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How to switch the visor on your HJC motorcycle helmet

How to switch the visor on your HJC motorcycle helmet

Alright today I’m going to show you how
to remove the visor and replace it on a CS-R2 helmet. This is the matte black version. Anyway
just take the visor, lift it all the way up, and then right here there’s this little
thing that you press. And then the visor itself will lift up and out. So do that on both sides.
And here, up and out. Super simple. There are those 2 arrows that match up with each
other; one on the helmet and one on the visor. They’ll match right up and click in. And
once it’s clicked in it’s secure. And to get it off again you’d have to raise
it all the way up and press those back. So yeah, I’ll put a link in the video description
for the helmet and the visor as well. And that’s how you change a visor on a helmet…on
a CS-R2.

55 comments on “How to switch the visor on your HJC motorcycle helmet

  1. I have that same helmet but I can't ever find a tinted visor of some sort. Where can I find one that fits this helmet?

  2. I put a link in the video description for you. Its on amazon, and if i remember right it is like 20 bucks. Its called 'Dark Smoke' but you can get mirrored ones too. It is awesome!

  3. I linked one in the video description from Amazon. I freaking love mine. I switch back to clear if i do any night riding though.

  4. Jerry Im a new rider and had no clue how to do this….thanks for all you do here i have learned alot keep up the great work! Kurt

  5. I got one as well but the visior isnt flitting flush, is your new one like this too? If so then what's thpoint because it looks ugly not fitting perfectly

  6. so my nephew was playing with my lid and the spring popped out. I found the spring but can't get it back in. can I get some help!!??

  7. thanks for posting. i couldn't figure out on this helmet how to do it because it differed from my last one. so thanks again

  8. Today I was riding my bike at about 32°F and everytime I shoulder checked my visor opend at approximately 90mph. I never experienced that. Was it the temperature that caused it?

  9. It would be nice if you would actually SHOW what to press to release the visor. You just blow through that…

  10. I am already subbed to this channel for phone teardowns and other tech related content. I was pleasantly surprised when I searched "motorcycle helmet anti-fog" and I saw this channel popup!

  11. Had a water leak in the basement over the winter and left a bunch of dots and stuff all over my helmet so I wanted to clean it really well. Spent five minutes dinking around with a screwdriver trying to take the visor off, then saw this video and got it off in two seconds. Thank you so much

  12. Every thing this person says it right. Great helmet UNTIL————–

    The HJC visor attachment system screws are NO GOOD when you don't have visor attachment hardware on the helmet to snap the visor on!

    This is a great helmet until you break your attachments. Then it is JUNK.

    The screws used to attach the new hardware are JUNK. They are VERY cheap plastic and they all break! All of mine did. Mine broke down inside the helmet. AND no I did not tighten them too tight. How about less that 1/2 turn and they break. If you don't tighten them more than 1/2 a turn the hardware is not tight enough and will move when you move your visor up or down and the visor will not work! I guess I could drill them out the screw ends and re-tap the hole. Ever tried to re-tap soft plastic!

    Great Helmet until you try to fix it. Then it becomes a helmet without a Visor FOREVER!!!!!

    Sad that a company would ruin customers helmets by trying to make money on a 1/10 of a cent part!

    I will never buy an HJC helmet again!!

    Just wait until you need to put in new attachment hardware because your breaks. Throw you helmet away first. Then you won'g get so mad when you find out it can't be fixed!

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