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How to test gy6 150cc fuel petcock valve ( scooter / Motorcycle )

How to test gy6 150cc fuel petcock valve ( scooter / Motorcycle )

hello how you doing welcome to my
channel and thank you for watching this video we’re going to do a little test on
the scooter on Gy 150cc to make sure your petcock valve is working to do that
you have to remove the inside of the scooter the compartment the storage
compartment you just remove it you have one screw right here one screw right
here and to screw inside okay so there were bolter ten millimeter you just
remove them you remove the cap of your gas tank okay at that point you can
remove the inside of the scooter make sure to put the cap back on your scooter
for a fuel you’re going to need a empty plastic bottle and about like a foot
foot and a half of 3/16 clear tubing okay
or hose you can get this one on Home Depot online so to test the petcock
that’s what you’re going to need clear bottle and a hose okay now the petcock
is that valve the opens up with a vacuum line and allow the gas to go from
the tank to your carburetor okay so you will find on a gy6 that the petcock
will be on the left side of your scooter next to the frame left side lower part
of the frame right here on the left side of your
scooter you have the petcock valve thats the valve that allow the gas to go
from the gas tank to the carburetor on the petcock you have three hoses one
hose that goes to the vacuum line there is one horse that is the fuel I change
the hose to a clear hose in my scooter so I can verify if the fuel goes
to the carburetor okay there is one other hose that goes to the fuel tank
this is the hose that goes of your tank okay
okay to test your petcock to make sure it’s working you disconnect the hose of
the vacuum line that they will be on the top right here okay you just disconnect
this hose right here now try to buy a 3/16 horse a clear hose
ok 316 clear hose you can buy a Home Depot you can buy it online this is the
horse clear so you can see what’s going on now for this test you can use this
hose to connect it at the vacuum line okay now to do a test and see if your
petcock is working you’re going to disconnect the fuel side of the you can disconnect the part that goes to
the carburetor okay at this point you can use like an empty
bottle right here you can use that there empty bottle plastic bottle and you can
put it right underneath now to test your petcock making a vacuum from this tube
with your mouth okay and see if the petcock opens up and release the fuel to
the carburetor at that point you will know okay so you just make a vacuum in
the tube of 316 clear okay that is connected with the top of your petcock
okay so when you connect the 3/16 hose to your petcock on the top part you can
make a vacuum like your drinking a soda okay so doing that you will open the
petcock diaphragm and you will allow the gas to flow through the your gas tank to
your carburetor so this one is the 3/16 clear hose okay now I hope you can see right here in the
bottle the fuel is flowing from the petcook to the bottle and is flowing
from the gas tank to the bottle okay now you gently you can just make a vacuum
with this tube with your mouth okay this way you can test your petcok to
make sure it’s working sometimes you have a doubt that you think that the pad
cook is not working and your gas is not flowing to your carburetor first of all
I suggest you to place a clear line from the petcock to the carburetor fuel line
so every time you have a doubt doubt every time you’re not sure if the your
fuel goes from the tank to the carburetor at that point you can see
that it’s flowing or not so making a vacuum with this tube you will open the petcock and you will flow the gas to the carburetor that’s the test is an easy
test you can do with your petcock if you’re not sure that your
petcock is working okay so easy test okay thank you very much for watching my
video I hope you enjoy drive safe with your scooter make sure to subscribe to
my channel if you have any questions please feel free to ask okay thank
you you

71 comments on “How to test gy6 150cc fuel petcock valve ( scooter / Motorcycle )

  1. Thank you sir, ever since I subbed to your channel… i've never went back to my mechanic…. I do everything myself with the help of yo videos of course…. pls dont stop.

  2. Lots of repetition, but this was a very clear and helpful video – I think my 10 year old daughter would be able to understand

  3. I tried this trick and peacock working fine but my bike won't kick over and start. If it does only less than a minute and then dies on me.

  4. Hay hi, great channel, question. I tryed adjusting the cabel under the throttle, to stopthe bike pulling. But since doing that, my 50cc bike is now clogging whilst im driving, stuttering, what could be the problem, i cant seem to even adjust the cable back. Pls help. Thanks..

  5. Hi again, thanks for ur quick and helpfull advice, i will try ur advise, as i was out today,and it seems to happen when its warmed up. Funny enough. But 1 more question, iv a cheap 50cc chinees moped, can i clean the exaust out.? To make it more quite or and reliable.? Once again thanks. And keep up the good work..

  6. I'm having issues with my scooter bogging down when I'm driving down the road I replaced the carburetor know any ideas

  7. Great video! i have a question, maybe you can help, there are 4 way petcocks, can i connect them equally? why is the fourth line an where it should be connected? it says i think "vent" its for venting the fuel tank? thanks!!

  8. Hi, thanks for your advise. You no your stuff. And you are right, maybe fixing the exhaust would be a complicated job, i guess i should just get a new one.. but question, my back box ov the exhaust does rattle and cracks when iv stopp rideing, is that normal. Even short rides..?

  9. good day sir, thanks for the information,. how about if my petcock fuel line is continuously flowing gasoline even my motor is off and i not doing any vacuum?

  10. I was starting to have carburetor problems, so I bought a new carburetor, still same problem. I removed all emissions and still same problem. It seems to get worst and worst. I have no power when I drive it. I checked the timing and put fresh gas in. STILL NO power! Can anything electrical cause this?

  11. Got my scooter to idel perfect but has soon had i give it some throttle it dies.. Also I cleaned the carb and still does it any suggestions?

  12. Nice tutorial. I've seen people doing that but I hate that fuel odor. May I suggest using fluid mechanics principle, won't cost you that much, maybe five bucks?

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  15. Hi there. Great channel.. i have a 50cc sx sachs moped. Great bike but iv noticed that the cover by the kick start, clutch cover,no. It gets really hot after 10-15 riding. Is this serious. Wat could be the issue.? Thanks..

  16. hey thanks for the video, ive been trying to solve this issue on my scooter for awhile,i have a gy6 ice bear that when you give it full throttle after a while it will die out. i will have to pull over and give it a rest for a moment before it will run again. is this maybe the petcock not supplying fuel? or maybe an electric issue? ive been stumped if any one knows what i should do

  17. Hey my friend.. My bike is leaking Fuel from the pump to the Manifold intake, Is that normal? It´s a GY6 250 4 strokes

  18. Hi, i have a 150 scooter i bypassed the petcock with one fuel filter straight to the carb. and still only runs if i spray carb. cleaner directly in the carb. any suggestions ?

  19. Virverello, mi petcock leaks gasoline when the engine is working, I install a new one and still the same, which is good brand for order it?thanks

  20. You are a great man Virberello, so far I have learned many things just watching your videos and this is also a very useful video.From now on after cleaning my carburetor I will use this technique to pump gas into the carburetor instead of pushing starter button or kickstarter for long time to pump gas into it, that way it will take less time and the battery won't discharge, thanks a lot

  21. Hi man. I left my manual fuel shut off valve on overnight. So scared of permanent damage it will do to my engine. Any way to reverse what i have done? Would this be very harmful to my engine asnit might flood the carb, airbox and cylinder? Thanks

  22. thanks a lot bro … i have problem .. when i let the throutl go the scooter shut down and i have to stay about 10 seconds to start it again. can you help me?

  23. Hi im getting a fuel problem on my 50cc its the pipe your sucking on im getting fuel in there is that a petcock failure thanks in advance

  24. Nice video…I have a kymco people 200 and having a fuel problem…as long as you blow on the gas tank the scooter will run,stop blowing and the scooter stops…any suggestions????

  25. Mine has 2 hoses from fuel tank to petcock one hose on top and one on bottom how do I check if petcock is working?

  26. When the fuel petcock diagraprahm goes bad,usually from bas gas,especially with ethanol which dries up the rubber diaphram,or lets say from using B12 chemtool or lucas too often in your gas,your scooter will give you a hard time to start or not start at all.One clear sign is the smell of gas,and the spark plug gets wet,because the carburetor is flooded since the fuel dripping,not stopping the gas from flowing into your carb.The way he shows here is fine,but i usually just pull the fuel line that sends the gas to the carburetor and if it drips non stop, the petcock needs to be replaced…im not saying what he is doing is wrong,but just in case you do not have a bottle and the hose you can still do it.Its a very practical way to know right away..I want to thank you for helping people in need..I live in Miami and scooter mechanics suck..its been over 3 years my 3 scooters do not see a shop or a mechanic here other than me..Nowadays im a full mechanic and do my own stuff.I proudly say i was able to replace all my bearings and gears in the drive box..I bought a shop press and installed high quality japanese bearings and it runs way much better than when i bought it brand new..I use my own gear oil by mixing regular 10 w 30 motor oil with lucas oil treatment and it woks can use the widman international viscosity charts to do get a 90 w viscosity i mix 85 percent of lucas oil treatment to 14 percent of 10 w 30…getting a viscosity of 89 approximately.I have been using this mix for over 2 years and since i deliver food on it in this hot miami heat and put up to 60 miles daily i wanted to make sure my gears are well protected.The amazing results are worth can get any cheap 10 w 30,plus the lucas and make your own..I really appreciate this man helping other people,i do it too..thanks everyone

  27. Just bought two ZNEN 150cc scooters(GY6 Clones) When I fill the tank with gas they leak a puddle of gas and then stop leaking. Gas tank is underneath . I am not over filling. Where is this gas coming from?Scooters run fine. Both scooters do the same thing !

  28. Hola amigo, tengo un Roketa ATV-17W(RTS-150XW), resulta que tengo un problema, el aseite se me esta llenando de gasolina, todo comenzó cuando cambie el carburador, serán mangas mal conectadas? sera el petcock? me esta matando,.

  29. Muy buena tu explicación,buen video.Tengo una Scooter China marca Geely 125 CC y la válvula está obstruida.Veré si puedo repararla y aprendi el tema con tu vídeo.
    Jose María
    Caracas, Venezuela

  30. I just replaced my starter motor and it won’t start, should I check the spark plug and CDI box first or do this first to see what is wrong?

  31. Hey! Man I have questions if like to answer my scooter self system is really not functioning and better is not charging what do I do?

  32. Wow just amazing how you go through step by step. I have a jonway 150cc scooter and since i have discovered your channel and subscribed i have been able to diagnose and fix my scooter all by myself. Makes me feel like a professional with your videos behind my back lol. Thank for your amazing channel, youre the best.

  33. Watch your videos all the time , I have a question do I have to use a splitter for the vacuum hoses where can I take one hose of one side of the intake and run it to the petcock and then out of the other Port from the intake run It to the carburetor

  34. You are awesome man thank you for paying attention to every little detail and great camera angles I could see everything very clearly ! Life saver!

  35. You are awesome man thank you for paying attention to every little detail and great camera angles I could see everything very clearly ! Life saver!

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