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I Got A Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport Motorcycle!!!

I Got A Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport Motorcycle!!!

hey everybody it has happened welcome to
the newest member of the nomadic fnatic team here on the roads say hello to my
2014 Yamaha TW 200 dual sport bike ain’t she Purdy blue everybody I got a blue
bike so the other day my buddy took me over to Phoenix looked at a couple of
these one guy was selling three of them obviously I fell in love with the blue
it had just 500 miles on this 2014 bike and now as you can see it’s got 819 but
150 of those miles were put on just to drive this thing all the way back to
court sight that’s right I drove it on the highway all the way back these bikes
are actually super popular it’s a 200 cc engine i topped out at 80 mile an hour
on i-10 it’s a dual sport which means horn headlights turn signals everything
you need to be street-legal licensed and everything this is a California bike so
I still got five months left on the tabs here and here is the canister for the
California that’s the only thing that might look a little different if you’re
a normal T dub fan the canister purge for emissions or whatever you know but
uh yeah it’s carbureted and before I bought it we took out the carb cleaned
the carb put a new battery in it as well it’s 5-speed transmission so no more
automatic that’s fun choke right there it is a cold blooded machine so I pretty
much got to choke it every time I start it really good bike though I am so
excited and happy I got a lot of stuff I want to do over the next few months
modification wise what I lost from the scooter was the storage under the seat
well there’s not much storage at all but for the time being I’m just gonna take
the backpack with all my gear and I still got my red helmet I want to get a
blue one later it really has that dirtbike feel we got 18 inch tires on
the front and then a big fat 14 inch tire on the back currently coming with
stock 5050 tires so 50% off-road 50% on-road you
can change those up and do 70 30s depending on what you’re gonna ride
right now I’m gonna I’m gonna wear these down because they still don’t they still
got the nubs on them so we’ll wear these down and then I’ll reevaluate and see if
I want to change the tires but I have a pretty good feeling that 50/50 is pretty
much gonna be exactly what I’m using it for driving around town to film and then
every once in a while you know take a nice little dirt trail and go on a
little adventure yeah you know I really preached that Honda PCX scooter for the
longest time that was 298 pounds on the back of the RV and it was a really
practical fun part of my life to be able to get me away from the RV when it’s
comfortable and explore more and share more with you guys and after well
there’s two things after evaluating and saying that I kind of miss going on
trails mixed that with the fact that Jason and Candace from camping with the
Kelly’s let me ride there TW that they tour around with and I could not wipe
the stupid smile off my face at RTR I was having so much fun and a good way to
think about it is I can only carry one bike on the back okay so if you think
about it I could maybe put a dirt bike back there or I could put a road bike
back there luckily there exists this awesome machine called the dual sport
which does both and and although I knew about it I just never thought I’d never
realized that it was going to be so much fun to have this in my life instead and
of course time will tell it is a 200 cc and like I said I got it up to eighty
but I think 60 mile an hour is really its comfort zone because it was really
revving up there but for trails and stuff like this I don’t need anything
bigger than it than a 200 for me it’s got a really low seat compared to
like the Honda CRF that has I think a 35 inch seat this has a 31 inch seat and
it’s a little bit adjustable as well obviously most important is blue right
and something to consider was the actual price itself
so I ended up selling the scooter for my asking price of 1,500 put in another
1,500 to get this so I invested my initial choice didn’t lose any value in
the scooter and just upgraded to something like this and would you
believe that this is actually lighter than the scooter it really is because
it’s it’s kind of bare-bones you know it doesn’t have all that extra plastic and
stuff and so this way is 272 pounds I think so about 20 or 25 pounds lighter
than the actual scooter on the back of the RV as far as transport that’s still
a work in progress I did buy that ramp over at the swap meet in quartzite and I
also did buy another motorcycle carrier in Phoenix I’ll show you that later as
far as tabs and licensing it’s still like I said it’s still good in
California so I’m working on getting I have ten days or nine days left to
transfer the bill of sale over to Washington State and if any problems
arise I may have to go back up to Washington earlier but I’m hoping that
it can all be done remotely and but we’ll see I’m really happy with it I’m
happy to be part of the TWU family here it’s a fun looking bike and it is so
much fun to ride guys so let me start it up show you what it sounds like and then
we’ll go for a ride she’s warm now the most important part is how we going
to travel with this bike let me show you the idea here this is the carrier I got
used on Craigslist a much different design it’s actually got an 8 inch wide
track here no more grooves just a smooth track it’s steel it has the wheel chock
here so that the front wheel can sit in this basin and it’ll help protect it
from going this way or going off the edge this will fold down once the
weights there on the wheel and basically keep the front wheel locked there and it
has this huge ramp which is connected by wing nuts here so it stores here and
then I’ll show you right here to that little lip right there you could put a
pin in there once you get it locked in but essentially that will drop into this
part of the ramp right here and I’m hoping I’m hoping I’m hoping that this
new ramp that comes with this one will actually be long enough
plus I have a lot of high clearance on the bike I’m going to attempt to get a
running start and just roll it right on up onto the carrier and we’ll see how it
goes because what I don’t have now it well I with the scooter I could have one
hand on the throttle and one hand on the rear brake on the other side and I can
kind of feather up the ramp with this you know being manual transmission I
could select first gear it’s just gonna be a pain in the butt because my
throttle hand is where the brakes at and I won’t be able to have control of the
brake so I think it’s best just to try to manually push it up the ramp and I’ll
set the camera and see how this goes and what I learned all right and there’s the finished
product no lights blocked I’ve got it all secured on all four sides you will
notice a little bit of wobble on this that is because I still don’t have an
anti wobbler in the hitch I have a pin in there but I don’t have an anti
wobbler in there yes so there is gonna be a little bit of movement here for a
little bit until I get it but I did order it it’s coming and for now this is
definitely going to work how’s that look you

100 comments on “I Got A Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport Motorcycle!!!

  1. Dual sport/Enduro life is awesome. It is going to take you place you were never able to get to before.

  2. You need better riding gear for off road. Riding boots, chest protector, and gloves at a minimum.

  3. Super Happy for you Eric!! I have 2007 Yamaha XT 225 that I travel with and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I wish you the best with it and Happy & Safe Travels!!!

  4. Great job finding the bike and the ramp. The TW200 is an excellent little bike. It is super maneuverable, and its low stance makes it safe to ride in tight, tricky situations.
    I bought a new one in 2004, and put over 40,000 miles on it over the next several years, riding it almost daily to work & back. I was getting about 80 – 85 mpg on mine.
    It’s very handy around town, but really shines out in the boondocks.
    I was able to find a stock Yamaha luggage rack for mine, on e-bay. It helped a lot.
    Happy Trails

  5. Completely and totally awesome bro! I love the tw200! I am hoping to get one at the end of this year. If you don't mind me asking, what is your height & weight?

  6. Great choice Eric.  I have one myself a '94' model no real problems with it.  Also did you know that 3 guys rode there tw200's to the North Pole to be the first motorcycle to ever do this.  No point in saying this because I know you will but. have fun.

  7. 80 miles per hour?
    Those are more capable bikes that I give them credit for, I may have to check one out myself
    And I know what you mean about the scooter not being as much fun, my Honda Silverwing is a very capable transportation Appliance, but not really very fun

  8. Great fun, TW200's are. Mine served me well as a grocery getter in Baja Mexico.

    You're old enough to know that road rash SUCKS! Great job on loading, my carrier is mounted to high, I have to have help loading mine. Gravity is my friend when unloading.

  9. You will love the "wobbler" I modified my hitch to accept a bike rack also. If you change the location of the loading ramp to the outside and put the ramp that holds the cycle close the rig will get even more stability… I use some harbor freight indicators with magnetic mounts on the loading ramp so there is no obstruction and I raised my license plate to the center above the cycle for clear view… you can get some motorcycle LED mounting bolts to light up the Plate in its new easy to see (no reason to pull you over) position.

  10. Welcome to the duel sport world! I would encourage you to always wear good gloves and boots and a helmet. They can be the difference between stand up and brush yourself off and a trip to the ER. Thanks for posting.

  11. Welcome to the T-Dub family! Here are some ideas for added cargo capacity. weld up some bolt-on frames to hold soft saddle bags and add a spare gas tank mount or tail rack and you can carry what you need for a decent trail ride. I added a quad seat cushion I found on Amazon, mounted a tool tube under the tail on the left, and replaced the mirrors with fold out convex mirrors that hide behind the hand guards so they don't get broken off by branches. Join our forum at See pics at:

  12. EVERY motorcyclist should own a Dub at some point. Modern motorcycles just don't get any more "pure." I love mine! The stock rear is a great tire, but a Shinko 244 or 241 is a great upgrade for the front. Careful with the mods/farkles, the addiction is REAL! Hahaha.

  13. Congrats! My friend had one and I took my motorcycle license test on one… Super fun and lightweight. What I call chuckability!

  14. There's a 1000 comments so obviously I didnt go thru all. But either the sound is off-sync or you put the throttle cables on the carbruretor backward. Ride safe.

  15. A great find and you'll have loads of fun riding that on modest trails. ATGATT – all the gear, all the time. An evaporative cooling vest will keep you comfy in the heat. Love your RV, too!

  16. Holy shit, that 200cc motor just keeps on getting faster. 80mph, what? lol Just don't jump it. Had fun with mine.

  17. Lots of people like to crap on those tires, but i think they do 'ok'. I hit lots of sand and climb some pretty steep hills in them no problem.. I would recommend a dual sprocket setup if you want to cruise faster than 60mph for long periods of time.. and check your Speedo, mine reads almost 70 when I'm barely pushing 60 and the engine is pretty much screaming at that speed.

  18. Very cool! I snapped up a similar-condition 2013 TeeDub last spring for my wife to learn on. Had about 800 miles on it, he had only ridden it a few hours since the break-in service. You nailed it with the choke and being cold blooded. She likes to be run and be warm… doesn’t like being cold. Once warmed up, it is certainly a fun little bike! We don’t live on the road like this, but for rough Washington farm and ranch duty it is bang on perfect. License and lights so I can scoot down the road to see neighbors without a problem, but I don’t take this sucker on the highways. Not without regearing, jetting, and a pipe to give it a little more top end. But stock? Perfect little local runabout. I haven’t gotten too deep into the farkling yet, but did add some barkbuster knockoffs and removed some extra reflectors (you know, the crap that just breaks when new riders inevitably drop the bike). It’ll get a skidplate and probably some heavier springs for my 200+lb self.

    Love your bumper hauling rig. Getting the little TeeDub into the back of my Silverado is a bit of a pain… thinking about getting one of these carriers so the bed stays free and loading isn’t so high in the air.

    Anyway… great video! Have fun on that bike!

  19. Welcome to the TW family! Go meet the nicest bunch of riders on the site. There's a ton of folks on your side of the country that love to ride. You're sure to find someone to help expand your back road riding.

  20. You are going to love the new TW. I have owned one now for about 6 years. They are cheap, fun and low maintenance. Also they are very capable off-road. You are going to be able to get to some remote places with that bike and film some really cool things. The entire dual-sport/adventure motorcycle class is the way to go. I have had a blast on all of mine. Get some long pants, boots and good motorcycle gloves. Then look into some Wolfman luggage for the TW. The only problem with the TW is the stock chains are junk and need upgraded. Its an easy fix though.

  21. I'm 57 and wanted a Rokon but just way to much money. How would this bike do on hills and steep trails at a snails pace ?

  22. Welcome to the TDUB CLUB! Excellent choice you made there. They are an amazing little mountain goat of a motorcycle!

  23. Congratulations on a great bike, and whhho, slow down there, check the speed ratings on those tires? it may be only 50-60 mph. Nice and quiet too. Shocks I believe are adjustable to your weight.

  24. get some soft panniers for the storage loss ! weird question but how much do you weigh ? because i'm about 250lbs and i didn't know if 200cc's was enough bike for me . anyway great vid keep them up and i just subbed !

  25. Eric,
    The Yamaha TW200. What a great choice! Low saddle, light weight, something like 80 miles to the gallon, on/off road capable, inexpensive to buy and maintain…should I gone on? A true classic. Although I have not owned or even ridden a motorcycle since a horrendous crash in 2008, your video really really makes me want to get back on the saddle. For sure when I become a nomad like you guys, this will be my choice for trips into town or up into the mountains! Thanks for everything you film!

  26. What 80MPH???? must be re-geared I have owned many of these and they never went above 60MPH and that was with mods.. But that said there great machines.

  27. Love the TW200 hate the drums brakes on I though. And you're an idiot for not having gear on while you ride through those rocks. While bikes are fun. If you aren't prepared for your ride expect the worst to happen. Especially when you are in the middle of nowhere. Anything can happen so at least give yourself the best odds against disaster. ATTGATT! But honestly I sorta expect this level of stupidity from this guy.

  28. We have very similar taste! I also have a Vortec 454 powered Fleetwood motorhome (98 Pace Arrow 35ft class A), with the exact same motorcycle carrier on the back (with a quick little Ninja 300 sport bike). What I did for the wobble (the anti-wobbler part doesnt work too great), was to extend the 'arms' under the platform of the carrier to under the motorhome bumper. Works great! Another thing I did to minimize stress on motorcycle carrier, RV receiver, and RV frame was to push the motorcycle carrier farther (forward) into the receiver- had to drill another hole into the carrier for the locking pin to go in. The 'normal' factory setup of the carrier puts the weight too far back behind the bumper for my comfort (more bounce, more potential flex, worse aero too). My lil' Ninja weighs a tad more @ 350lbs with my modifications, and despite the fact that the weight is all suspended (much more taxing than towed weight), Big Bertha doesn't even know its back there! Also- if you have hydraulic jacks, raising the front conveniently lowers the rear for easy bike loading! Just a couple tips I've learned in my 100% boondocking adventures… I'm happily subscribed to your well made channel!

  29. We have a sweet service manual with tech support if you want to do your own maintenance, link below. Gotta love a TW!

  30. I'm looking at this same setup…however it's going to be on the back of a 5th wheel, big challenge is hitch is only rated for 300#. Any idea what your complete setup weighs? I'm hoping that I can possibly reinforce the hitch to get the rating up to 350# and then I think I'll be safe. Of course then I need to be concerned about pin weight on the front hitch. No perfect rv out there! LOL!

  31. You will have a great time with that bike! It is great for all kinds of terrain! It will go as far as you push it!✌️

  32. 80 MPH on a TW??? It must have some major gearing changes, or it is a steep downhill from Phoenix to Quartzite.

  33. KTM ridders may call this a snail but when they get passed broken down on the side of the road by it they will have nothing to say. Lol

  34. nice bike but I wonder what the limits are on the dirt…….I would like to do more than just ride around on easy dirt roads

  35. Awsome video! I own a skoolie and I want to put almost the exact same set up you have on the back of my bus! I currently own a Suzuki 800 intruder and I'm looking to trade it for a TW200 because the 800 is just to heavy and I cant go off road with it!

    Awsome !

  36. I just got a 1998 last month and love it! Then last week I bought a 1991 XT350. The 350 is a blast! But it’s hard to pick out my favorite. I bought the TW so I could mount it on the back of my 4Runner and take it everywhere with me.
    Your carrier looks just like mine except my ramp is mounted behind the carrier. I also throw a strap over the rear tire for more stability.
    Happy Trail(way)s, 🤠🤙🏻🍺

  37. I like the TW… but… vids I've watched. It doesn't have any balls. Oh yeah… it does a good putt around on dirt roads and easy trails. Maybe instead of worrying about how fast it runs top end… people should maybe gear it down some so it doesn't lug down and die on anything that has a vertical challenge to it. I've been looking also at the Yamaha XT250… almost the same seat height … looks kind of like a hybrid trials bike. 5 gears but fuel injected. No radiator either. I donno… TW has a different look, but I haven't really seen anyone that can really make it preform trail riding… where the trail is a little challenging .

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