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How to style an inverted triangle body (V-shaped body) | Justine Leconte

How to style an inverted triangle body (V-shaped body) | Justine Leconte

hi everyone its Justin if your body is an inverted triangle shape let’s have a look at your strengths the best part in your body the part that might be your weakness the best strategy to start your body side in my opinion we’ll go through examples of celebrities to see who goes right and who did it and last but not least I’ll give you recommendations on type of clothes and shapes to try because I think they work pretty well with your body so we’ll do everything mm-hmm here comes the first scoop you have two strengths not one your hips and your waist many women train hard to get your body shape and maybe you do too and you feel comfortable in your body and no problem but maybe you think that white shoulders and women look manly and if you think that then let’s have a look how to make your shoulders optically look less white example Naomi Campbell quite a nice body she is an inverted triangle on her body you see how wise the shoulders are your best strategy if you in her case is to try to turn yourself into a rectangle starting from the shoulders and going down until the bottom so you’re trying to modify your body type so to say and the second part of it is that you need to elongate your legs by drawing a vertical line in your Center and you want this line to look as long as possible our first famous inverted triangle is Anjali naturally on this picture she’s wearing a red halter dress going behind her neck it’s clearly displaying her shoulders she knows she has white shoulders it’s a part of her personally to play the top side so it’s okay but technically she’s not trying to compensate the width of her shoulders at all on the second picture of her which is from another party until you see that she has a real good stylist when she wants to appear more feminine she does play with attention bringing it away from the shoulders in all the pictures from that night she’s wearing her hair in front of her shoulders it’s not a coincidence it’s to hide them a little bit and she’s attracting all the attention towards the button with this size split everybody’s looking at her legs and nobody watches her shoulders anymore are you watching not the best practice example from the series is Renee Zellweger Bridget Jones she is wearing a red dress which is actually perfect for her body type she’s wearing long sleeves attracting the attention away from the shoulders cleavage so you watch her skin because it’s clearer than the color of the dress and the dress is not so tight at the waist it’s a very smart choice because it makes her shoulders look relatively thinner compared to the rest now comes the closet advice first long sleeve tops they’re smart because they hide this angle here with fabric very simple but efficient the next point is vertical stripes they make you look more elongated and slimmer it’s proven for decades women know that it works generally speaking you want to go for tops that are loose at the waist like this one here you can’t really tell where my waist is because everything looks loose so you can’t resell if my shoulders are wider than the rest at all when you choose tops go for extra long ones that end possibly below the hips and below the crotch the longer the slim are you gonna appear talking about pants slim types are not so flattering for your body rather go for palazzo pants for example same thing they kind of hide where the hips actually are but they look very feminine and they’re going to flow with your moves and that’s extremely elegant if you consider wearing a skirt you can go first Curt that goes down to the floor and all the pure shape buddies out there are going to envy you for that you can choose a skirt that’s hippy type really loose really wide widow without the pattern it can be a laced one like this one really cute moving on to dresses here I have a secret wish if you are an inverted triangle you should try once a racerback dress yes it’s going to show your shoulders but loose like this one on the hips it actually looks like an hourglass and that extremely feminine so if you feel comfortable trying a racerback top go head and post me a picture I’d love to see that talking about accessories you can try white belts eventually going twice around your hips and you wear the belt low like sitting on the hips it’s going to make you look a bit more like an hourglass and that’s extremely sexy and in terms of heels high killer heels that elongate your legs are very good bet I know they’re not comfortable if you have more tips on how to style an inverted triangle feel free to write them down in the comments below for everybody else to benefit from your experience as well and so we can discuss here’s the time again to click on another link to discover now the body type the links work on desktop if you’re on a mobile phone you need to look for the links in the description below this video I’ll be posting them there as well as we go or you tell your friends to subscribe to this channel so that they get notified when the links fold their body type comes out I see you very soon again for a next video until then take care bye bye you

100 comments on “How to style an inverted triangle body (V-shaped body) | Justine Leconte

  1. I don’t mind being an inverted triangle. But finding t shirts to fit is a pain. My arms are always too thick. I have to get bigger shirts, which means the rest looks like heck…. we all have our issues. I am near just making my own clothes, or altering the ones I have.

  2. I’m a swimmer but I have naturally wider shoulders. I struggle with my shoulders a lot because people say I look like a Dorito or a man. I’m pretty good at dressing myself but I find it hard to find good dresses for school dances especially because the body con style is in. I wish the video touched more on dresses.

  3. I’m pretty petite and my shoulders are not like “football shoulders” but they are still wider than my hips. people always say the inverted triangle is a models body but I just feel so self-conscious. :/

  4. I have very slim hips and a large chest big shoulders. I don't like to hide my slim hips I usually wear a v-neck you have any suggestions for me

  5. I like my broad shoulders but don’t want them to look too masculine, so I’m very careful about the width of tank top straps, Little wider is better. And when I wear blazers I generally let them drape from my shoulders, no stiff material or square double breasted, and they drop below the place where my hips curve in. Be sure to fold your arms acrossed your chest when buying blouses, women’s shirts and blouses are often cut too small, tight here. Hope this helps! Love your videos!

  6. Justine, I really love your videos. However, I am still confused on how to determine the body shape. In your video, you said to measure chest, waist and hip. So based on that I am a pear. But then I also have wide shoulders… so it seems that the inverted triangle body shape is measured by shoulder, waist and hips? Can you clarify?

  7. i have this body type, what should i do if i hate my arms… i cannot use long sleeves, because it make my arms look bigger…

  8. I am an older inverted triangle and I love my wide shoulders which gives my body great structure as I age! We can gain a bit of weight and nobody notices lol. I like to wear A-line skirts and swing dresses because the width at the hemline balances my shoulder width and so I feel I look a bit more feminine. I don’t know about other body shapes, but for me good posture is important. I hope all of you inverted triangles learn to love your shape because when you are my age you will see what I mean!

  9. I am Inverted triangle (I think) and… accordingly I have narrow hip- narrowest. I want to wear pencil skirt.
    Please tell how can I make it work.

  10. I have almost flat chest and a much wider butt….but my shoulders are so wide they almost looks disproportionate. My torso is much longer than my legs and the sad thing is I dunno how to dress it and I loooove Breton strips

  11. I am an inverted triangle with big boobs and petite but the last thing I want to do is make my body appear to be a rectangular shape. I understand the need to balance the dimensions and have more fullness on the lower area but wouldn't want to hide my waist. Also, I understand what you are saying about boat necks but I love them and they seem to flatter my shoulder line regardless:) Maybe some of these rules apply better to a 6' model?

  12. I have wide shoulders and I'm 5'2, I have a long torso and shorter leaner built legs. I love skinnier fit for jeans but with a statement shoe or boots that draw attention south away from the top half. I try to wear higher waisted pants bc I also had the dreaded hip dip. I've been 97lbs-130lbs it's noticable on every end of the spectrum. I've always had a masculine build. I like flowy at the bottom tops that are longer to cover the hip dip. I avoid bright colors and patterns on top (with the exception of small dots and stripes) I can't wear heels. I'm a mom of two under 6 who lives in the south, heels are asking for trouble. I like wedges or a chunky heel (under 2inches) but have buckles or detail to them. I think wrap tops that accentuates the waist look nice as long as they draw the eye away from my football shoulders.

  13. I dont know what body type i am. I dnt have broad shoulders but yes heavy bust and less than avg hips 🤔. Please somebody suggest what body i am..

  14. Hi, I'm a petite inverted triangle shape. I can't stay in heels I prefer flats and I do like skinnier trousers/jeans under a dress. Am I doing it really wrong?

  15. I like all ur videos can u please make a video for asymmetrical breasts and what to do to make them look equal….thanking you…& regards!!

  16. i’m a inverted triangle/hourglass/ pear I KNOW IT IS STRANGE but i have broad shoulders, small breasts, a narrow waist and medium sized hips… According to my measurements my shoulders are 100 cm and my hips 98.. SO IDK 😥 but i really can see how my shoulders are oversized compared to my hips and it’s really frustrating

  17. My tips (totally agree with long skirts and wider bottoms) if I find a button-up shirt that fits I can never button it all up anyway but the vertical and v-neck helps, plus any top that can regulate (or well just keep it open) the width on the top part is great (buttons,zippers). Longer necklaces, and big scarves. I love a look of tanktop, casual dress and a scarf puffed around my neck with the triagle facing front. Bigger puffier shorts work well too for me and show off thin legs 🙂

  18. I'm confused 🙁 I have this body type but I feel like I like my small waist and I have good legs and don't want to hide it. It seems like I've been getting it all wrong since we are supposed to balance out our shoulders. So it's not good to wear short skirts and accentuate the waist? Someone helpppp please 🙂

  19. I avoid wearing tight jeans and skirts, I wear tolip shaped skirts and fabric pants that loose on the upper part
    I was asking about wearing jackets?? Do or not

  20. Hello- Im An inverted triangle, but love skinny jeans. I have long, slim legs and like to show them off. How can i make skinny jeans work for my body type?

  21. I know you’ve got good intentions in this video to help us with our body shape and stuff but it sounds more like your trying to make us change our body shape to be more “feminine” when I think we should embrace our big shoulders

  22. I have that too and all the motivation I get about how i should love my body doesn't work because it's not flattering and that's a fact haha,,

  23. I would like to add that I recently bought a long sleeve hooded blouse in the juniors section. The blouse was designed with laced up ribbons on the left and right seams similar to how you would laced up a shoe. I decided to try on this blouse and I was amazed at how well it gave my body the impression of an hour glass figure. So I'd highly recommend this style as well.

  24. I agree with all your comments and not only having an inverted triangle I also have large breasts. Tough to find dresses but found dropped waists always work.

  25. I have that body shape, and with time i learned to love my wide shoulders, so i really don't mind if my inverted triangle body is too obvious. I like showing my shoulders. And there other factors, as size and tallness to decide what kind of clothing suits better.

  26. I just want to say how much I appreciate this channel!! Ok I have an inverted triangle body shape but my measurements are quite symmetrical. I also look quite athletic but not bulky. Now that you have a ( kind of) visual, here are some things that look good on me:)

    Slip dresses with a v-neck: I’ve got a black, almost velvety fabric, slip type dress that I fit from Walmart for like 15 bucks. You can wear these with a t-shirt underneath or just by itself:)

    Long or three quarter length sleeve: short sleeves look fine, but I find that if a sleeve ends where your bust is it makes the top look wider.

    Mid rise pants: specifically jeans, make sure that when you get pants they really flatter your body and fit you well. That makes the entire outfit look better, trust me:)

    Those are my tips, sorry if it’s kind of long🤗

    Ps: I’m also 5’6 almost 5’7 if that helps

  27. I'm confused. My 3 measurements are (38-32.5-42) but my shoulders included are about 45". Am I a triangle or a pear? I'm also only 5' 2" tall. And most of my hip measurements come from my butt not my hips.

  28. i guess i have this body type but i have hips and a pretty small waist, the thing that ruins it is i do have broad sholders :/

  29. Hi Justine, I really love your Channel. You are adorable and very chic. I have a few doubts about dressing as an inverted triangle. I have broad shoulders and large breasts, as well as small hips, but I don't have a tiny waist. My waist is as wide as my hips, and I have a tummy that does not go away it doesn't matter how much I work out. I'm tall and I have long skinny legs and a long torso so I don't need to elongate my sillouette. Should I stick to wide legged pants? May I wear skinny jeans? should I wear legs that have colors that are lighter than the top? Long sleeves are not always a possibility for me because I live in Brasil. How about skirts? what is the best kind of skirt for me, and what is the best model of dress? I'm 47, 1,72m and 67kg. thank you very much, I'd really appreciate any advice!

  30. Hi ,could you please tell me the difference between an apple shape and an inverted triangle shape ,please?

  31. Is it possible for me to be a hybrid between an inverted triangle and hourglass? My waist is somewhat smaller than my bust/chest and hips… But taking into account my shoulders, they're slightly wider than my hips. But I would not say my hips are narrow. I'm also somewhat petite: 5'4.

  32. I am but not too much . actually I only have fats only on my upper body . And that makes me inverted triangle more visibly.
    Can I wear square neck?

  33. This video was great, but what if you are an inverted triangle but are also a little chubby and have really short legs (I'm 4'11")?

  34. Oh wow. Love your channel! Just been watching a bunch of your videos, and this one is very interesting. I have this shape. I have really broad shoulders and muscular arms, but quite a big chest as well… I love skinny jeans with a high waist and I have been hiding in oversize tshirts and sweaters… But now I lost a lot of weight and I want to show of my curves… But if I have tight on top I should have flowy pants? I think I haven't worn flowy pants since I was maybe 12? haha… But I feel now like I should try! I have always liked the "dress acording to your shape" but I was more of an apple when I was bigger and now you can clearly see my shoulders are wider than my hips. Having acess fat is confusing when it comes to body shapes.

  35. I don't know whether I'm v-shaped or horglass, but I have wide shoulders. I like my sholders all my life I will never hide it 🙂 We must accept who we are..

  36. thick strap tanks, v-neck, and side shoulder all break up the shoulders and make them look less wide, and anything that adds bulk to the hips will balance the body. I also have a long torso so i wear mid to high rise pants and skirts to elongate my legs 🙂

  37. Inverted body types can experiment with their bottoms, they can wear patterns, prints, pleats. Keep the top fuss free.

  38. I am an inverted triangle with the exact same body as Sanne Vloet (with just a little more fat). I always found that wide straps and v necks look HORRIBLE on me. I just feel it accentuates the width of my shoulders even more because you can tell how wide my shoulders are by the width of the straps. I think spaghetti straps actually look way better on me and make me feel more feminine (and you said yourself some women with this body type might feel masculine, which i do). i also like the look of a tighter top (maybe not skin tight) with wide leg pants and a slimmer waist, because it kind of makes it more hourglass shaped. I might be all wrong about that though, i'll have to take some pictures in different clothes that i own and see.

  39. But my problem is that I really like my small waist. But I can't wear tight clothes because it makes my shoulder wider.

  40. I am 59. I would never wear most of these clothes. I wear v-neck and structured wrap dresses in quality fabrics.

  41. Does inverted triangle body type can be manage to be changed by working out on gym to add more muscles on the hip area??

  42. naturally i have pretty small shoulders, but when i was 6 i started gymnastics. over time from working out about everyday, my shoulders became broad. i'm not a gymnast anymore, but i still have some muscle. i really hate my shoulders and hopefully overtime they go back to how they were.

  43. I feel like I'm some kind of weird combination of rectangle, hourglass, and inverted triangle. My measurements tell me that I'm a rectangle, but my waist dips in too much that I really LOOK too much like a rectangle. My waist looks more like a slight hourglass. But then when I wear some tanktops, my shoulders look super wide and I usually think that my shoulders make me look very awkward. What the heck kind of type am I???

  44. I am an inverted triangle with no waist, short legs and I tend to gain weight mostly on my (inner) thighs so picking clothes is a real struggle. 🙄

  45. I’ve always felt insecure for having an inverted triangle shape because I hate my wide shoulders.
    But this really helped thank you justine

  46. A-line or full-skirted all the way!
    Also, I’ve recently discovered high waisted bottoms (a late adopter), which have made my already long legs look ridiculous… which I enjoy 😉

  47. Ha! I naturally have gravitated to all of these styles without knowing why. Maybe it is because I am artistic. I have broad shoulders, a long torso, lean arms and legs, and weight tends to create hip dips on me. I found all of these tips very informative and helpful! I don't know if I could wear the racerback though!! 0_0

  48. I’m an inverted triangle and my wardrobe consists of tight jeans and tops that show off my waist and shoulders and I feel confident and genuinely look my best in these clothes…long story short wear what you want and don’t let your body type determine your style

  49. Ok hiding the waist is worst thing you could do!!!!!! What I do to make my body look a little more hour glass is by wearing mom jeans and HIGH WAISTS so it highlights the waist giving more volume at the bottom which then my shoulders are less noticeable and my body seem to look more balanced..and on top I actually avoid wearing loose shirts at the waist because that just makes you look like a box so wear something tight on ur waist.

  50. So helpful. You video is so no-nonsense as are the comments from other "I.T." girls. From my mother to my nieces (I don't have kids), we ALL have this shape. My mom always described the lack of waist line as "we don't have much 'go-in'." My sister, nieces and I got our broad shoulders from my Scottish-American father. My sister likes to say we're "built for the caber toss" (one of the sports in the Scottish Highland Games which involves picking up a huge log by the base, running with it and hurling it as far as you can.) [link to caber toss AKA broad shoulder female athletes flinging ridiculously large things.]

  51. P.S. It seems I'm not alone in gaining weight in my mid-section, so I'm kind of an inverted triangle/apple. But really, what I have is a pot belly. Would love a video about styling THAT body type: Wide shoulders, narrow hips, flat butt, round tummy. If I'm not careful, I can look like a lima bean in profile and people ask me if I'm pregnant!

  52. I'm a V with a long torso, small bust, a defined but not small waist, no hips or butt and shorter, thicker legs. I always LOVE A-line skirts or dresses that hit just above the knee and cinch in at my natural waist but hide the fact that I have slim hips and no butt and hide my thick thighs. I like empire waisted dresses with A lines as well. I can't wear smock styles or loose fitting because I look bigger than I am. I do love loose fitting long sleeve tops that fit at my hips because it tends to balance me out a bit.

  53. I am debating if I am an inverted triangle ;( because a lot of these clothes don't look flattering on me. I have wide shoulders but wide hips too? Sounds like a hourglass but my shoulders are a little larger. I have a kind of defined waist. I need help lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  54. Everytime I wear jogging pants, square pants, or even regular pants or shorts it always look flat..

    When I wear t shirts I get the small sizes and whenever someone asks me what size it is I will say it is small…and they were confused
    They will say it looks so big…

    Ugh I have broad shoulders and I don't know I also have apple shape body which makes my upper body big

  55. Gosh, I'm totally opposite, I love to wear off-shoulder tops, halterneck tops just to show off my shoulders. I add feminine details in my accessories.

  56. Inverted triangle here:
    I have found that bottoms (skirts and pants) that flair out from the waist and hips do wonders for balancing out shoulders.
    I have also found that tops with an empire or waist-hugging features create a waist and hips lol also helping to balance out the upper and lower halves.
    Additionally, wearing belts at the waistline, double-wrapped, work really well and create a waist continuing to balance out the upper and lower half of the body.
    I try to wear a horizontal pattern on bottom and solids on top, and if solids on top, I make sure to go with vertical to create a long and slender illusion.
    Hope this helps!

  57. Hi Justine,

    thanks for the tips. I am an inverted triangle lady. You talked about on your other video one of the basics clothing a woman should have is a blazer. What shape of blazer would be suited for me? What material is good for transitional season like autumn to winter. Do you know where shop near Munich I could try some? Thanks and more power to you.

    Loves from Germany,

  58. Can inverted triangle body types wear off shoulder clothings? I've always wanted to try them but they look hideous on me. Any help / suggestions please, thank you!!

  59. I am short and an inverted triangle and i love to wear ‘new-look’ silhouette knee-length skirts and dresses, because they give me the volume around my hips and make me look very feminine, almost like an hourglass.
    Tulip dresses and skirts also are very good in terms of balancing the proportions.
    I also use basques (tops, dresses with basque, basque belts etc.) to give me the volume from my waist down to my hips. Just make sure the basque is long enough to cover your hip joints, not contrasting color and stiff enough to actually give you the lines you need.
    Using some pleats or ruffles can also be a good choice.

    When i’m not in a “girlish” mood, i choose to wear A-silhouette mini dresses, like Twiggy wore back in 60s – without any accent on my waist and hips.

    Or i can just wear my high-waisted skinny jeans with some loose top – and it also looks fine on me, because i look sporty without trying too hard.

  60. I've only recently found out that I'm an inverted triangle. However, it's not my shoulders that I'm worried, but rather my narrow legs. I'm tall (in my country's standards) and I feel like my body isn't proportioned at all due to my skinny and narrow legs and hips. I understand I can wear squarepants or those that loose but I kinda want something different (because I ALWAYS wear those). What do i do 🙁 Send help.

  61. A line dresses or skirts are perfect to balance your shoulders. I use this trick all the time. Also, always wear v-neck tops I find are the only this I can wear. I stuggle loving my body type because of my small hips and large waist. When I gain weight it's always on my belly and my arms…. dressing my body can be hard…

  62. Its hard to find pants for inverted triangle like myself cuz my waste is bigger then hips. I dream of having jeans tight on my (little) butt and fitted on waist but it's just a dream. I'm 41 and NEVER found jeans that fit my body NEVER😭 IM SO JEALOUS OF THE BODY THATS LOOSE ON WAIST AND TIGHT ON BUTT…. ILL JUST KEEP DREAMING 😢

  63. Wow it is so interesting to see how many ladies are here with this body type.. But I thought others are enjoy it as much as I do..
    I love that my arms and back are perfect with almost no sport while others go to the gym 4 times a week and still doesn't have so nicely curved arms. I like to show them and wear sleeveless tops or sport tops that show my back.. And usually receive compliments like "wow.. what sport do you do? You must have worked on your body for ages" or "how much sport do you have to do to have so nice arms?"
    But to tell the truth I like the bodies of swimmer ladies too.. I am weird, I know.

  64. I also like wide skirts that go to the knees and are high waisted. It hides the fact that you don't have wide hips and/or a butt haha

  65. What about hairstyles for inverted triangles? Obviously shoulder length would draw more attention to the shoulders so I'm guessing long hair and no bangs would be best?

  66. I’m square shouldered and a 12/14 in the bust – a size 12 waist and an 8/10 on the bottom. And only 5’2”…so my favorite is a long loose open front cardigan jacket with the pointy front hem (not sure what they’re called)..but it’s swingier at the hips and helps create a longer vertical line when it contrasts with a matching top and skirt.- especially when worn with a high crew or turtle neck and a long A line skirt. Yep, ankle length skirt…2” heels also help a lot!

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