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I paint a bike helmet with spray paint like my socks !!!

I paint a bike helmet with spray paint like my socks !!!

hi my name is Martin and we are here at
the ETOE paint shop and today I like to ignite a little firework of colors and I
like to paint a little bicycle helmet like my socks DIY style so you can do it
yourself if you want to so let’s start with the preparation and let’s dive
right into this paint job and if you ask yourself is this guy crazy yes he is
but I like to show you how you can paint your helmet yourself the first and
really boring step is the preparation of the helmet I have to sand the surface
and to do so I use such a scuff pad I will link you some in the description and
then I have to sand the shell of the helmet that takes some time maybe an
hour so turn on some good music and start to sand and I’m done
the second step is masking and the third step is asking ask yourself what color
do I like on my helmet and I recommend to check your socks or your panties to
find the right color for your helmet but before we can spray on any color you
have to do the nerve-wracking job of marking this helmet I only want to paint
the shell of this helmet so I have to mask all these ventilation holes and the
inside of the helmet and to do that I use such a masking tape I will link you
some in the description you can find it also in a hardware store near the paint
supplies and that’s my job during the next I think 2 hours yeah I’m already done with the masking
of the helmet but there’s one thing left we need for the real Sox flavor that’s a
piece of cheddar cheese and I will put this cheese into the helmet and fix it
with some masking tape so the flavor of the cheese can sit into the helmet
during the painting process and we are ready to paint this helmet so let’s choose some
nice color for the socks paint job that’s my new buddy Eddie the sock
and Eddie the sock is mainly blue you can see it in his eyes
but he also some neon orange racing stripes so I will choose neon orange a
light blue also dark blue and I will choose some white some yellow and maybe
a sparkling red but before we can spray on color we have to primer the helmet and I know that’s exactly the moment
where the keyboard warriors start to shoot through the comment section you
can’t wear a painted helmet it’s not safe
your brain will explode you will fall of your bike your front wheel will chop of a
baby’s head your fork will stick in the neighbor’s cat your saddle will hit your
granys head so disclaimer if you are a keyboard warrior and if you’re not a
professional don’t paint the cycle helmet and if you have your brain only
for a heavy head don’t paint a cycle helmet but if you have a brain and if
you are able to use it let’s find out if the keyboard warriors are right no more jokes right now because that’s a
real safety issue and if you are not hundred percent sure what you’re doing
don’t customize any safety products such as helmets what I have here is a block
made of polystyrene and that’s the same same material these helmets are made of
so let’s find out what can happen to the polystyrene if you apply the wrong color
what I have here is also a rattle can and in this rattla can is a color made
of alcide resin and I will apply this on the polystyrene so let’s check what
happens after the application of this color I will mask an area on this
polystyrene and then I will spray the alcide resin in this area so let’s apply the
color and let’s check what happens to the polystyrene you can see how the polystyrene starts
to bubble and the color eats the polystyrene it will also eat your helmet
all these parts made of polystyrene and this holes are becoming bigger and
bigger so let’s set the color for another 10 minutes and let’s check what
happens to this block and that is what happened the polystyrene after 10
minutes the colour melted the polystyrene and it looks a bit like the
Grand Canyon so what can I do I will use a special primer made for polystyrene
and the primer is like a barrier in between the polystyrene and the next
layer of color and so I can avoid to melt as polystyrene so let’s check this
primer and let’s check if it does what it should do
I have masked the Grand Canyon also an area on the right side of this block so
I will spray the poly primer in the middle of this block so let’s check what
it does and I will do a hot contest I will apply
the arc Idris and over this primer to check if the primer seals the
polystyrene and if it blocks the next color hot contest wet-on-wet
to see what the primer can do and that is what happened to my polystyrene block
after ten minutes I have two black al-qaida resin on underneath the primer
and I have no Grand Canyon also the arrows are visible so if you have no
knowledge about chemistry and if you don’t understand what happens on this
polystyrene block and if you are not able to read an instruction list on a
spray can don’t paint any safety gear but if you
are able to use your brain and if you are able to read and understand an
instruction list follow me during the next steps so the first shot on the
helmet may be the primer it’s not only for good adhesion it’s also to protect
the surface of the helmet don’t forget to decrease the helmet before you apply
color and don’t forget to wear a spry mask now we can start with the part which
99.9% of the people think is custom painting spraying color on the helmet I
will use some masking tape not more masking tape a link in the description
pair of scissors cutting knife and then go creative and it’s everytime the same
game painting masking painting masking PMPM
p.m. like a hot chick which puts a new picture on Instagram and after 10
seconds your cell phone PM PM PM private message private message private message
private message let’s go create it I have master section on the back of the
helmet and I will spray this table blue it’s only a base coat display smaller
areas also in neon orange but let’s apply the first color and make sure we spray on all areas also
inside the ventilation holes it’s ten masks so it’s no problem which is play
inside these holes and I will do that all over the helmet is different colors
until it looks nearly like my socks that was the first run of color but it’s
only to kept the engine running and to heat up a little bit and now it’s time
to go crazy and to mask some more detail and to add a lot more color the
discernment but it’s up to you you can choose whatever you want as much color
as you like and as you can so I’m a damask this color and must handle for
the next step yeah you need some rolls of masking tape
and if the ball of masking tape is higher than your helmet you know your
dance yeah I got a bit quiet you’re my
painting party but the ball of masking tape has turned into a hill of masking
tape way higher than the helmet and that means I’m done and what do you think
does the design of the helmet match the ugliness of my socks let me know in the
comments if it is so what I have to do is I have to shoot this ugly piece of
candy TTT with some clear coat to protect it so let’s change to the paint
booth and let’s apply some nice 2k and we are here at the paint booth what I
have here is a professional 2k clear coat system in a spray can display Max
and that’s like the same stuff I use in my spray guns for my professional paint
jobs it’s a spray can with clear coat and also his Harbor in it you have this
little red cap you can push the cap into the can the harder the mix with the
clear coat and you have a professional system you can use for 48 hours that’s
enough for 2 to 3 shots with a drawing and sanding in between so let’s give it
a try and that spray this clear coat on the helmet you have to challenge a
neurotic an upside down push the red cap into the valve wait some time and then
shake the head don’t forget a spray mask when applying color and then let’s give it a shot I have to wait 10 to 15 minutes and
after these 10 to 15 minutes I will give it a second shot it’s time for the
second child of clear coat yeah that’s it I cleaned up the shop a
bit removed all the masking tape and we are done but I will never wear this one
boy because I’m afraid of an eagle flying over and hit man hat because he
thinks I’m a freaking parrot and don’t forget to enjoy your piece of cheese
with a good glass of wine or a beer and if you are under 16 a lemonade or if you
are an American and under the age of 21 a glass of milk that’s all I have to
tell you about helmet painting check out also in sacrament Facebook for my daily
stuff eatery designs and see one of my next videos goodbye

58 comments on “I paint a bike helmet with spray paint like my socks !!!

  1. I didn't know there was such a thing as polystyrene primer; I always just mask super carefully! Will defo get some next time I'm doing this style of helmet! Awesome result BTW Martin.

  2. Love your work Martin, here's me painting my helmet and shoes to match my bike.

  3. If you don't want to mask the inside of your helmet just stuff it with a towel or a rag of some sort. It worked good for me!

  4. You’re job is amazing but since when you became with the idea to act like crazy. I like you any way just please be less crazy .

  5. Sehr gut erklärt, danke. Ich bin mir nur nicht sicher, ob es nicht ZUVIELE Farbtöne auf einmal sind. Mehr als drei Farben in einem Design machen ein Produkt schnell „unruhig“. Klar, hier in diesem Viddo geht es das Lackieren an sich. Für meinen eigenen Helm würde ich aber deutlich weniger Farben nehmen.

    Den Tipp mit dem Käse fand ich übrigens … Käse. Sorry, der musste sein ;-).

    Viel Erfolg weiterhin mit Deinen Videos, bin gespannt auf das nächste.

  6. 1:45 die Socke mit den Augen 😀 (Eddy !)
    Deine Videos sind einfach Mega ! Informativ und in einer Art, dass es nie langweilig wird. Top !!
    Was ich ebenfalls richtig gut finde. Die Links für EU und US. Eigentlich kaum der Rede wert aber sowas machen auch nur wenige.
    Die Sicherheitshinweise und das Beispiel ist sehr hilfreich , es gibt sicherlich viele die genau dort ihren Helm zerstören .
    Das Ergebnis ist wie immer ein absoluter Hit!

  7. Question: No sanding between primer- color and color- clear coat? Thanks for the video! We were waiting for something like this!!!

  8. Well explained as always!
    Do you know how much weight the helmet has put on with all the colour?

    I think this is your craziest video yet! o.O

  9. You are late! I already destroyed my helmet one day before the video came out ahahah… Well it was an experiment and a cheap old helmet, so I don't care too much 😂

  10. Martin I have one question to you. Are you sure your mask is working when you spray because I think you are loosing it buddy. 🤣🤣🤣. I just love the humour in your videos. Thank you for your time to teach us.

  11. Bwahahaha… I think you've been sniffing paint fumes for too long, your videos are turning into part time comedy shows 😂 Another great job on the helmet, first class as always 👌🏼

  12. How much time do you allow between coats before applying masking on top of the fresh paint? I've had an issue with paint sticking to the masking tape when peeling it off and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.

  13. Awesome Martin. For years I have considered painting helmets but always too many questions. You have answered them all. I think the cheese and beer is definitely the clincher 😂. Keep them rolling. Love your work.

  14. great job! It is a unique piece! worthy of an eagles attack. A great sense of humor! Are the nozzles standard or special? greetings from Mexico!

  15. ….And maybe some good Spanish subtitles for the Latin American community. Here you have fans who are not given English!😂😂

  16. MartinMartinMartin… Proper cyclists wear white socks! But it would mean a pretty boring video from you… And, who said that Germans do not have a sense of humour?? Thanks Martin.. Rgr

  17. Hi Martin, awesome work as always, quick question, how long do you leave the paint to dry before you remove the masking tape/Vinyl Decals?

  18. I only have white or black socks so I found a pair of my girlfriend's panties that I liked. Instead of using cheese, I taped a sardine inside. I have to say sardines & milk…..not good but your video is 😀

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