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How You Know It’s TOO Cold to Ride Outside!

Bart Miller with Cycling Strong there’s two
things you need like this on a day and Idaho. Soo cold you can hardly ride your bike first thing you need is your glacier
gloves best glove out there for cycle cross or
snow bike racing which I’m gonna be doing soon so check
out glacier gloves If you have checked them out amazing
gloves, love riding them got some amazing padding I’m gonna show you just how cold it is and the other thing you need here in Idaho when you doing this so I got me a cup
right here finishers Cup from the silver rush which
is in Leadville Colorado, just follow me right on over here I’m gonna open
this door up and I’m was gonna show you what happens ready and yeah so-called that it absolutely evaporates all the water outside that’s
when you come back in you fill the cup back up you put you
some skratch labs apple and cinnamon in your
cup a you decide to ride the trainer that’s what day
it’s like in idaho see you later

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