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I went to WAR | Supermoto Racing 2020

I went to WAR | Supermoto Racing 2020

The word War has a lot of different meanings
depending on who you are. For some it is a battle for greatness. For others it might mean hell. In the case of this video, WAR stands for
Western American racing, which is a supermoto racing series in southern California. Now that a new season is here I couldn’t
wait to get racing again. So I took a 7 hour trip all the way from the
San Francisco bay area to Apex kart track in Perris, which is southeast of Los Angeles. I trucked down the day before the event and
camped at a local camping spot about 10 minutes from the track. I had a look at some footage I had collected
2 weekends ago, when me and my buddy Lukas went down to ride Apex and Adams kart tracks. We had some great fun those days, and I got
in some crucial training before this event. That same day I also tried out my new Ohvale
190, man that things is a blast. Funny enough I had watched some YouTube videos
of Josh Herrin lapping Apex kart track on his Ohvale. Well would you know it, Josh was there with
his Ohvale and uh, he was only, uh, slightly faster than me, haha. I went to bed thinking about the lines I would
use tomorrow. I recently setup an Instagram account called
mikeonbikesoffical, please check it out and subscribe. I will be posting short video clips and pictures
from when I am out and about. Now lets get back into the race. I arrived early at the track and setup the
warmers. First up was some morning practice and after
that timed qualification. This league runs a slightly different setup
from what I am used to. So they have a timed qualification, which
sets the grid for the first of two main events. So the main events are the races, and the
second main event scores higher than the first. Long story short: The scores from each of
the races are combined for a final position. With a 51.5 seconds best lap I was going to
start 3rd in the novice category. True story, the guy to my right here, had
commented on one of my Supermoto videos:“Im gonna buy supermoto wheels for my yz450, so
i can come out there and beat you!!! Better watch out, Mike! Great video, btw. :).” He was fairly surprised to see me pop up here
at Apex kart track, haha. Well the race is on man. I had a great start in the first main, managing
to strafe left and snatch first spot going into turn 1. I kept first place for a couple of laps until
I got passed in the dirt. I kept 2nd until the finish line. I got the warmers on the bike and grabbed
my camera to film the Pro main event 1. You probably remember this guy from my previous
videos, nr 32 Pearce. He dominated most of the race and grabbed
what looked like an easy win. Now it was time for main event 2. I got off to a great start yet again. Winning the start is becoming like a Mike
on Bikes trademark. Y’all remember these? Now of course, I can’t always manage to
retain first spot, but at least I feel like I’m the fastest guy on the block for a couple
of laps.This race was a real battle where I managed to fight of the guy who passed me
in the last race. He was on a Husqvarna 701, so he had about
10 hp over my bike. But he couldn’t brake as late as me. Now nr 340 was on my tail. I managed to keep him off until I got stuck
behind a beginner rider that we were lapping. I played catch up the last laps but couldn’t
get him. So I finished 2nd in the second main as well. The organizers had a lot of races to score
so they couldn’t give us the final score this day. So I can’t give you my final position in
the race. Either way I was at least second. The Pro main event 2 went just like event
1. This racing weekend was a great experience
as usual. I think everyone had a blast. Now seriously, go get a supermoto, and come
out racing.This is not a suggestion, it’s an order. Over and out.

22 comments on “I went to WAR | Supermoto Racing 2020

  1. WAR, fascinating name. What's your opinion about the 2012 Yamaha XT660? I have one clean piece in my sight, should I go for it? Oh I also followed you on Ista.

  2. Because of your videos I'm saving a little amount of cash to get a used DR450 cross a built a supermoto here in honduras.
    Really good videos by the way 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  3. My bike kept stalling because the weld on my muffler was cracking, and by the end of the day, it was completely broken off the pipe. Cant wait to race you again in February!

  4. Im think I would feel really intimidated racing supermoto.. seems like riders are really aggressive… especially in close quarters.. I don't think I can hang with that kinda pressure

  5. Josh Herrin smoked me on my Supermoto…… he was on a pedal bike. But seriously him at Adams on that thing is insane how much faster he is than any supermoto.

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