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Huawei HONOR BAND 5 Best Fitness Tracker 2019 Under $50

Huawei HONOR BAND 5 Best Fitness Tracker 2019 Under $50

Today the new Huawei Honor Band 5. A smartwatch and fitness tracker offering
big value at a budget price. 5 Best features to follow and a couple of
not so good things. Hit subscribe, or like if the video helps
you. Unboxing your Honor Band 5 reveals of course
your fitness tracker, a charging device, warrantee card and quick guide. Download the impressive Huawei Heath app and
install the firmware update and you’re ready to go. It looks smart. The design will appeal to both men or women. It comes with a charge cable and purpose fit
adaptor which seats perfectly to the case back, and takes 1.5 hours for a full charge. The strap has multiple perforations so everyone
can find a perfect fit. The loop has a pin that will drive you crazy. It helps locate the loop to prevent it sliding. A bit like a self driving car. An invention nobody asked for and nobody wants. It makes it hard work to fasten or undo the
watch strap. If you squeeze the loop the strap will slide,
but you can’t do that with one hand, so that’s only helpful if you wear it on your
foot! You can outsmart the loop by rotating it 180
degrees to face the other way. See? My first of the 5 best features is the multiple
activity sports monitoring. Supporting up to 10 activities, that’s 3
more than the old Honor Band 4 and 5 more than a Mi Band 4. Your Honor Band 5 supports outdoors and indoors
running, outdoors and indoor walking, outdoors and indoors cycling, cross trainer, rowing,
free training, and swimming. A built in 6-axis sensor provides swim stroke
recognition and the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. I don’t know If I’m waterproof to 50 meters
so I dunked mine in a stream. We’ll call that a pass! Your location piggy backs GPS from your smartphone. The watch provides live data during your activity. Your distance covered, beats per minutes,
time elapsed and more. Synched data on the Huawei app lets you study
exhaustive detailed information as well a track map feature which is pretty cool. I timed one firmware update at 37 minutes
so don’t be tempted to update immediately before you go for a run or a hike like I did,
as you might miss your gap in the good weather. My next best feature is the raise to wake
screen. It’s not something I imagined I’d like,
but I was wrong. It’s responsive, works great, and helps
you get up to 14 days on one battery charge. It times out quite fast, but theres an option
to give you temporarily extended display of 5 minutes. The smart use of battery resource means you
can enable the always on heart rate monitor. This is another of my favourite features. Some fitness trackers only give you live heart
rate monitoring during a tracked activity. The Honor Band 5 allows you to enable Continuous
Heart rate monitoring either in detailed 24 hour real time, or by a power saving smart
continuous monitoring option. With continuous heart rate monitoring turned
off you can still call up a live reading from the watch menu at any time. Attempting to cancel this operation apparently
raises my heart rate to nearly double. A big new headline feature promoted online
by the manufacturer, and retailers, is a Blood oxygen monitor available for this new Honor
Band 5. I learn there’s some disappointment expressed
by consumers hitting the online forums. They say this feature is not enabled on their
device, and nor is mine. So I can’t show you. Rumour is this function will be enabled around
October 2019 with a firmware update. Leave a comment if you have something new
to share on that matter. The battery life mentioned briefly already
is another great reason to buy. It’s only 100 mAh but thats what gives you
the fast charging time. I’ve been using the watch a lot for testing
with the screen on maximum brightness to capture better video footage, and with continuous
heart rate monitoring, including night time use of the sleep tracker, and I’m confident
the battery life will impress you. On the watch face main display you you have
the time, your footstep count, calories burnt, and miles covered. And the date! The touch screen full color display is 0.95
inch and with up to 282 PPI pixel density and with tempered glass. Your Honor Band 5 is customizable with a selection
of installed watch faces, and you can download more. You can accept or reject a call from the watch
face, and see notification of missed calls. Various other alerts come through including
text message alerts. I recommend you enable everything and then
disable any features you don’t care for. There’s even remote picture taking and a
find your phone feature. There’s really too much to show you but
thats a credit to the product at it’s budget price point which brings me to the final reason
to consider the Honor Band 5. At around $35 you get something that feels
it should have cost a lot more. The one I have was sent to me from Geekbuying
for an unbiased review. I dropped a link in the description for you. They ship to pretty much anywhere in the world,
and you can use Paypal for the best buyer protection. So check that out. If you use the link to buy an item I may get
a small kick back from that which helps support the channel. If you want to see more tech reviews hit subscribe. See ya.

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