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Benefits of cycling
How to Wheelie a Mountain Bike

How to Wheelie a Mountain Bike

riding a bicycle is really very easy but
doing tricks on it is what makes it I catch II and very cool so let us see how
much time do I take to perform a wheelie on a bicycle because really something I
wanted to do ever since I was a kid I will be using my mountain bike which is
Trek Mullins takes to learn to village okay guys so there are these two points
we need to remember before we begin to practice so that we get maximum
effectiveness out of our really tip number one is to ensure that the red
break of the bike is performing fine and tip number two is to adjust the bike to
a lower gear normally the second gear is the most preferable one guys do not
forget to wear the helmet because it is very very important to avoid some
serious injuries so day one zero yes yes off steady below and keep it
going shit technique is easy oh yes too windy well I’ll do it and under
thank you yesterday I soaked over the Internet of it and I found that there is
less of arm strength required in order to lift your front V but there is more
of your leg power so all you got to do is bring the pedal to the two o’clock
position now this is a perfect two o’clock position and then you got to
give a quick jerk or escape with your stronger leg in my case my right leg is
my stronger leg this will make the front wheels rise after which it’s all about
the balance come on ah use your air brake to maintain the balance come on
yeah a good pace and then a good kick trick works every time ah come on
that’s right watching he everybody would do it come on yes yes yes that was a long one yes I am getting it
maintain your balance be confident and go for it yes yes yes now that’s 100%
improvement okay so now I think I’m ready to attempt the bigger release so
the defense from this point to this point is one two three eight meters at
first long fair let’s give it a shot I was there oh yes yes yes
oh six meters yes yes can I be end like this is the key so just make sure to
spend a lot of time with your bike and have fun if you enjoyed the video then
make sure to give it a thumbs up also comment down below what we want me to
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