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I lOVE This Trail! – Riding Enduro bikes at Sumas Mtn! | Jordan Boostmaster

I lOVE This Trail! – Riding Enduro bikes at Sumas Mtn! | Jordan Boostmaster

Today I’m going on a little YouTube
ride at sumas mountain this place is right in Abbotsford where i live but i
actually barely go here we’ve got a good crew today a few youtubers that you
might recognize, BC POV, Van Can, Paul the Punter, Trail Features and a few friends
you’ll notice I am riding something different today this is an evolved NV
with 150 mm travel in the rear 160 mm in the front 27.5 enduro bike now I’m
borrowing it from evolve bikes just for the weekend because I wanted to have an
enduro bike for the vedder mtn enduro race which is happening in a couple days
today will be the only experience I have with this bike get used to it before the
race. “Sweet let’s send it!” Oh yeah and BCPOV will be racing it with me as well so
that’ll be fun to see who could win in an enduro race alright what is it Holiday
Sauce? alright I know you guys are wanting to see me riding my new sky
pilot more but you’ll have to wait till next week to see that again this is nice
fresh trail sumas mountain has a lot of trails that
have a lot of uphill in them so that’s why me and my friends tend to avoid this
place but the advantage is you can shuttle this place at least I think when
I finally get my enduro bike I will try to get out here a little more often whoa
boy whoa sick! that’s pretty fun There really was a lot of uphill on this run why
can’t the trail just go downhill but hey that’s ok since it makes for a nice long
ride time and there were plenty of fun descents on it boom hello tight so this ride was
actually before I got my evolve sky pilot and actually thought that this env
would be the enduro bike I’d be getting from them I mentioned in my last video
revealing my sponsors that they were discontinuing this bike so I will be
getting something a bit different from them in the future
and we are still figuring out exactly what that is sorry I don’t have much
more information to give ya woo uphill skinny that’s awesome alright that’s cool next up we’ll do squid wine
which is consuming this but I built the trail above it I kind of want show you
that trail that’d be cool yeah it’s got a double black stuff on it right around
so we went up and checked out BC POVs trail that he built a few years ago this
is Java name this trail is generally a flowy trail but with black or double
black features spread throughout it what are we what do we got all right all
right spikes sending it froze blue to the left blacks report a lot of
the features have easier routes around them but I’m just gonna go for the
gnarly stuff whoa this is a little bit spice that’s cool
Oh interesting this thingy above her this cool section
here it looks like one of the most tricky parts of the trail you’re on a
pretty skinny little section here with a whole rock on the right side and a drop
off to the left at the end of it you can just roll down okay drop it in sick dude that was good few of us were
going for it yeah sweet send it Paul Paul said no at first
but after a bit of contemplation he decided to go for it yeah poor you back that was pretty scary he didn’t get a
concussion thankfully but he did hurt his ribs and his shoulder it really
could have been a lot worse how’s your vision okay eventually he got
back on his feet and we continued down the trail well I was sketch Oh
Sarek honest opinion who do you think will win in the veteran Jarrow I think
you’re gonna take it like out of me in you Oh how do you think I can do I don’t
know because it’s hard to say cuz I haven’t done in the drill race
like it’s hard for me to even tell but I’m just curious like what you think
it’d be pretty cool you might have more oh right speed yeah better like yeah I
think so I’m kind of thinking that like maybe I’ll beat you in some stages
you’ll beat me in some stages that’s kind of what I’m thinking both of our
videos of the better ground enduro will be up this week so you can look forward
to that and don’t forget there’s a big youtuber race at the EWS 100 in Whistler
happening in August this year among six mountain bike youtubers so you can look
forward to some pretty cool competition happening among us in the near future
two lines okay sketch
I did it but I wish that this seat could go lower I don’t know it just gets
annoying the steep stuff like the frame goes so high so I asked
for a size medium of this bike to borrow for the weekend but I was getting
suspicious that it was actually a large the seat post was pretty high despite it
being slammed all the way down and I did find out later that they really did give
me a size large bike there may have been some miscommunication but oh well it was
still a fun bike to ride I was just happy that I had an enduro bike for the
better mountain enduro race which is in two days whoo yo Zack in this section there’s actually
a double drop feature it’s hidden because nobody rides it where is it even
so like that’s the drug drop guys gritty all clear well that was fun the rest of the trail
gets nice and flowy and quite fun baby oh-ho we got some jokes well it’s weird I love it that’s it Sinnott wait hey that was fun so that
will be the end of salty nozzle from here we’re gonna go to a classic trail
called squid liner it’s one of the more popular ones out here it’s a very fast
and flowy trail it’s been a long time since I rode this only because it’s been
so long I’ve ridden this mountain in general but the trail is way better with
shorter travel bikes the gong show that always is our
youtuber rides ended suitably with Joe getting a flat tire on his rental truck
and I locked my keys in my car thankfully my brother came by with a
spare key that I had at home after all that I headed out to better moan to get
a little practice in before the race on Sunday since I’ve not written any of
these trails with this bike not to mention a couple of them I’ve never
ridden period it was a wise move for me I found a trail called high didn’t seek
that I could practice on it would have been blind otherwise on the race day but
now I get a chance to ride it I’m not going to show you too much
because this will all be featured in the next video during the actual race okay
this one one that kind of worries me a bit oh shoot I thought that was gonna be
like the past to me okay especially with Auto down Hilda I rode this like a couple days ago with my
downhill bank and it was already a gnarly on that Bank and I have to race
on this thing I honestly don’t know don’t do that sketch that’s freaking
sketch yeah I’m really glad I had the opportunity to practice the steep stuff
on this bike so it’s not blind on race day it felt pretty good but I just got
to stay on the safe side and not go too fast oh my goodness I’m just sliding
down into Mangal dude yeah that’s a bit sketch man I
don’t know I’m going to do on that on the race just got it not crash look at
this bridge okay cannot do that during the race someone’s might just pass me here just practicing my endurance here just
going nonstop pretty tiring I do not know if I’m going that fast
I do not know if that’s the better route see this stuff is so fun you don’t need
a general bike for oh and that finds out so I would say I’m feeling pretty good
for this race and I think I can do a pretty good job at it this race requires
us to hike up the mountain at about three times in total which I’ve never
done before in my life I am a little worried about how I’m gonna make it
through all the stages will I have the energy to make it through the whole day
stay tuned for my next video and find out thank you guys so much for watching
give a like and subscribe if you haven’t already huge thanks to all my patrons
who helped me go full time on this channel being full time is so much fun
and I’m just so much more free to go on little trips here and there and just
kind of do everything have less obligations consider supporting me on
patreon if you want to see more extended cuts and check out my stickers on my
website as well thanks guys see you next time

100 comments on “I lOVE This Trail! – Riding Enduro bikes at Sumas Mtn! | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. I broke my wrist after a crash on Sunday, was told i wont be able to ride for a good while. Super excited to get back on the bike after watching you guys, good luck on the race!!

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    Me: Not got a clue who those you tubers are and never seen your friends before 😂

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  17. Good luck in the race dude 🤘 That was pretty funny seeing you throw that stick away after the keys mishap 😆

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  19. The best thing about riding with a bunch of YouTubers, when you crash you get to be on everyones channel!

  20. Your videos are getting REALLY good now that you've gone full time! It's REALLY cool to see you on an enduro bike hitting trails. I love the short commentaries, but you are still focusing on the POV action riding the trail. I think you've found a good mix. The ONLY thing I think would make it a little more compelling, is to occasionally splice in some conversation. Topic doesn't really matter…just something to give it a human factor, whether it is a few comments from Paul about his crash, or maybe something funny that happened. Maybe that's just me, but I like that aspect, and it's a big part of why a lot of us ride…the social interractions. SingleTrack Sampler does a great job with that.

  21. Bro this is literally my backyard. I grew up riding all these trails. I never knew you were from Abbotsford. I would love to take a few tips with ya sometime man! Hope you enjoyed my daily runs.

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  25. One of the mechanics at my LBS did the EWS a couple of years back and after hearing how much uphill there was and how long the course took him it will be very interesting who takes the YouTube EWS. The mechanic was saying he was so exhausted after some of the uphills his downhill technical skills suffered. Good luck!!

  26. Guys I am from Germany and I want to make a year abroad after my finals. I want to ride Enduro and dh and surely work a little as a waiter or something. I thought about New zealand(Queenstown etc) or British Columbia with whistler etc? What can you guys recommend?

  27. 13:28 I'm surprised at how many experience riders go down in washout crashes like yours. I think there is a skill at judging traction on flowy courses.

  28. out here in jersey it's only like that
    short downhills and short uphills and many many turns
    not my type of terrain out here, i wanna move out of here because of that single reason

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  33. man these videos are really inspiring me to pack my bags and move to BC, Canada. I hope I can make a dream come true within 1 or 2 years. Time to start saving my pennies.

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