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How to teach kids to ride a bike

How to teach kids to ride a bike

Riding a bike gives children a sense of freedom and a new way to discover places from the local park to woodlands and countryside trails. Teaching a child to ride a bike is all about having fun so here’s some top tips to get you started. For children who have never cycled before spend some time off the bike first practising the balance and movements needed for riding. This stage is all about play and you can find some great ideas by checking out Ready Set Ride by British Cycling and HSBC UK. Once they’re ready a balance bike is a great introduction to cycling. It’s important to go at their speed and let them get used to the bike. The skills they’ll gain from scooting the bike along will help them when they come to progress to a bike with pedals. And some National Trust places have balance bikes available to borrow for free thanks to our partnership with British Cycling and HSBC UK. When your children are ready to start pedalling pick somewhere flat, open, and on short grass. If you hold the saddle or handlebars it will be harder for them to find their own balance. So if they need extra support at first hold them gently at the top of the back or under their arms. Cycling is a great way to cover more ground so once your children are riding independently why not use your bikes to explore as a family. There are some brilliant cycling trails at many National Trust places that go through countryside and woodlands full of wildlife. Make sure your child’s bike and equipment is set up properly for them before they start cycling. And your local park can be a great traffic-free place to start. Some National Trust places will rent or lend bikes and safety equipment for the whole family so why not check out what’s available in your local area.

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