are excellent and take multiple angle shots to show the correct technique.

  3. Totally useless video. I agree with others, you have some great videos, and they're getting better, but this is just ridiculous.

  4. I thought you were just running through them and then you were going to come back and show how to do each one…then suddenly the vid is over???

  5. Agree with every other comment. If the intention was to instruct then you failed. Can we have a longer edit?

  6. It's Fustra training. You are not suppose to be able to mimic the moves by watching a vid from a youtube. If they would decide to post a longer vid with better explonations, you wouldn't still be able to do the exercises on your own without a Fustra trainer helping you. Trust me.

  7. Each exercise could have been elaborated upon slightly by using more detailed instructions regarding how to perform them.

  8. Love the channel! Really enjoy when you guys bring in special guest, his English was on point (Better than some of my British friends). I'm relatively new to road cycling and that last stretch is pretty killer! I have been watching and re-watching a lot of your vidoes and can't thank you guys at GCN enough for all your help! Cheers!

  9. best bit is the "hey homo, open the door" right at the very beginning you can just about hear if you turn it up….haha. I'm sure Homo is a Finnish name 🙂

  10. these could have been very useful had you shown the full body position while doing them, instead, in most, we see only part of the body, without having a clue how the rest should be (beside being too fast to capture) for example in the second exercise with arms going to sides, we have no clue how the position of the legs should be, open? Closed?! In the rotation exercise, we see legs going only to one side, we have no clue what the starting position is, and if they just move sideways/each side at a time, or if they cross over to the other side….?! Sure wish you'd make another video taking the time to show them better!

  11. Waste of bandwidth why not do a stretching routine like this one also found on youtube that you can follow along at home to.

  12. Yes, video could have explained them more in details, fortunately for me, I do all of these at my pilates classes, so know them.

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