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How To Wheelie A Bicycle

How To Wheelie A Bicycle

Subscribe now so that you can add your own comments beneath to tell us about your longest wheelies the current Guinness World Record 10.56 miles in an hour i’m not going to be trying to beat that today but I am going to give you some tips so that you can try make sure your back brake is not just working but working really well you can cheat a little bit or at least help yourself by adjusting your saddle height to a middle position to keep your centre of gravity lower and help with your balance make sure that use a low or easy gear the lower the better in fact begin at a slow or rolling speed and keep your weight central Turn your cranks or your pedals to a two o clock position push down hard on the pedal and simultaneously pull up on the handle bars it’s going to take a few attempts to figure out exactly how quickly and easy the front end comes up start off cautiously the last thing you want to do is fly off the back of the bike as you get more confident try getting
closer and closer to that balance point you try to lift the front wheel to that point where it takes minimum effort to stay balanced on the rear wheel once you find this balance point the back break is your friend put it on full and it will stop your back wheel dead and bring the front end back down to the ground, eventually the aim is to get to that balance point and keep it by using a combination of dabbing the rear break and pedalling harder once you’ve begun to master the forwards and rearward balance points you will then need to control the side balance which you can do in two ways firstly by using your knees, feet and overall body weight secondly by turning the handlebars in the opposite direction to that which you’re falling, just make sure you can straighten the handlebars when you come back down to earth and when you have finished your wheelie try not to hit the ground too hard with your front wheel you are on a road bike after all. For more of this kind of thing subscribe now.

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  1. I never realized Europeans rode with their brakes the other way around but i guess it does make sense to have it the same way as motorcycles. I wonder how I've never crashed switching between bicycles and motorcycles here in the states. I don't even think about them being backwards from each other.

  2. lol, i get the concept, but its just the fear with the shoes locked to the pedals, i did manage however about 2 meters, but i keep losing balance. guess need practice, studying abroad and dont have my bike with me. trying to save up for a brand new one and resume my training.

  3. You guys are making me want to come out of retirement due to lower back injury.  I would like to ad for the people that are already up and wheeling,   do not focus on balance points,  if you do you will never get to feel the rush of going flat out downhill on the back wheel throwing it into corners leant over to the max with the back wheel sliding the whole bike buckling under you and yes yes yes trust your rear brake unless you do you won't have this experience,   I could at the end of my high speed run downhill throw the thing over backwards past the so called balance point and reef hard on the brake with no feathering and pull up to a stop in one motion,  yep that's a reel rush.  I'm not here to boast I just want to share with you the possibilities.   As for the beginners a bike tends to go where you look so keep your eyes up on the horizon your front wheel will tend to join in.  Enjoy Dave

  4. Coolio! I thing tho, might be better to learn with normal flat pedals first for an extra confidence in case you go back way too much. Will try. Thanks 🙂

  5. MY PR is like 200m….T.T I rarely get more than 50m, though :(( This summer I´m gonna put wheelie training in my training schedule, seriously…. thats how bad I wanna be able to wheelie aslong as my wrists allow it lol 😀

  6. For some reason I just suck at balancing a bike like this. Both wheelies and track stands, I absolutely suck at. I just cannot keep balance. I guess some people just don't have that particular fine balance skill. Bummer.
    Am I the only one? Please comment if you too are like me. I hate to be the only one.

  7. Hi GCN Could you please tell me if doing wheelies will wreck your road bike or is it fine to practice them on your road bike…. Please.

  8. Peter Sagan pulls no handed wheelies at the top of hard mountain stages in the Tour de France.How on earth is that even possible.I have never held a wheelie for more than a few seconds,and I once winded myself so bad,I didn't get off the ground for about 5 minutes.This taught me not to try a wheelie using clipless pedals.

  9. My cycle's handlebars always loosen up and start twisting whenever I try too many wheelies on it, so I tried welding it once and then it just broke at that welded point. After having it repaired I just don't get the courage any more to do it. Any tips?

  10. Love wheelies they are soo fun and feel amazing got really good at them lately can do fluid circles on the rear wheel on command now such fun

  11. my biggest problem has been finding the tipping point and staying in that zone.  the first thing i did was concentrate on the pressure of my feet to pedals.  i really had to focus on keeping the pressure minimal.  feel it….that's right….it's more of a feel or touch, than pressing (too hard) against the pedal.  once your in that zone, then focus on using your brake….not before.  that's been my experience and i'm still not where i'd like to be.

  12. I did my first wheelie today!
    A few tips:
    Shift into a really low gear.
    Ride very slow. Almost track-standing.
    Focus on your pedaling. When your strong leg is about to come around to the top, yank on the bars and pedal down with your strong foot as hard as you can.
    The pedaling is just as important as the pull.
    Now just keep pedaling, and try to keep your front wheel straight when you come back down.
    I found it helped me learn faster to pull too hard and flip over a few times..

  13. wish i'd watched this a week ago. showing my son how 'not' to wheelie. came off the back and bashed my knee. I was off the bike for three days and hobbling around.
    my top tip, practice without your feet clipped in!!!

  14. My biggest problem is when the front wheel goes up too much. Stopping the cycling makes it go all the way to the ground and its hard to brake and the handbrakes are pretty shitty

  15. I think it's a good idea to learn to wheelie on a bike that has flat pedals instead of clipless. I actually found it quite helpful to deliberately tip over backwards and quickly put my feet on the ground. Doing that helped me get used to the feeling of going through the balance sweet spot and then just started dabbing the rear brake / pedaling to stay in the sweet spot. I would also say keep your head up so you're looking ahead and move your knees outwards a bit. As you get better you naturally start shifting your knees about for side to side balance and steering.

  16. Tip: use a flat pedal
    Reason: If you go too far back and is unable to brake in time you can stand up straight away without falling with the bike 🙂

  17. A friend can do a wheeelie for a coupleof seconds And he did it on my bike will it damage my cycle?My cycle is a phoenix connnectWheel size is about 24-25 inchPlease tell if it wouldve damaged my cycle or not

  18. I've got the hang of getting the wheelie but I can't balance it… And I've gone too far a couple of times and I can't bring myself back down because the brake is too far of my hand reach when I wheelie, can I fix this some way???

  19. I want to join you people. I'm an Indian struggling for recognition. My main struggle is not for recognition for to fulfill my dream of bringing India a Tour de France gold. I'm good at track cycling, mountain cycling, road race and time trial. If you want to check my ability, I'll post my videos. I'm 17 yrs old. Please think about it. Even I can teach some techniques like you people.

  20. i cannot lift my rear wheel for a long rear wheel is so heavy,how to lift it and start cycling please help me

  21. Hey, does anyone know this:
    I ride mountain for as long as I can remember, but I'm not thinking about moving on to road bike. But one of the things I like most is wheelies, sttopies, jumping form side walks, etc… So my question: Is much harder to do this on a road bike? Or will I be able to still have fun?

  22. I learned to do wheelies on a gravel road when I was 10. Then I moved to jumping ramps. I can't remember how many times I fell and scraped my elbows and knees or had the wind knocked out but I kept going. I think that's the approach in life we should take with everything we do BUT we don't, and certainly falling on your ass hurts more than the procrastination to get things done.

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