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I got new bike? – Cycling story: Episode 3 – True life story

I got new bike? – Cycling story: Episode 3 – True life story

Hello and welcome to my channel. This is episode 3 of my cycling stories. I also got new hair cut. Last time with max grade around 13%, which
I didn’t know of, because google maps doesn’t show grades. I thought it
This time He looks at me sees my trekking bike and my cheap cycling jersey and asks:
“Do you need a new bike by any chance?” I was quiet for a bit and then I said: “Yeah,
I’m thinking to buy one” “What’s you r name?” “Berry, yours?” “Matjaž” “Where are you going?” “I’m going home from work” “Where
are you working?” “I’m working in bike shop” “You said
that you can get me a new road bike” “Yeah, we are cleaning storage in bike shop” “For
how much?” “Around 800€” Light turns green, we
start cycling and keep talking. 10mins passed We reach next town, exchange
numbers and go separate ways. I’m cycling for a while on flat road, when
suddenly 4 guys overtake me on a road bikes. I put in hardest gear and forcing myself to
stay with them. After 20 secs I was going 45km/h and my cadence
was probably like 130, so I couldn’t keep up with them and get dropped. I felt bad after I was dropped, because bike
was the reason why I couldn’t hold their pace. From that moment, I knew that I really need
new bike, specially road bike in order to keep up with those guys. I wasn’t even half way through my ride and
I reach first steep climb at 7% average grade, which got maximum at 14%. It was like I would hit a wall. I slowly reach top and next 40 secs was downhill. You know what comes after downhill… more
uphill. I didn’t think that this 7km segment is
so steep, because it didn’t look that bad on a map. 40 minutes later I reach top take fast photo
while passing the lake and 10 minutes after that another one at highest point of our county
called “Pikovnik”, which is at 870m above sea level. After 72km, I arrive home get off bike and
lay on my bed. I was so wasted. In next 14 days I do few more long rides and
keep talking with Berry over phone about what bike parts should I have. Since I didn’t know what’s the difference
in bike parts, he always suggest what should I take for this price, so I agreed to almost
everything. After a lot of talking, he finally build my
bike and we set day and place where to meet. Of course, we met at my house. I saw him driving small Renault Clio for a
sec, I was asking myself “where is the bike?”, since car was so small, I was expecting to
see my bike above the car. He turned on my yard and I finally see my
bike INSIDE his car. I was like “Why is this bike so small?”,
but after he stopped and put it outside, I realized that it was normal size. He gave me special cycling shoes and I put
them on. That first feeling when I put those shoes
on was like I was wearing high heels backwards. It was so weird feeling. Now it was finally time to get on a bike. He holds bike tightly and I get on it. Clipless pedals were something new for me. I try few times to clip shoes in and out before
he let me go. After few minutes of practicing, I finally
go around the block. I can still remember feeling when pedalling
upwards felt strange to me, same goes for shifting and braking. I come back to my house and I was happy as
never before. My smile was like a Grinch. I get the money and pay him. Bike and shoes together were 720€, which
was cheap. I met this guy totally random with pure luck
on intersection on a red light and he was even working in bike shop, so I got lower
price on bike. If you ask me, it was higher force who wanted
me that I become cyclist. By the way… yesterday was 3 year-anniversary
for having this road bike. First ride with new road bike felt so weird
to get used to, especially shifting part. Third day I planned long ride and on slightly
extended ride that I did month ago. I go downhill on same hill that I made my
top speed. I reach town “Ajdovščina”, which is
5km further than town “Vipava”, where I was last time. For some reason I thought that, “Vipava”
is further than “Ajdovščina”, so I go in other direction. After few minutes of riding, I see this sign. I was so frustrated, because I thought I knew
that “Vipava” is further away from home, but I was wrong. Few minutes passed and I decide that I’ll
turn left, so I turn left and I’m going above highway on long flat road. I reach corner and from there I was going
on never-ending uphill road. From there, I was already lost and had no
idea, where I am. I had phone, but no data on it and no offline
maps, so I couldn’t know where I am. I finally see road going downhill and since
I was in middle of nowhere, because I didn’t see any sign of life in last 30 minutes, I
push as hard as I can. I see corner that’s going behind this tiny
hill. So I’m going sonic speed in this blind corner
on unknown territory and then… To be continued
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