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I’M SPONSORED!! – New Bike Day & First ride! :) | Jordan Boostmaster

I’M SPONSORED!! – New Bike Day & First ride! :) | Jordan Boostmaster

All right you guys I finally got it! It’s
time to show you guys my new bike My bike sponsor is Evolve bikes and this
is the ‘Skypilot’ so this is their downhill bike with 27.5 wheels the guys that evolve bikes contacted me
last summer and we met up and so they said they were totally willing to
sponsor me with some bikes and I was totally on board
I like what they have to offer and they’re also located in Squamish which
is really nice and close now I have a size large
I am 5’10” and this size large is pretty much perfect for me we also managed to
get a couple other sponsors on board one of them is DVO suspension take a look at
this crazy fork it’s awesome! So we got the Onyx DC and it’s pretty sweet I’m
stoked we’ve got low and high speed compression adjustments, the rebound
adjustment of course and even on this side there’s a special option called the
OTT which stands for Off The Top I need to fiddle around a bit with this to get
to know how that works but it really has to do with the first 20 percent of the
suspension so it’s gonna really help out with things like braking bumps at
Whistler for example for the rear shock we got a DVO Jade right now I’ve got a
400-pound coil in there I think that’s too soft for me I’ve done a couple rides
on it already and I think I might try a 425 or even a 450 the other sponsor we
got on board was SDG so they’re giving me seats and seat posts for free I got
their sweet census Apollo seat and I’m pretty stoked I think this is a pretty
sick seat I still haven’t decided if this red goes better with this bike for
their green option which also might go well with this bike but for now I’ve got
the red so this downhill bike is not the only thing that evolves bikes is giving
me they’re actually going to be giving me two frames so I’ll be getting in
enduro bike as well now for clarity evolve bikes are giving me just the
frames so I have to complete the whole bikes but that’s why it’s so nice that
we got dvo on board and SDG to supply suspension and seats and so DVO is
giving me suspension for both bikes and then of course SDG is giving a dropper
post and another seat for my enduro bike other than that I did have to complete
the rest of the bikes out of pocket I got some sweet noble wheels they gave me
a nice discount so I’m stoked to be running they’re super nice TR 38 carbon
wheels I got some sweet hope Pro 4 hubs with the noble wheels I’m especially
stoked with my color coordination there with the red hubs and the gold spoke
nipples I’m actually pretty stoked I think this
bike looks really sick this is my first ever carbon wheel set so I’m pretty
excited to see how this will ride they’re definitely lighter and I like
that a lot for less rolling momentum to keep the agility up the bear front wheel
without the rotor weighs 0.85 kilograms and the bear rear wheel without the
rotor or the cassette weighs 1.0 to 5 kilograms so as for everything else I
basically just got whatever I wanted and I basically just took the
top-of-the-line of everything so I went with Shimano when it comes to the
drivetrain and the brakes we got full sync brakes front and rear we got their
Shimano istick rotors we’ve got 203 millimeter rotors for the front and the
rear we got the st. derailleur of course
we’ve got a 10 speed setup here it’s a gun 11 to 28
– that is a 34 tooth front cog and I went with Race Face Atlas cranks right
now I just got these nut 1up pedals they’re not even the metal kind what are
they called the nylon I don’t I forget I might put the metal pedals on at some
point but these are fine for now so the chain guide and bash guard I got the LG
1 plus by e-13 has four grips I’m pretty stoked with these ODI roughing grips I
really like these a lot you stuck on these gold rings because it
looks totally sick with my bike we’ve got chromate handlebars here these are
the 35 ml diameter version they are 800 millimeters wide with a 25 millimeter
upsweep I might cut these down to 790 or maybe 780 which is what my Wilson is I’m
not sure that I like such wide bars but I’ll try them out for a bit and see how
it goes and I’ve also got a race space Atlas stem along with an FSA headset so
as you can tell I already went mountain biking with this thing already I already
did two rides with it so I’ll show you some of that footage in a bit well the
front tire I got here is in Max’s minion 2.5 these are 27.5 inch wheels so this
is the first time owning a bike that’s actually 2075 going up from 26 so I’ll
really get to know what these bigger wheels feel like we got the three c-max
grip DoubleDown casing that way I can go to bliss on this front tire I originally
put on a 2.6 wide magic Mary on the front I was pretty stoked to use that
tire but it turns out the tire had a bulging it and no that was not from
seeding it wrong so I can’t use that tire so for the rear tire we got a Maxis
High Roller – this one’s a wire bead so I can’t go to Bliss but it’s a three
c-max grip so yeah I’m really stoked it’s so sweet to have a brand new bike
you know how my I DaVinci Wilson I bought that used the bike before that
minor core true acts I actually bought it as a demo bike from a bike shop so
that one technically wasn’t even brand new that was back in 2014 back in 2011 I
bought a brand new Norco Empire that one was brand new that would have been the
last time that I got a brand new totally unused bike until now so this frame is
definitely a beefy frame I think it looks pretty cool it’s full carbon at
least with this whole rear triangle and the front triangle all carbon but then
we’ve got this piece that I believe is aluminum and then and then they’ve got
this black paint here which we’ve that’s also aluminum I like that the design has
this rear triangle as sort of a natural fender for the rear shock so that the
rear shock doesn’t get pummeled with dirt like my DaVinci Wilson does this
bike was built up by the guys that evolve bikes
I wouldn’t Squamish one thing that devio wants from their athletes is to have at
least one fork with the Green lowers I decided to do that with this downhill
bike but my enduro bike is gonna have blue lowers on it so I got to choose
what colors that this thing would be painted as I chose to have you know a
decent amount of black but then also a certain kind of darker shade of green
along with some kind of red accents and even some gold accents to match with via
the red hubs that I was gonna get and the gold nipples and everything so this
is the kind of cockpit your guys are gonna be seeing a lot from now on so I
hope you like it I am totally stoked and this bike feels
great so this bike is a bit bigger than my Wilson in terms of obviously the 27.5
wheels credit 26 it has a bigger wheelbase it has a slightly longer reach
not buy too much but just a little bit and then one of these significant
differences is the head angle is sixty two and a half degrees that’s actually
really slack my Wilson right now is set at sixty four point seven degrees that’s
quite a difference and so all that makes this
a lot better for like the steep technical gnarly stuff okay so now you
finally know my bike sponsor evolved bikes and then we’ve got D vo suspension
and SDG components on board and I might as well name my other sponsors we’ve got
NF they make super sweet riding gear pants shirts jerseys gloves everything
and then hand up gloves I think their gloves are pretty awesome so what about
this enduro bike fence we’ll be getting when is that gonna come and what bike is
it even so that has been getting delayed which is annoying but I will be getting
something for sure when it comes to an enduro bike from evolved they do have
one called an Envy and I did ride it a little bit which you will see already
next week they actually took that bike off their website because they are
discontinuing it so that’s not actually the endure bike I’ll be getting from
them but there is something else in the works I can just say it will be a 27.5
enduro bike I at least know that so I’m sure you all are wondering what’s going
to happen to my Wilson don’t worry guys I’m keeping it it’s
just sitting in my garage I have no intention of giving it up I am in a bit
of an awkward position right now because I already have a few other videos filmed
with that bike but I couldn’t wait to show you guys my new sponsored bike so
you will still see a couple more videos with my Wilson yet in the near future
but even aside from that once in a while I am gonna take out the Wilson because
why not but I think you can understand while I have a brand new bike and a
brand new enduro bike coming on the way of course I’m very excited to be riding
my brand new bikes so with that said why don’t we take this bike out for a ride
let’s go to the woodlot and sit some trails whoo yeah whoo yeah whoa work all right finally get me to ride whoa
baby whoa thank you alright jumps coming up here rolling no
breaks yeah nice cool getting used to a whole new bike is good it’s nice and
plush it’s like right now the suspension softer than my Wilson so I’m using it
all up nicely I think I can feel the bigger wheels yeah take some time to get
used to yeah don’t corners going faster than I thought I was oh yeah doesn’t
corner is nice but man you pick up speed on those straight side yeah like your
carry scheme are totally that was a mint lip looking good oh oh let’s hold it tight some fine
wooden bridges wait all right there’s some custom flow to it toluse in some of these places all right wait these trails may not have been the most
downhill centered trails but it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get to
know this bike even more and take it out to Whistler and all sorts of new places
I have to give a huge thanks to John and Matt at evolve bikes you can check out
their website and what they have to offer out of all bikes see a link is in
the description below and I have to give a huge thanks to all my patrons up on
patreon because you guys are also my sponsors and you guys are a huge help in
helping me go full time with this channel which is maybe be so much more
free giving me more time go out places here and there and you get some perks
like free stickers and extended cuts over at patreon so go check that out
give me a like and subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys
next time

100 comments on “I’M SPONSORED!! – New Bike Day & First ride! :) | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. So what should this bike be named?? And if you want an update on my Devinci Wilson, skip to 7:54 but ya I'm keeping it! You will see it once in a while, but I still have a couple videos that were filmed already with it, so I need to get those out soon as well! I got lots of everything to post! And next week you will see me riding an Evolve enduro bike as well (which I mention is not my actual enduro bike)

  2. Congratulations Jordan on the sponsors, that is a sweet looking bike keep the seat red and black it looks great on it.

  3. Sick bike and components . But does anyone else think the stormtrooper pads don’t go very well πŸ˜‚

  4. That frame looks awesome, and holy crap is it slack!
    Also, great work getting DVO on board.
    Can't wait to see you sending it off of everything. 🀘😎

  5. it's nice minus that lack of engineering, needing that top triangle on the frame. 2019 baby . thing is sexy though!

  6. Congratulations Jordan! I'm really stoked for ya! I can't think of anyone more deserving than you for having sponsors. Hard work pays off and what a great accomplishment and milestone! Keep sending it!:) LMAO at the "Wilson" part of the video! HAHAHA:)

  7. Hey Jordan ,you are probably not gonna see this but.. i wanna ask you something i`m not from America and kids from my town have so nice bikes and they can go on our local trail or on any trails without no problem they have enduro bikes and downhill bikes.I wanna go with them beacause mtb is my passion but i have a shit bike and my brakes are not working it`s heavy and it was 50$ second hand . I can`t afford another bike i`m watching bike videos and second hand bikes everyday. What should i do to go with them on trails????

  8. Congrats on sponsor! Bike looks sweet.always love the content keep the videos comingπŸ€™πŸ€˜

  9. I'm feeling really happy for you Jordan, you definitely deserved it! πŸ™‚
    And maaan, these trails are sooo beautiful!
    Have some awesome rides with this bike and stay safe mate! πŸ™‚

  10. 27.5 never thought I'd see JB submit congrats Jordon and boy does the model name of the suit your riding 🀜🀜πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  11. Man that bike is a sick u deserve it JB know you been working hard to keep and exspand and your audience bravo !!!

  12. rear hub Hope pro4 buzzing -> check! in my experience with the use is even louder,not as much as the old Hope pro2 but they are loud! Nice bike!!

  13. Great job Jordan. did you get sponsored, for your youtube, or the fact that you are a good rider?

  14. Really happy for you Jordan. I have Been watching your videos for a while now and it’s obvious you’ve been working hard to make good content and you a absolute sender! I’m glad to see you’ve picked up a sponsor. Well deserved. Would be great to see you out riding trail bikes more. Maybe even racing some enduro.

  15. That bike is FRESH! Love that linkage design. Can't wait to see the enduro! Keep it up Jordan!πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ

  16. Holy fuck. OTD for us normies what would this exact setup run? 10k ish? Best looking bike i have seen in ages, maybe ever.
    Congrats bud, well deserved.

  17. I belive you got a green bash guard on your devinci, Would be sick to have that on this bike since you have the green fork and the green text on your bars.

  18. Hope hubs are some of the best out there, however I think they are too loud for your videos. I think you would've been better off with a silent hub like onyx or at least a quieter hub like DT Swiss. Don't get me wrong hopes are just as good but they do get loud/annoying in your videos. Sick bike tho

  19. Congrats Jordan you deserve it man keep on killing it. Nice that more bike companies are starting to support creators!

  20. Nice, I was wondering how long you were going to beat on that Wilson. ps. Wire bead Maxxis tires mount up tubeless no problem.

  21. Had to watch this one in about 3 parts, but man its good to see you finally say that. Weve been waiting! Haha congratulations bud. Where is the wood lot? Hopefully BC

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  24. good luck with the SDG dropper.. hope it doesn't start spinning around in 3 months like mine did… trash

  25. Congrats on the sponsor ships. Cool bike riding. I'm the original owner of a non disc, 2002 Cannondale Super V500 and it looks and rides like new. That's the problem, not enough riding and when I look at your bike and the technology on the newer bikes, I feel like I'm behind the times. Well, I am actually, but my skill level doesn't warrant more than the bikes I have. That said, the bike you're showing would be a joy to ride.

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