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Benefits of cycling


(upbeat music) – [Clintus] Bryce, Bryce. Bryce. Hey, wake up, wake up. Bryce. Yo, dude. Bryce, it’s time
to get up, Dude. (groans) Let’s go to the track, bro. Bikes are loaded, let’s go. Yeah. Morning, guys. 1604 of the vlogs. I called the hotline. Canyon, as of right now,
is not closed. Practice started at six. It’s 7:25. We’re goin’ ridin’. (footsteps) This is so nice this
is all paved now. This used to be all dirt back
when I was a kid. (chuckles) You could not
go very fast on it. Also, they cut this part. All right, this used to
be right here, right? You go down,
bump-bump bump-bump, and then we’d have to go around and come up this
road right here. This used to be a road right there. Used to go back around,
now it’s a straight shot. It’s so good. It’s so much faster. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah! Welcome to
Canyon Motocross Park. (humming) (indistinct chattering) All right, man, how you feeling? – Good. – [Clintus] Good, excited? – Mhmmm. (engines roaring) (engines revving) (engines roaring) (engines revving) (engines revving) – I’ll tell you right now, Bryce wanted to bring the 110 because he feels more
comfortable on the 110, but the 110 is not
designed for this track and he’s not keeping
the gears low enough to keep the power on. He’s just like (roaring). He needs to be on the
trail with this bike. This bike’s totally a trail bike. I know it is. Hopefully he builds his confidence
up where he’ll next time go, “All right, I’m
ready for the 65, dad.” Because I think he’s
ready for the 65 again. He’s just gotta build
that confidence back up. Now the weather’s starting
to cool down a bit. I see Sunday mornings
being our prime time spot. The good news is there’s
actually two other KX 110s out here on the track,
so Bryce isn’t alone. (engine revving) There’s one. There’s two. And there’s three. She has a number plate,
so she must race. So I really love editing
dirt bike footage, guys, whether it’s me or
the kids or whatever, I just love watching
dirt bike videos. And so to edit this and
cut this is just awesome. Obviously I prefer
watching from the side. The GoPro stuff, you know, because it’s not
quite as exciting, me and Bryce
don’t go fast enough and we don’t really do any kind
of crazy jumps or anything. I like watching single track. Going through the desert,
that’s always fun to watch. But, again, speed
is what’s exciting. Speed is what we all look for. Obviously Bryce isn’t
going too fast here. Again, confidence is
a key for him. I think that the big problem
with a lot of you guys that like to complain about
how slow Bryce and I go or the fact that
we’re not doing this or we’re not doing that,
is Bryce is nine years old and technically,
“technically,” with air quotes, he’s been riding
since he was four. And so in all perspective of this he should be killin’ it, right? He should be awesome,
he should be fast. Some of you guys have
been riding for a year and you guys are way faster or you’re ridin’ since you
were four and you race now, you ride a 85 and
blah, blah, blah. And I think it’s
just because, again, dirt biking has never been a
primary activity for my family and so Bryce and Sierra never
have really ridden their bikes to great detail and to
great lengths, right? It’s always been a casual thing. Once a month,
once every other month, once every three months. And, again, those Chinese bikes,
those Baja’s that we bought were so cheap and so
crappy and so hard to ride that they never really, really,
really learned how to ride. They get that KX 65 and
it’s such a huge jump up, it’s such a huge learning curve
on how to ride a two-stroke, how to use a clutch, and so
I feel like they just never really got in to it, guys Again, this 110 is purely
here to build confidence. Bryce rode probably
for an hour straight. Over an hour straight. He didn’t get off, he
just rode the entire time. I had to stop him multiple times ’cause either A,
I wanted to ride or B, I’m like, “Here,
drink some water, it’s hot.” So he looks really good here. I’m excited. He wants to go back. He already asked
when can we go back. So, it’s working, guys. It’s working. (engines roaring) (engines roaring) One more! All right, so, while Bryce was
ridin’ on the peewee track, I missed my novice
beginner on the big track. So now, we got to
wait for the pros and the intermediates to ride
before I get another chance. You only get one ride per hour,
so I got to pay attention. (engines revving) (engines revving) (engine humming) (engine humming) (engines roaring) You know, honestly guys,
I don’t care how slow or how fast he’s goin’, he’s on a dirt bike at
the track, having fun. And so all you guys talking
crap about how slow he’s going or he’s a wuss or
whatever, just eat it, man. Just eat it. Go, go! (engines roaring) One more, one more, one more. (engines roaring) (engine humming) I’m out of shape, man. So, as I said, I missed my
first time of practice here so I let Bryce ride again
and then as they said the beginner-novice
was goin’ on the track, I was, “All right,
Bryce, you’re done. “You gotta get off. “This is my one
chance to ride.” Because we had a time table. We had to be gone
by a certain time. So this was literally the
only time I got to practice. This first lap I was
feelin’ really good. I was hittin’ some of
the small doubles, the whoops, the table tops, just really, really feeling good. However, I had not
ridden on the track yet and, obviously, they redesign
the track every few months and it’s been probably a year
since I been at the track so I fully expected the
track to completely different and so I didn’t
quite hit everything at my full speed because I didn’t know what
was on the other side, right? Is this a double,
is it a table top, is it a triple,
is it a drop down? That sort of thing. So a lot of these jumps
you’ll see I slow down at the front of it
because I’m not sure what’s on the other
side of it and, as you’ll see, there’s actually
some pretty gnarly doubles that I was glad I slowed down because if I would
have cased that, oh, it would have hurt so bad. But like I said, it felt
really good this first lap. Unfortunately, it was
just the first lap because by the second lap, which is this one
here we’re starting, my arms are already starting
to be fatigued and spaghetti. And it’s kinda scary,
you hit a jump and I almost feel the bike
kinda come out of my fingertips. I’m like oh my gosh, like
I can see it pull out. And you’ll see on this clip, or maybe we already did. You already saw it, yeah. I kinda wheelie off
the front of this jump and land back wheel first and
then slam down my front wheel because literally
the bike kinda slipped out of my fingertips
and I had no control. I was like, oh gosh. And it’s just super scary. That’s why I feel
like I need to do maybe just a little bit
of workouts off the bike. But more than anything I just
need to ride the bike more. You know, build the muscle tone, it’ll work those muscles that are required
to ride the dirt bike and that’s just more seat time. And like I said,
it’s getting cooler now so I fully anticipate us going
at least every other week. Either Saturday or Sunday
between basketball and football and all that stuff
because I love it. I really,
really do love it, guys. (engines roaring) – [Bryce] There he is. He’s the only one on the track. – I am so out of shape,
you guys, it’s pathetic. It is pathetic. That first lap was awesome. I felt good. I was hittin’ some of
those small doubles, hittin’ some of those table tops and then in to the second
lap I started feeling my arm fatigue and my arms
are getting all spaghetti and I was like, oh, I’m
puttin’ it all on the bike to push myself one more. Then my knee pads
started hurting me. It felt like I had a
rock in my knee pad but it was actually just
my knee pad that slid down and the buckle was
digging in to my kneecap. It hurt really bad. I had to stop
twice to try and fix it. I took too long trying to fix
it and my practice was over. That’s the only
thing that sucks. You got to get here super early and get as many
practices in as you can ’cause they’re only
20 minutes, 15 minutes, and obviously I’m slow, so
I only go around the track maybe two or three times. Bryce isn’t tired, though. He’s still tearin’ it up, gettin’ a little faster
and faster each time. Look at him, look at him. Yeah, dude! (engines roaring) (engine revving) (engines roaring) Stand up, stand up! (engine revving) All right guys, it is 10:30. It’s only 87 degrees. It’s actually pretty nice, it’s just humid, really
humid, from all the rain. But time to wrap it up because
we got lunch plans, yo. Well, dude, how was it? – Awesome. – [Clintus] Was it fun? You like it? Do you wish you
would have had the 65? You know what, if we get a
trailer we’ll bring them both and you’ll be able
to go back and forth and ride both of them
if we get a trailer. That’d be cool? Yeah? All right, we’ll talk
later in the car. Let’s get undressed. Oh my gosh,
that was awesome. You agree, that was awesome? – Yeah. – That was awesome. I am weak. I am out of shape and
that bums me out because two laps in
my arms were spaghetti and I could barely hold on to the bike. – [Bryce] I was running.
– You know what though? I hit a couple doubles. The little doubles. The big doubles I didn’t touch. I wasn’t ready for
those big doubles. But the little doubles and
some of those table tops and step ups, I was in. I was feelin’ good. That first lap
I was feelin’ good. I was like, oh yeah,
we’re back, we’re back. And then the second lap I’m like, I’m not back,
I’m not back. How you feelin’ man? How you likin’ the 110? – Good. – [Clintus] Are you kinda
wishin’ you had the 65, though? – Ehh? – [Clintus] Like, do you
feel the difference? There’s really not a whole
lot of power with that 110. – Yeah. – [Clintus] Right.
It’s easy to ride. That’s why you like it, right? – And the one jump, every single
time I went up I jumped it. – [Clintus] You felt good.
No, it feels good. That’s all that matters, right? It don’t matter
how much air you get it’s now you
feel good doin’ it. And you look good. And he wants to come back. That’s the important part, guys. He wants to come back. Shout out to those of you
guys who said hi to us. There was like four or five
of you guys that we ran in to. Thank you guys so much for the
support and for watching us and not making fun of us
how slow we are. (laughing) We appreciate you guys,
we really do. All right you guys, we made
it back home, showered, unloaded and we
are back out again. Meeting up with he Bevo’s and some other
friends for some lunch. And we were gonna
do some fantasy football but unfortunately
that got canceled. So now we’re just gonna
meet up for some food and watch the USA Basketball. What’d you get, Bryce? Honey barbecue?
– [Bryce] Honey barbecue. – [Clintus] Honey barbecue. – [Bryce] My mouth’s watering. – [Clintus] Your mouth’s
watering? Literally, like right now?
Let me see. Open. Ahhhh. Do you see water, guys? Sierra, what’d you get? – Nachos. – [Clintus] Nachos, of course. That’s like your
favorite food now, huh? I think it is. You get it every time
everywhere we go. Some nachos are better
than other though, huh? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah. All right so we’re
back home, guys. And we’re just sittin’
here with the Bevo’s. Hello Bevo’s. And we’re talking YouTube
and stuff and things and so I started to pull up
today’s comments on today’s vlog because it got up a
little later than normal and apparently there was
a song in yesterdays video called Broccoli? And everyone’s asking
me why I let me kids listen to Broccoli. And I literally had
to go Google Broccoli and see what you
guys are talkin’ about. So it must be the song
that Sierra was dancing to in today’s video? I have no idea. Yeah, the lyrics are horrible. That song is horrible. It was just on in
the background, I guess, and Sierra knows
it because of Like songs like that
are on but it’s usually just
a small portion, right? And I think that was the
beginning of the song. – [Jack] So for the record, you do condone
the vegetable broccoli. – I love broccoli. Sierra’s favorite
vegetable is broccoli. But not that broccoli. (laughing) – This is basically what
we were going to do. Oh, here’s ours, here’s ours. Dude, ours is good! – [Clint] What’s up, boys? – [Bryce] What’s up, boy?
– Call of Duty Black Ops 3. – Zombies on the giant. – [Clintus] Zombies on
the giant. Don’t get bit, bro,
don’t get bit, bro. Bryce, what time is it? – [Bryce] Five.
– [Clintus] What time is it? – [Bryce] 5:19. – 5:19. Never ask me about
the time ever again. So the Bevo’s just left. Got done chillin’,
hangin’ with them. Always a good time. It’s been awhile since
they’ve been to our house. Hell, it’s been a long time
since I’ve been to their house to hang out. We used to hang out at
their house all the time because they got
the bigger house. But it’s all good. Question of the day, give me your top
three favorite YouTubers. Three other channels that
you watch on a regular basis and don’t say Clintus TV. I already know
you watch Clintus TV. Give me three other
channels that you watch on a regular basis. I really want to know. I’m really curious what other
channels you like to watch. ‘Cause I want to try to do an
analysis here and break it down. Try and break it
down for you guys. It’ll really help me out. Let me know in the
comments down below. (mouth clicking) (wheels spinning) That’s it guys,
see you tomorrow. Vlog on.

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